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Written by: Anthony Mennella & Andrew Heinlein
Directed by: Anthony Mennella
Filmed by: Anthony Mennella & Andrew Heinlein
Edited by: Anthony Mennella
Anthony Mennella as Himself/Grandpa
Andrew Heinlein as Himself/Santa Claus
Christopher Mennella as Himself
Larry Mennella as Himself
Canon 60D
Canon T2i
Sigma 18-35mm Lens f-1.8
Spider Rig DR-2 Shoulder Mount
Zoom H4n Microphone
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Hey i want the dwarf over for a playdate . yell i still can't believe the two of . them actually became friends i know they . just love each other so much . where is he i don't know i have a look . from you tonight i've been waiting for . you to get your people find together . let's go . well maybe your energy is here . no he's gotta be here you could have . just vanished. watch no just just touch him to touch . them and taking them back in north pole . and you won't have anymore no no i would . never do that i wouldn't have touched my . number losses magic . oh just realized something what what is . it we've been wearing the same clothes . for like 40 street but that has nothing . to do with it . you're right we actually haven't changed . with this. that's a good point really smells good . and you ok but that's not the point we . have bigger problems right now. together this is the solution to our . moms . what is that so missing poster for the . reward seven dollars and happy and . cookie got hungry actually the whole . cookie. ok bridget that picture of the else oh i . don't have a picture of the help so i . think before you pink in one it's . actually about your size yeah i do not . believe that you painted a 5-foot else . for you you really think this is gonna . work. yeah that's a hefty reward research and . i mushroom didn't even put a phone . number on their people to call they find . it back alright think it's worth a shot . but i really don't think this is gonna . do anything . yeah so why don't you go start putting. up the posters and i'm going to search . your couch for change just in case . someone calls. wow . my phone number and what i knew he . didn't return my poppet impacts in the . meantime put the fires not like 80 . degrees or anything. okay i'm gonna put this last whatever . edges half and then i'm done he wasn't . getting it really is my height . focus focus. did you find the change anything . give me a few minutes i can have . different three hours hanging those . flyers . i come back in your high scores to the . you understand the devil great if . someone calls we don't have the money to . pay them is a few minutes . you minute don't tell ya . hello oh hello there anything you said . the collector who know pulled was it . sent really know it's santa . hello oh no andrew turner closed going . into the ball had beef with you mr. okay . listen is for american girl doll is here . and i didn't get it . oh my dear is dad drew you know that's . for girls girls toys and action figure 4 . boys they do is talk and you talk about . 20 years and funny huh . hello anthony your health never reported . back to me last night did you. accidentally touching you know if you . touch the end zone it's magic . listen i swear i didn't touch writing . you just disappeared. no se yes but have you tried putting up . missing persons those you're . reconsidering the american girl i'm glad . you came around but you don't know if . you don't find my own you won't be . getting your american girl dolls this . year you said if we didn't find the . outfit for christmas i'm never getting . my american girls off to worry about the . else to find any 100 below . oh no dear rudolph you can grab your . paper or do you get under your mouth . oh i just don't understand flyers . santa doesn't know everything we tried . everything we not everything . no no andrew injured no look what war . for the drawer the opening do not get . along. he's like the anti lol yeah we should . get rid of it . we also have these my best friend don't . the door save him he's a hero . it's giving me off their possible . they're best friends now no need to . separate them right now i've heard the . door for her first plate . yeah no it wasn't him they're best . friends. it's true love and it was a christmas . miracle santa won't let that happen . because i'm not think it's worth it but . from what i know the dwarf nails don't . get along and that's the last person . that we saw him with do you think maybe . the dwarf did something with the other . know what we do . i'll talk to him okay we're really good . friends i'll talk to him . get out i gotta do it alone it's my room . i don't want you to see me cry . get out now okay . [music]. listen i just need to be honest with me . okay not gonna think you any differently . still great friends . ok just need to know the truth i will . tell anthony out alive if you want me to . pretend that you found and you could be . the role but i gotta know this is where . did you get that would be sweet . you could have ever done . [music]. the only all by because he's gone and . you know he will be good because i knew . it was down there but uh yeah come on it . was him know there are you short that . that was the last option i hundred . percent sure was nine but it makes you . feel any better i'll spend the night for. more support yet i really don't want you . to know it's trust me it'll be great . i cannot believe that two adult men . having a sleepover . i mean i would hardly call it a. sleepover thank you for your moral . support alright alright i'm glad we're . best friends there and you got my bed . isn't anything look look look one way . your way i've been hardly sleeping the . whole night you've been snoring in my. ear and it's nowhere any hey look-look . the back like is back . look what are you gonna find love . alright i'm not gonna lie to the reason . i couldn't sleep i know i don't snore . what are you two screaming about . oh i see you with us pretty lady linda . by crippling you know that the other out . oh yeah i was the way to last night on . the first date why don't you tell me . what the hell was he needed a privacy . and by the looks of it you two need some . privacy to why you in bed together what . you see and we couldn't find the el . caminos upset that i get it . moral support i told you wasn't doing it . andrew yeah get away with that . no-o-o-o-o-o ward off your clothes . hey what's up you guys thanks so much . for watching if you liked the video make . sure to click like down below leave a . comment letting us know what you thought . we respond to all of your comments . subscribe more videos from to don't . forget to follow us on all of our social . media is our facebook twitter instagram . snapchat links everything are down below . and i just want to say thank you guys so . much for getting us to 50, . subscribers and for the immense support . on the last stuff but yeah we did so . much better than we were expecting and. we really appreciate all of your support. thank you guys so much. special thanks to linda for letting us . borrow her holiday memorabilia don't . work for her ok that is about it thank . you guys again so much for all the. support and we upload every friday so we . will see you guys again next friday with . a brand new video bye guys bye guys . .
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