Burning My Hair Off -ORIGINAL VIDEO- (Hair Tutorial Gone Wrong)

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Me around October 2012 attempting to curl my hair, but instead something else happened. It burned off. Cool. And no it's not fake! Wish it was so I could have my hair back LOL
Hey guys story i'm i'm basically just. teaching us how to cut my hair. . . that's a long i want on a clamping. curling iron works too. . . just don't use a clamp part that's what. makes your hair like that at the end. . . like howling sticks up so i recommend. you take a shower since its split remedy. . . it produces up to eighty percent of. split ends after use. . . but anyway so basically if you want like. medium curls then take a piece about. . . this big. . . maybe like two right there and bring out. the middle of your finger like do it. . . like this and then grab i think that. it's this week's the grapple boy that's. . . why you're no longer actually. . . yeah. . . yeah. . . yeah. . . yeah. . . my hair was hurt. .
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