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So about a month ago i started a series . on this channel where i wanted to . confront people from my past but the one . i always thought would never ever happen . was my dad this is like so intense for . me i am so so scared but so excited huh . all right let's do this . okay so i'm outside of my mom's house . right now because i wanted to talk to . her first about me making a video with . my dad i think she's gonna be okay with . it i mean i know she wants me to have a . relationship with him but she's never . really talked about her divorce or . anything on the internet so i feel like . i should get her permission and i feel . very loyal to my mom and i don't want . her to think i'm like doing this behind . her back. also i got a text from my dad asking if . i was going to bring my boyfriend to see . him too so i'm already crying and the . video just started this is gonna be a. mess okay let's go hi i'm a youtuber i . always have a camera oh wow is he you've . been decorating for christmas i've got . my mariah carey already i was planned . and the trees just sittin box over there . oh and family gathering in love what a . perfect segue okay um okay so i'm about . to do this video and i just wanted to . talk to you about it and get your . thoughts on it so you know how i did . that video where i confronted blair yes . this one's a little more intense so i . want to do a video where i talk to dad . okay i think that's a good idea okay so . you think it's a good at i do absolutely . what do you hope happens from it maybe . just closure to the past . [laughter]. you know you're a man now honey you're . building your home and your family oh no . [music]. so i think it's i think that's what i . would hope for honey is just a new . beginning you know you've got ryland and . you're building your family and he's . your father he's family yeah i mean . that's how i feel too i'm still scared . though well we don't have to get into . the whole divorce aspect of it because . that's a lot but i mean how do you feel . now because i know that like 10 years . ago. this would never have happened well for . so many years after the divorce there . was just a lot going on . raising kids just a lot of challenges . and stuff and i think as i've gotten . older and i can look back on it and see . my part in it is well you know we were . very young met him at 17 married him . right out of high school he was young so . i just think we did the best we could i . had issues and things in my life as well . yeah i think that's what i realized when . i got older was that like . both parents probably had issues and i . was so close to you that like i just saw . him as this monster which now i need to . figure out who he actually . exactly so i was thinking you've always . kept pictures and photo albums and . things like that i've never looked at . that because like i have a weird thing . about childhood i just don't like . looking at it but since i'm doing this i . should see what it was so let's get some . pictures let's look and hopefully i . don't have a nervous breakdown . [music]. all right okay i think this is probably . the last one i have oh my gosh i'm a . horrific a panic attack so oh my god . that's actually your father and you . that's me . uh-huh all right oh my god i look like . him oh my god wait is that you guys yes . i literally look like him oh yeah is . that my penis my glasses on them because. i oh my god triggered i make an o shape . not a snake so i kind of wanted to oh my . god that is so weird well this is this . is mentor this is what i was just . talking about this is where i'm gonna . meet ventura is probably my best. memories honey oh my god well those were . his favorite pictures so i am i enjoy i . enjoy going to pattern oh my god it's . the one time in my whole life i took my . shirt off swimming was i ever skin well . you go up and see grandma and i think . grandma kept giving you cookies there . you are at the promised you but i want . to show you as far as you looking just . like it but if you go through and you . you know you have your nest basin . [music]. why was he skidding he also struggled . with his weight and then when he i think. was in high school he lost his weight . and started lifting weights but look at . the grin honey oh that one's crazy yeah . i mean i think if someone looked at that . they would just say oh that shame okay . well i need a diarrhea and then i am . going to go see dad do you want me to . take him your nudes or you just stop mom . says hi. all right wish me luck oh i love you son . and i'm proud of you all right okay so i . just left my mom's house and that was . way more emotional than i was expecting . i had never seen those pictures of my . mom and dad at their wedding and seeing . my dad hold my mom's face and how happy . they were like really fucked me up i had . never seen my mom and dad happy before . in my childhood so seeing that picture . definitely changes things it even more . so makes me want to do this video. because i want to have a relationship . with him and i want them to have a . relationship to you know like i want to . have holidays where my mom and dad can . see each other because i think she . misses him and i hope he misses her all . right i'm gonna go inside and kiss her . island and hold him and hug him and . tomorrow's the big day. [music]. okay we are on our way to ventura beach . this is a lot yeah that looks like the . one from one ounce of kids i did oh my . god oh my god oh my god i see it too . this is so weird i'm sorry i'm scared . [music]. .
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