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David Blaine chats about his childhood days as a budding magician and his show "David Blaine Live," then treats Trevor to a demonstration of his infamous ice pick trick.
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My guest tonight is a death-defying. magician who will be kicking off a north . american tour on may 6th please welcome . david blaine . [applause]. [music]. it must be weird being a world-renowned. magician because i i know i do it and i . feel like everyone does it around you . there's i don't like trust you like even . when i greeted you now i was like did he . steal my watch is my my tie changing . color is that like a thing that you've . just gotten used to his people are ready . for a trick all the time well let me. start with this show on its own is the . start of my career was jon stewart that . gave me my first break when i was 18 and . 95 on television wow . and the first time i did magic to john . he went running out of his office and . climbed up a wall it was it was at the . mtv building that's the black side of . him that's something i wanted like like . have you noticed how when you do magic . because i've watched all of your . specials i watched your clips on youtube . everywhere but like when you perform . magic for black people i don't know if . you've noticed this but they run very . far i see i was i grew up with an . opposite because you know my godfather . you know he's he's you know . african-american right the whole thing . and i would i would do magic to him when . i was little and he didn't respond at . all my mother russian jew was the polar . opposite i would do tricks to her that . were like simple card tricks and she . would go running away screaming . something like it was like you know i . was raised by a single mother right and . anything i did to her was like that the . ultimate reaction so when i started. doing magic i started just looking for . reactions right like right now one time . the early idea for the tv show which is . called street magic i was walking . through this and i was doing a . one-handed shuffle i was in like in . times square but when it was like a . dangerous area right and he's still in . because of elmo but yeah and these four . guys saw me doing a one-handed shuffle . and just started like screaming over a . one-handed shuffle and came over and i . started doing magic to him and the . reactions are incredible so that was. like what drove me but i started to. realize that in order to get really good . reactions you have to do things that . provoke people right there's like right . now if i did something to your reaction . in this environment would be very muted . right because i'm trying to hide that . you freak me out no it would be muted . unless i did something that was crazy . [applause]. and on that boat do you want to see the . think of a four digit number that's . important to you or do you want to see . the ice pick four digit number right . well that's really good because i . actually brought an ice pick with me see . seeing this one would probably be hard . to not react too much to but will you . just check it and make sure it's . actually real yeah that's real yeah . another then i also did ice picks my . whole life that's real . i also brought with me some alcohol and . this is to make sure that my hand . doesn't just explode or blow up or . anything weird oh man see this is what i . do with this by the way i started. reading your book it's amazing . [laughter]. [applause]. so now often people say that when i do . this there's like some sort of tunnel or . something like that so i'll let you you . kind of pick the spot . [applause]. yes they just yeah like in door yeah . whatever you want . yeah yeah maybe don't poke it through a . vein because then blood will shoot out. all right i think that looks your safest . place right over there man right over . there that's the safest place wow . i don't know i have no clue what's gonna . happen you yeah i've never done this . where i just let somebody choose where . they're gonna shove this thing well i'm . not i'm not i'm not choosing i'm . suggesting let's here i'll get it . started let's just see it here okay . maybe in here you know if you feel . around maybe yeah that's nice that's . saiga see how it looks like it's really . starting to go in there . see that true. oh. [applause]. there's no way to know if it's um if . it's actual and see the other side . trevor see it would be this salt sea . like when you do like that . oh. [applause]. here you know will you grab it from the . bottom trevor yeah grab it from the bump . [applause]. see that. [applause]. see that would be hard not to react to . [applause]. trevor this is for you to keep so can . you just pull that out slowly yeah . [applause]. so tickets for tickets to see david . blaine live right live attention calm. david later. [music]. [music]. you. .
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