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Caption: [music]. yeah and welcome back to my youtube . channel today i have today i have today . i how about me doing an impression of a . cat but today i'll be doing aggressions . that you tweeted we be prepared to not . be impressed by my impressions here we . go. sorry my cat yeah here we go . [applause]. impression of your mom if she was do an . impression of a drunk police officer you . have the right you have the right to . remain a giant through the person of a . starbucks barista your name please matt . is that with an h or a d greg do an . impression of overprotective parents . only me and my parents okay oh you mean . not white parents i got you normal . parents smile at you and they're happy . with you overprotective parents smile at . you before they kill you this is exactly . what that smile looks like if you could . save today i would think you if you stay . inside okay it wouldn't break if you . tried to hide i will find you and it . would be do an impression of your dad . wow that sounded nothing like david what . do an impression of me tweeting this . low-key so i don't get in trouble in . spanish but . some of it days but i thought come with . me baby okay you an impression of text . and stereotypes it seems bigger in texas . that's a lie i don't drive a pickup trip . to school i ride a horse we don't only . fry our food we eat it too . i don't wear cowboy boots all right i . work out girl boots okay don't be rich i . don't shoot things i shoot people that's . not true we need to gun control those . brenda leigh serious sorry do an . impression of a high pe teacher really . nothing like a bunch of prepubescence . lifting weights and drop your weights if . you want to drop those bubbles but like . do depression up a pig hey oh . boys good impression of druggies hey . it's me look it's good impression of . david giving birth you've been waiting. for views you super personation to find . a dress brocco bomb about to be rock . your world their shell yeah dude . impression of girls that festival hi i'm . molly and i just took stephanie music . sounds better when i'm wearing a crop . top when i climb on your shoulders to . see the stage even though i'm just gonna . close my eyes anyway so i'll let . everybody know i'm gonna throw up but um . we do impression of a youtuber who ran . out of lighting whoops good impression . of a gay italian yeah i love me . moe's suit a version of a mexican . grandma you're not show it to mama i'm . not gonna beat you with a champlin we're . gonna carry you with it then gonna . someplace that we gotta you style i know . in espanol por que is that the greek god . of your cute impression of mayonnaise . i'm white and i like sam which is i . think that was every caucasian man on. earth person eight people that are . awkward around blintz so you're vegan . enough you smell good. so is that oxygen so are you sad man . find i do an impression of air super. cool good impression to people that . think they're better than everybody else . but really aren't do you know your likes . for average rate that's right i am super . wait is that is that is that seriously . hurt okay good impression of a cool mom . what is good fam joe mama do an . impression of an angry pebble . dude that is all i have for you guys . today i hope you enjoyed this video and . if somehow you did please make sure to . give it a big thumbs up and i'll see you . guys next week . mmm i'll see you guys sometime little . brown boy whoa i didn't mean to say boy . but i guess the truth comes out. sometimes boys hop by yeah . .

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