10 of the Worlds Smallest Foods that You Can Eat!

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Today on DOPE or NOPE we review 10 of the smallest foods that you can actually eat! Let us know in the comments below which one was your favorite!
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Caption: Did you really get us with that tomato . oh i don't like to me that's just the . water fruit literally question is mini . burger with hello welcome to gopher no . today is a video more elegant than you . would ever imagined . today we are doing something that no one . has ever done before even if they prove . it today we are breaking the guinness . book of world records for the tiniest . items in the world they just don't know . about it yet and if you believe any of . that we've just broken another guinness . world record for the amount of lies told . in one video please give it up for ten . of the tiniest foods you could ever put . in your mouth . i didn't end of a sentence that's right . we got ten pretty dope foods don't tell . me a little bit about this pretend foods . i just research online to see you know . what are some good foods out there that . people are making in i gotta sit they . look pretty good i thought you were . dabbing on the back dad he's like let's . do it so you went home and you made . these yes you made these from scratch . from scratch saddle is help me out we . got all the products and then i went . home in check boy michael alright let's . get into that first product there are . all these little videos and we're seeing . if we can make it right gotcha . all right so check this out all right so . this guy walking with giants . i'm sub-2 this dude this guy's one of . like the pros at making tiny food you . can see he's got all these little things . look at that he's making it with like . little eggs over here wow like i don't . want to give away his video here right . so i'm gonna jump through it but if you . want to go subscribe to him absolutely . go and do that link down in the . description below this guy's a pro look . at it's like a little setup - he's even . got like a mini kitchen and he's like . cooking all these things no mini donuts . this is sick wait wait do we even want . to see the end result though yeah let's . just do it just know that this inspired . us i do a little spin off of her own . enough i'll show ya any anxiety seeing . that things stuff being made that small . with that much delicacy yeah because . whenever i do something it's like you . know i'm still aggressive as he's just . like i'm like okay sir i feel uncomfy . you i don't know how i felt not having . all like the tiny supplies. like a human-sized butter knife and just . like alright now give me some donuts . michael oh you made that with that oh my . gosh i have to zoom in these cameras by . the way can zoom in big time . just so you guys can see wow actually . wow this camera can zoom in too much no . it looks normal-sized it does why does . it look normal-sized i'm so concerned . krispy kreme . so you made these and these are edible . oh yeah they're pretty good oh my gosh . dawn oh you made this box with paper . when you made the box . katherine helped make the box of lives . oh my gosh this is in humanity spring . alright every gentleman pick out your . donuts . obviously i'm taking the best-looking. pink spring can you imagine would you be . able to eat a meal this size for the . rest of your life i mean how many . calories is this donut it is full of . sugar so i guarantee you that's at least . like maybe like 20 calories so you can . potentially have a regular-sized meal . that's like maybe 200 calories about . this size let's need like seven dozens . the same meals but about a grander scale . so it's very small meals i think this . guy talking about a team like 84 tiny . dough yeah no but that's not the risk . that's a regular sized meal oh just like . the plate the donut yeah i'm like . literally that time no can kanoa you . don't think so i have a lot of headaches . alright wait do i get to have this coke . yeah i'm gonna i'm gonna take a sip of . the coke whoo that's pepper that's . dr. pepper i mean not coke i literally . was like that's cooked but i'd meant to. say that's not coming that's not good . why do you lie to me a 1 a 1 what oh you . ate the donut yeah you eat with the boys . well oh hold up let's see the bottom of . it because we're not doing it justice oh . she got really not doing it does she got . just to show you this that is a little . mini donut for sure wow . he made it michael you did amazing like . can't even find it dude it's so . difficult to eat but even tastes like a . donut hold on i'll be the judge of that . yeah right a little greasy it's better . than moniz and it's a tiny donut well . hunter percent tastes like done it . what's interesting about these kind of . things is that when you when you . miniaturize things. atoms aren't getting smaller right the . amount of like grease that's on that . doughnut proportionally is way . more than what's on it am i getting too . sciency here aaron did you mute me dang . it jake doper nope no all right cheers . what you didn't drink you didn't down it. oh i didn't know if we had any more i . gotta save for the we don't have any . more yeah dr. pepper would refill these . like 30 times we gotta keep going for 10 . products i gotta be ready for that . you're the one that right before we . started filming this he said i love soda . more than anything but i can also tear . that pancakes . this one's from vanilla ham ham wow look . at that little bit of butter right on . top this is just me ahead oh my goodness . whoa you fit that now it looks like me . when i regular size it rolled up dude . vanilla ham ham you're killing it right. now five hundred forty seven thousand . sobs dude go subscribe to vanilla ham . ham if you want more of the mini ham ham . dude i didn't know there was a channel . but doesn't happen food bro you didn't . know that i stumble upon this channel . all the time and get lost in really yeah . i don't even like hamsters i just like . watching them just not care about their . weight while they're eating yeah that's . what's satisfying to me it makes me feel . wholesome knowing that other things can . do that but i can't michael tell me . about the process of you making these . pancakes they were the easiest one . regular you know pancake mix mix it up . or it's like lunge it just like a tiny i . assume it it's really quick to burn too . yeah i probably cooked like a full bag i . go i like made it on the cool like six . droplets but i did realize that's why i . assumed it burn by the way as we eat our . second item of the day here out of ten . if you already are enjoying this video . and you want to see let's do this video . again make sure you click that like . button that lets us know if we should . keep doing things like this because in . the next video we might actually have . some small utensils i love small . utensils right do we have any utensils . or am i just gonna eat this like an . animal. i can kind of mean it's real so i don't . want to like actually but look at the . beautiful presentation by michael and . liz i got three pancakes here i got . three as well so one at a time or just . down in my favorite time i'm not crowded . with my fingers oh why i'm just gonna . get your beer else babies yeah that was . like this is derma crud wait oh i . thought he had for pancakes i was like . mom okay it's a little weird hard i . think they're meant to be bigger maybe . that one tamer bang my second one was . great maybe the top one was just hard . i bet the bottom one's gonna be the best . that was perfect wow . this is the perfect way to like taste . testings without feeling like intense . guilt and remorse about the choices that . you've made in your life and this is . such a small bike and i can tone it down . on it with a glass of soda and still i . do not feel guilty but maybe after the . 10th small item opie's cheers . [applause]. click like if it made you cringe . alright so we have mini supreme pizza . my ones by walking with giants again . dude all this little stuff is so . uncomfortable. very little house it's so unsettling and . it's just a little version of normal . stuff it grinds it all together look how . tiny the onion is how did it find an . onion that small little tiny mushrooms . oh the little doe it's the south song . wow and then all that detail all right . mike let's see what you've done . comparatively speaking all right bring . me that product oh my goodness wait do . you have mini bagel bites yeah but other . bagel bites and bigger than the pizza . look at these these are absolutely . beautiful look at the the attention to . detail yes so much the attention to . detail but it is all mr. kraft singles . on brass okay this one has tiny little . pepperonis on it you're gonna see this . hang a little pepperonis . who's done to try ok nom nom i'm not . asking i'm the best . what's prevents i'm afraid to offend . michael we're gonna turn a little boy's . first here. this is good this one goes better change . days i grade that one a dope hey know as . three dopes interrupt its unanimously . dope every single time this is the . record on dope or no in fact this is a . record on this channel . hado brno is only have like four . episodes alright this one is by walking . the giants again you said walking this. is by walking with giants this time you . made bacon and eggs i don't know if i'm . looking forward to this one wait why are . they so small how are they so small yeah . i don't know so i tried looking online. and mean liz think that he like actually . like i don't know how about whist au . yoke that tiny and then do like a drop . leg either . yeah like inside like then like a small . portion of egg words all right well . let's not see the finished product let's . just bring it out i will scream so loud. but bacon eggs and fried me right now . okay we'll explain to me how you do this . i'm guessing bacon bits . yeah i actually got real big in just . kind of tiny little pieces . bacon bits are hard but although we . heated these up a thing they sound kind . of hard when everyone who

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