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I'm just a guy from Sweden who likes to laugh and make other people laugh. Sharing gaming moments on YouTube with my bros!
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Sean Beeson - Morning Light (http://www.youtube.com/buckeye198181)
Piano Sonata No. 16: II. Andante
Vibrasphere - Breathing Place
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Caption: I feel like my mother fucking stuck in this dark and makes me wonder quack like what the fuck is that oh there you are going to make a tower make the power go left yes that's right that's right that's not right you caught a ride robin no no no you yeah why not attended by a place that can be so this has out of the wall hello hey tickle each other that are give me out ya go hard for you know for ya beauty too cold of christ hand before you can protest i had a feeling i could be happier with you i don't know if you even like me i don't know if you will oh no way there's a brain in there man its i back done nope okay don't worry is this the game games can her okay we're good this one goes out to all your girls out there yeah it's hard to believe that i couldn't see you were always there beside me that hammond that's fucking good yeah it's mike on my heart oh shit rush take your share is rotting what are you on your way what ok we can actually no they said haha ok don't you die blade on me bob i will fucking kill you if she died yeah guys don't like so conceited but i'm just so pleased to be here fuck you brian laser i am a prostitute why don't i become with something ok i'm thanks games thank you i the most do too polo they call you jabber there jabba for a region about that have we got i choose you'll pick at you why the hell did that not work darling i mean i thought you guys would what that fuck i you to know what stop i may have text that's a fun set - yeah what you want look at me . yeah why don't you die on not know i don't find your fingers off with high heels she will come french ya know where to find something here i hadn't added in there didn't i am proud i could pick you up mama wants to get his butt perfect for mouse but i want to get my dog fucker yet a wide what are you cooking that form a la that all that but what i would forget longest first time i am at that all right what what there's a fucking tomahawk that ok you might feel a little headache bob but that's normal tomahawk chop double hockey what it was going so well i guess yeah why haha you thought you got to be loved coming on and what's up they were saying yeah you gotta get her but never mind what the fuck's name just happened what that fuck was that i don't even know what's going on in hey why did you just touch me do it again please i love that no don't don't it's a joke don't you understand a joke don't work for my ass maybe maybe maybe rain oh what the dodge no way in hell no no no now ha ha ha i can't do you have an experience with no survivors if you do be a tree well actually i never had any all share that's not me i've been you're playing run yeah hey and hug no wait up to whoever is watching this video close your eyes for 10 seconds and let your imagination flow past em now i'm on my parents guys a lot hey yes that's will be a good idea because i i don't fucking me parkour video that guy's hand them with that yeah yeah right push our pics surgery fell but we and me and bob had it was something you see once in a lifetime bob was one of those guys who can just go out and have a beer with and make at all day with and it wouldn't be awkward the day after bob was a guy he would actually touch my bottom line and it would tickle in the back this way i knew how to treat me like a princess where r life everybody that remind out fine someone like you my candles you shall not pass you shall not haha be careful run you fools yeah yeah yeah i am back gandalf how did you always wait why was i on that bench what in the heavens no holy sh holy shit i can't rap i got bob i got by hope you bros enjoyed this montage if you did be sure to leave a like and a favorite it will help me out a lot also be sure to share this video with someone maybe your dog maybe your grandma or maybe even your friends last month - we did we had 2. million subscribers or gross now we are at eight million which is just crazy and i want to thank you all for being subscribe i wouldn't even be making these videos if you want for you if you aren't subscribed already be sure to do so now this annotation will open a new window for ya click here to watch another montage all the original videos have linked in the description and as always it comes to breakfast yeah yeah yeah yeah

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