Je regarde un peu trop de série je crois.
Je porte des magnifiques vêtements créés par mes soins :
Vidéo écrite avec Akim Omiri et Flober.
La chaîne de Marjorie Le Noan :
La chaîne d'Akim Omiri :
La chaîne de Flober :
Pierre Cachia n’a pas de chaîne car c'est un comédien qui fait du ciné et des séries, trop la honte.
Nowadays, there are shows for every taste:. short ones, long ones, comedies, dramas, historical. documentaries, animes. it's actually become rare to find people who say:. "i don't watch any shows". "none zero ". "nope, none. ". "where are you from, again ". "i'm from pluto. huuum from paris !!". "ooooh fuck this, he got me. ". "i knew it". "now i gotta go back home, thanks so much. ". there are two ways of watching series :. either you watch an episode, when you've got some time, and make the pleasure last,. or you have big addiction issues. "my god, this season was just amazing. ". "what are you talking about ". "breaking bad, the tv show, you watched it ". "oh, it sounds amazing !". "wait. you've never watched it . "no". "wait, you have to watch it, seriously. you're gonna love it ". "ok, then i'm gonna watch the first episode tonight !". *the next morning*. "so, could you watch the first episodes last night ". "i watched all breaking bad". "wait. that's not possible, it's several dozens of hours long. "i'm watching several seasons at a time". "guys, have you noticed the new better caul saul season just came out !". "what is that ". "ehmmm, nothing". "yeah, nothing". "don't you want some water ". "is that a tv show ". "how many seasons ". for those who watch all in a row,. they're also the kind of people. that prefers to wait for all the episodes to be broadcasted before starting a new tvshow. i just can't do this. there are too many risks of spoilers. how do they do . "it's ok, you can go outside, all the episodes of game of thrones have been leaked. "oh god, finally !". "wait. they have announced a new season ". "uhmmm. yes". "close the damn door". "spoilers are ahead". "it will be in 2 years !". "get the f*ck out". to start a new series with many seasons,. with dozens of hours spent in front of your pc screen. don't be stupid, like those guys being like. "honestly, you should start watching "the sopranos". "or "the wire". or both. ". no ! you can't say that !!. it's like saying:. "honestly, you should learn mandarin. or become an aeronautic engineer. or both. ". 15 years ago, there used to be a few great series. you could watch them on tv, you knew how to find them. nowadays, if you don't know what to watch. and you go on netflix,. you've got way too much choice !. too much !. "this one ". "nah". "not cartoons". "this one looks great". "nah, sick of tom cruise". "look, it's been 40 min we've been searching for a good series. "we could have watched a whole episode". "ok you know what click on the next one, randomly. "you sure ". "yeah, 'course". "nah". "definitely not. ". when you watch an episode on netflix,. the next one automatically starts. and after several episodes,. it shows a short message to make sure you're still awake. you have to click "continue" and then it says:. "are you still watching your series ". there, if you click "continue". you feel a bit like shit. "what should i do ". "ok, just one last episode". "i think he's sleeping. ". "seriously, who could be able to watch 8 episodes in a row ". "no one. people hang out, do some sport,. "they go see exhibits, go to work,. they wouldn't be lying like trashes. watching series for hours !". "fuck you ! i'm still watching. that's all. "woops. sorry. "enjoy. ". *your tv will be switched off in 1 minute due to inactivity*. "maybe i'm gonna go to bed. ". i think netflix is the most shared hub in the world. everyone wants to steal each other's account. no one wants to pay a subscription. the big question is:. "who'll give you his account ". "so, my netflix password is awarded to. my brother !!". my god. i. i'm so surprised !". "i would thank my parents. "i think they're here with us". "thanks for giving me a sister. and i thank her for paying $15". "i'm so moved, my god !". "can i play with your xbox ". i've experienced something weird with series. i used to watch series with french dubbings. but i had to watch the original versions to keep watching them. and it's so weird to see the characters you're used to know speak with another voice. it's their real voice, it should be normal. it's like i was using another voice right now. i don't know how it sounds like, but weird, right . by the way. when an episode just -. ok let's stop with this voice, that's weird. when a new episode has just been broadcasted overseas. in the middle of the night, in france,. an hour later, it's already subtitled in french. on all websites. so there are guys that write the subtitles all night long. like they were our little heroes. "this morning i just saw last episode of the walking dead". "what . it just leaked last night !". "right. but i found subtitles. ". "come ooon, you liar !". "but there were so many grammatical errors, damn !". "the guy doesn't know the difference between "have" and "of". "not kidding !". "i swear it's true". "guys, come on, he did it at night, at 4 am,. it's no surprise there are errors. ". "then open a grammar book". "those errors just make me crazy. "yeah, but you know, he sacrificed his free time to do it, that's nice, isn't it ". "oh and you should have seen his nickname. "darkzorg28". "the guy must be 8 y. o !". "so how's the episode ". "it's amazing". "should i share it with you ". "i'd rather you don't. ". "so, "1st group verbs". series really make me nervous. at any moment, one character you love could instantly die. it's everywhere, in game of thrones, the walking dead,. in josephine, guardian angel. wait, no. how can the scenarists agree with each other . they must have a power. "we're gonna kill them all !". *you're a scenarist *. "is he a baratheon ". "nope !". *try our new game, "guess stays. "who stays alive "*. "is he a bastard ". "nope !". "i mean, yes ! yes, sorry, my mistake". "what about he comes back from the dead ". ""who stays alive",. a hbo game !*. .
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