Emily Blunt Tells the Story of How She Met John Krasinski

Emily Blunt reveals what her daughters think about her acting, what it was like to take on the mantle of Mary Poppins and how she and John Krasinski met.
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Emily Blunt Tells the Story of How She Met John Krasinski- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers
-your girls are 4 and 2 . -they are 4 and 2. -and, now, i'm assuming. they're not gonna see this film,. but have they seen you on film . and how do they react. when they see you . -my daughters, in general,. loathe to see me on-screen. -uh-huh. -in general, you know . i know, when i was. doing "mary poppins,". i'd even facetime my daughter,. and she'd be like,. "take that silly old. mary poppins wig off. ". she was like,. "i like your blond hair. ". -that's lovely. -but, actually, we were having. a super bowl party,. and the trailer for. "quiet place" came on,. which is terrifying. -yeah. -and hazel sort of wandered in. with a hot dog in hand. and she goes like this --. she goes, "whoa. ". that's you, mommy. ". and i was like, "yeah. ". and then there was. a bit where i scream. i don't know if. anyone's seen the trailer,. but i'm literally like [screams]. at the end of the trailer. and she -- you could see. her brain exploding. but, instead,. she went, "ha. cool. ". and then, like, walked out. and never talked about it again. -well, that's the key. to parenting is --. when a traumatic thing happens,. just let them. deal on it on their own. -listen, that's how. i was raised. that's like the british way. -that's the british way. they know something. painful's happened to you. give it 10 years. -sweep it under the carpet. yeah. -are you -- you must be excited. for them to see "mary poppins. ". -well, they are in love with. julie andrews' mary poppins. -okay. and had they. been in love --. i mean, i guess they're not. old enough to have been. in love with it for a long time,. but how long have they seen --. -well, i never. showed it to them. during my shooting of the film,. partly 'cause i just selfishly. didn't want to be so distracted. by how brilliant julie andrews. was in the role,. already feeling that there was. this, like, iconic boulder. that i had to, like,. move aside to play this part. -were you worried that, like,. your kids will see this one. and be like, "you're our. second-favorite mary poppins" . -oh, i'm not even on the list. they're, like, creepy obsessed. with julie andrews now, yeah. -that will be a terrifying. moment, then, for you. that will be scarier than. "a quiet place,". having to watch. your kids react to it. -yeah, i just don't even think. they should see "mary poppins. ". like, they should. never watch it. -this will be your third film. with meryl streep. -i know. it's like, "get your own movie. ". you know what i mean . -exactly. thank you for saying that,. 'cause i thought the same thing. -stalker. yeah, and we always play people. who sort of loathe each other. in the films that we do. -is there truth to the rumor. "the devil wears prada" --. there might be another. "devil wears prada" . -i mean, i would love it. -yeah. [ cheers and applause ]. we all would. -did you know stanley tucci. is my brother-in-law . -i did know that stanley tucci. was your brother-in-law. -he, like, wormed. his way into the family. -but he wasn't during. the first "devil wears --". -no. so, we met on. the first movie. i'm talking about like. there is another movie. we met on the. first "devil wears prada. ". and i just loved him so much,. so he was at our wedding. and then met my sister. -that's unbelievable. -i know. -and they've been married. for a while now, right . -they've been married --. i don't even know how long. -too long. -too long. yeah. and when you met john, he was. already on "the office," yes . -he was, yeah. -and were you aware of. that show when you met him . -i was sort of aware that. he was vaguely recognizable,. but i was a huge --. -that's so romantic. -yeah. it was like. "you look blurily familiar. ". yeah. but i was a big fan. of the british "office. ". -uh-huh. that's what the people on the. american "office" love to hear. -yeah, exactly. and then i sort of binge-watched. the american "office". and loved it. -and how did you guys meet . -it's, like,. kind of a sad, lame story. you know, not sad,. but it's just kind of lame. i mean, i was in a restaurant. he was in the restaurant. i was sitting with. a mutual friend. this is our romantic comedy. this is it. write it!. -this is paul and meredith. -and my friend gray goes,. "oh, my god. there's my friend john. ". and that was it. -oh, really . -yeah. -and he came over to the table . -guys, it's golden. it's cinema gold. -it is really good. did he -- i'm sorry to ask. for the logistics to this. did he then come over and. eat his meal with you . -no. he was actually sitting. with our friend justin theroux. -okay. -and then he abandoned justin. and came over to come. and talk to us. he did not eat. he just stood there. and made me laugh. yeah. -there you go. and it's worked out. -he just did a bit. -and all these years later. and did you know right away . i'm sorry to dig in here. -i kind of did. -yeah. -yeah. -that's good. -am i speaking to "us weekly" . i love you. i'm sorry. -i just want to make it clear. that you guys, as stars,. are just like us. -i know. i am just like you guys. yeah. -but i'm so happy. -it really is -- i mean,. for waiting to see you guys. work together, i never would. have predicted this film. and it just so wonderful. that you guys did it. -it's so disturbing. -yeah, it's really disturbing,. but it's really great. -it's so good. i'm thrilled you love it. it's sort of been. overwhelming, actually,. 'cause we were really nervous. to work together,. and terrified --. john, in general,. was sort of terrified of, like,. how people will view this film. or whether they'll accept it. and people have just been. incredible about it. they just love it. -well, they're right. it's really wonderful. and thank you so much. for being here. it's just a delight to have you. -hey, anytime. .
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