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My girlfriend surprises me with a makeover! I'm on the fence about the results of my makeup transformation...
Thank you to Carsen (@labellssss) for doing that to my face!
This is a truly wonderful time. These moments are treasures!
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Okay so today wait what are we doing . today i feel like when i look at you i . see a very defined style really yes i . think the way i would define my personal . style is like comfortable empowered . meant oh i don't want you to look . different i love your style i thought it . would be fun if i got the chance to . design what you looked like all right i . mean what's step number one you want me . to like clean up step number one is i . think i need to get help from a friend . because i don't know how to do makeup or . day oh okay so you you two have fun . i'm gonna go shower do you think she has . a thing style yeah absolutely . okay yeah it's a really distinct style . it's pretty i wouldn't call it in drogyn . s but it does go somewhere on that . spectrum of like it lives in the. in-between i haven't really never seen . hannah look really been just really . pretty she's really really i'm thinking . we do a different lip than she normally . does well she normally does know she . does know yeah hannah hates a lip we . usually do like a very small amount of . eye makeup on her so i think we should . go like baby. mokey smokey yeah yeah that's really . okay and then hair heroin cool but sexy . i am also gonna go choose a dress for . her to wear from my closet oh so i've . only seen hannah in a dress one time too . and it was life-changing yeah this is a . big tree. purely just for fun because for me . makeup in hair is fun yeah it's a great . way to just express yourself and try . anything exactly that you'll have fun . with it . [music]. nana's curtains are really spending a . lot of time already yeah this i i mean . to be honest i like the hair the hair so . i don't hate the hair babe this is what . you like i thought i wanted to see look . at your little body look at that . do you like your lips twice the sizes . they naturally all right now like a lot . of lot that i can tell i'm stop you want . to know what my truth . what's your in spa kardashian i knew it . yeah thank you so much for bringing so . many new experiences into my life this . one included and big thank you to our. friend carson carson career can find her. on. if you guys like this video please click . like do you think i should keep this . look leave a comment in the comments . below and click subscribe to subscribe . what's wrong good job honey . you guys have a good day nah . .

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