Be a Klondike.

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Be a Klondike.
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This is klondike klondike is loyal. klondike is kind klondike gets so . excited to see us that she pees a little . klondike's only goal in life is to love . as hard as she can . so i say be a klondike the klondike line . is all about not being terrible don't be . savage don't be obnoxious just be a . klondike you know a decent loving . klondike that's sunday don't be a sunday . sunday kind of sucks be a klondike the . blonde dyke line is the highest quality . merch i've ever released with . embroidered logos and premium hem tags . and it all starts at just $400 no i'm . kidding but like what if it did that . would be very unclog dating me like oh . my god look at these gorgeous people . that could be you that should be you so . be kind. be loyal be a klondike tom that's that's . the website be a klondike calm . [music]. come on kai klondike . [music]. .
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