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Caption: I almost stopped ladies and gentlemen . oh sorry yeah i guys without pretty girl . as you sexy what gothel's coming at you . welcome back to my youtube channel now. today i'm doing i'm all know but today . i'm doing a quick interview with carlos . i asked you guys at my twitter's as . carlos some questions because today . we're doing a q&a and mommy show here . with you. oh my god you are so cute what is the . best way to put electra where but moves . danielle as are you interested in some . lasting up to me but i'm yeah man left . in our christian w sarah booty on david . daniela booty shannon a school or hot on . both next question hey carnal i've ever . done anything that we who are you . another question can you explain some of . your tattoo on yahoo the ladies lo i'm . here let me show you i got this one . right here says my name is my here's my . favorite band on equine violence this . one here was supposed to say no regrets . but this boat around so it says no . regurgitation i don't know what the . freak this one is this one that i say . the ladies when i first meet him . this one says to portray because we're . in a relationship and this one says arm . so i never forget this was pissed so i . never forgiven this one says those but . yesterday i have one more but someone bp . and it says poaches victoria's what is . the best way to flip a car like this the . ii ladies love the offer next question . carlos do you have any children . i mean no but a lot of people coming . down next question do you know where . bulgaria my normal bulgy area is you . guys are nasty man next question . favorite wild animal . carlos what kind of women are you . interested in anything that are women . what are your beauty secrets secrets . uh starin carlos what's the best part of . you that's a hard one run that betting . that asked are you happy that david lies . are having a baby. well yeah i mean i'm happy david thinks . she's adding yes what do you like to do . on a regular basis lady what yoga ladies . okay next question thoughts on david . open okay what do you want to think . about carlos another question name one . place in the world would like to visit . oh it's old man probably make your . bedroom another question carlos what is . your favorites also. chelsea renee asked carlos how do you . like your ladies well done next question . do you like long i like going up that . i'm not or i'm curve is there anything . that you would change about yourself if. you could my favorite just getting its . perfect next question carlos how long . does it take for you to pick up a girl. actuary he doesn't think that long but . like datin girls are you so fat . next question is your beard wheel yes . another question how did you get in here . you know a lot of women say that to me . when i when i sleep over at their house . next question what's your favorite work . boring . what's your favorite food boarded katie . asked why this carlos wear eyeliner and . mascara because it's 27 dal races . santiago holidays as how do you expect . with it . come where now walker next question what . is a period about night another question . are you hungry because i do you like . chicken chicken but i hot chicken . especially chicken sign my friends . another question abby asked can we see . your man bug weeds and think oh you want . to see my mama and i'm not sure if i . should put this on girl don't like our . last question here at carlos can you . wrap wrap up this video. yeah that's all we have for you guys . tonight you're welcome so much for . watching you think but they got to enjoy . me okay thank you for enjoying and since . you're there please give this video a . big thumbs up because you've got a nice . set of bombs or i swear i'll see you . guys next wednesday replies and that's . fine with god loss up gallery by cj got . like why are you so fat i kind of . sagebrush 360 great struggle by three . going into well but not like agrippa . nice these things that i got three on . with the guys don't know moon . [music]. [music]. what . .

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