Guest Host Jennifer Lawrence Interviews Kim Kardashian West

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Guest Host and Kardashian super fan Jennifer Lawrence talks to Kim about the first time they met, Jennifer going to her house and getting drunk with Kris Jenner, Kim’s secret hacking abilities, her craziest ex-boyfriend, which Kardashian sister lost her virginity first, the weirdest thing Kanye does, if she has talked to OJ Simpson and Jennifer gives Kim a very special gift.
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Guest Host Jennifer Lawrence Interviews Kim Kardashian West
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Caption: Okay, let's do this. i have been obsessed with our . first guest and her family for . over a decade -- in a very . healthy way. [ laughter ]. she is the queen of reality tv, . social media, and now, . cosmetics, too, with her company. kkw beauty. please welcome . kim kardashian west. [ cheers and applause ]. ?. >> jennifer: so, are you . excited . >> i'm excited. >> buckle down and get . comfortable. my first question, do you think . it's a coincidence that reggie . bush's wife looks just like you . i don't. [ laughter ]. [ cheers and applause ]. >> this is going to be fun. >> jennifer: so i've been . obsessed with you -- probably . not for you. i've been obsessed with you for . a really long time. can you remember the first time . we met . >> i do, actually. we were at -- . >> jennifer: oh my god. >> we were at a hotel in new . york. and i don't know where we were . coming from, but it was late. we were going up to see this axl. gevort suite at the greenwich. i'm getting in the elevator with. kanye, the door's about to . close, i hear jennifer screaming. "i love your show. ". across the lobby. >> jennifer: that was the same . hotel where i was taking off my . bra under my shirt and kanye . tapped me on the shoulder. i was like, what . oh my god!. so recently i went over to your . mom's house for dinner. >> yes. >> jennifer: it was ever i could. have ever crdreamed of. >> was it . >> jennifer: yeah. [ laughter ]. >> because i have to say, so . jennifer came over for dinner . like two weeks ago. >> jennifer: yeah. >> i've never seen my mom more . drunk in our lives. >> jennifer: i was way more . drunk than your mom. you take it easy on your mother. >> not possible. it was -- it was so funny. i've never seen this!. >> jennifer: no. don't even remember. [ cheers and applause ]. >> at that point it was like . two -- they had like a few too . many drinks for my taste. >> jennifer: yeah. well, you were drinking tea. [ laughter ]. so i understand. and i remember getting naked in . your mom's closet and ordering . you to dress me. >> yes. >> jennifer: you dressed me . fabulously. i looked amazing as you could . see in that video. is my memory correct, did you . call kanye to come up in the . closet . did you want him to style me . >> you said, i'm not joking, "i . really want kanye to style me. ". so i said okay, and i come back . in and you're fully buck naked. i get on the intercom and tell . him to not come upstairs. and we put on one of my mom's . dresses and you wore it . throughout the whole dinner. >> jennifer: oh, i have it. i went home in it. [ laughter ]. do you and kanye like fart in . front of each other or talk . about farts . [ laughter ]. do you fart in front of him . >> i don't fart, what are you . talking about . [ laughter ]. [ cheers and applause ]. >> jennifer: there's no real . good way to segue into that. i was just thinking, because i . asked you to get me gas-x, i . remember kanye looking down the . table like, oh my god, she . farts!. i had one of those stabbing gas . pains in the back of my ribs. >> you did. >> jennifer: because i was so . excited. [ laughter ]. >> i feel like i know you so . well now. >> jennifer: yeah, inside and . out. [ laughter ]. yeah. so one thing that a lot of . people might not know if they . haven't watched every single . episode from the time the show . started is that you run . instagram and social media, but . you're also a bona fide hacker. >> totally. i'm retired. i'm fully retired. >> jennifer: tell me about those. days. >> yeah, i used to be like the . go-to spy that everyone would . call and try to get info on . their boyfriends or husbands or . whatever. >> jennifer: how did you get it . what did you do . >> i just probably was in a . really insecure, untrusting . relationship, and i had to . use -- . >> jennifer: oh, that far back. >> it's far back. it's not like that anymore. i don't hack anymore. >> jennifer: kanye doesn't have . a password on his phone. >> yeah, no, he doesn't. but -- actually, we shouldn't . say that. he does, people. [ laughter ]. >> jennifer: oh, yeah, yeah. >> he doesn't have pictures in . his phone, so you're good, you . can take his phone. there is this service that i . figured out that you can call . someone's number and make it . look like it's anyone else's . number calling them. so what i figured out is how to . get into the voice mail system . is if you call the number, but . make it look like it's your own . number calling. it tricks the system and gets . right into the voice mail . system. we're screwed now that there's . texting. because no one leaves voice . mails anymore. >> jennifer: right, yeah. >> but i got all the dirt back . in the day. >> jennifer: total creeps are . screwed. >> i got major dirt back in the . day. >> jennifer: wow. do you think you could like hack. like a president's twitter and . maybe like stop a war . like you could save the world. [ laughter ]. >> in theory. kind of like that game we were . playing at the house, remember . >> jennifer: i don't remember. [ laughter ]. >> you were like, okay, if you . could save the world, who would . you rather sleep with . donald trump or kim jong-un . >> jennifer: oh, who did you . say . >> i think we were just laughing. so hard we didn't choose. >> jennifer: oh, that's -- i . would have made you choose. i get very aggress whiff i'm . drunk. >> yeah. >> jennifer: i probably put you . in some sort of hold where you . were going to pass out. [ laughter ]. >> yeah, no, i don't know if we . chose. >> jennifer: another random . question. does khloe -- is khloe like in . on you being subtly rude to her . or ow just subtly rude . >> what do you mean . [ laughter ]. like about her style . >> jennifer: yeah. [ applause ]. >> i love khloe -- . >> jennifer: no, of course you . do. >> we go through periods and her. and i are really vibing right . now. yeah, i'm just -- maybe i was . rude about her style. >> jennifer: okay. >> but i love her style, really. >> jennifer: i don't have a . sister so i don't know how it . works. >> it's a free-for-all. you can say anything. >> jennifer: to be honest, if . you had styled my suitcase i . would have probably been like, . sick. if i'd already packed it, i . would have been annoyed. >> she unpack the it. >> jennifer: you put all the . work in. the polaroid was a really nice . touch. i wanted to for this show, i . couldn't stop having ideas. i wanted you to come and like . organize my closet and stuff. >> i will, eye come over and . organize, polaroids and all. >> jennifer: please do. okay, wait -- wait, what do i --. okay. i made you something but i don't. know if we have enough time what. should i do . >> just wrap up the conversation. and go to break -- . >> jennifer: okay, when we come . back -- no, wrap up the . conversation. okay, kim. [ laughter ]. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!. very funny stuff. when we come back, i have many . deeply personal questions i need. to ask kim. to talk about her cosmetic line,. kkw. this is one of her products . which i think i have. [ laughter ]. oh, never mind, no, i don't have. that. this is for -- blush . >> it's for contour. blending contour. >> jennifer: conturbulenting. >> yes, not what you think it . is. >> jennifer: not at all what i . thought it was for. >> you know what -- . [ rim shot. >> i never thought all my things. are like flesh color. so i get it. but that's not really the color . of -- it wasn't necessarily the . fresh color that made me think . it was a dill dough. [ laughter ]. >> i visually see darker colors. >> jennifer: ah. [ cheers and applause ]. >> that's what comes to mind, . when i was posting it on social . media i was like, [ bleep ], . this looks like a dill dough. >> jennifer: yeah, i didn't . notice because it was so white. so to move on from dill doughs. which i don't want to do. [ laughter ]. you have -- you're hosting your . famous family christmas card . this year. >> it is making a return. >> jennifer: i notice i've never. been in one. >> you are welcome. >> jennifer: okay, good. i took the liberty of putting . myself in one already. >> oh!. >> jennifer: this i drew myself. [ cheers and applause ]. if you like that, you're going . to love the fan art that i made . you. this is us. >> oh my god!. [ cheers and applause ]. >> jennifer: this is you, this . is me. my eyes are closed in complete . bliss. >> i love it. >> jennifer: so you can keep . this. >> yay!. i'm going to frame this. >> jennifer: yeah, you should. on your fridge . okay, can i get to my deeply . personal question card . >> yes. >> jennifer: okay, great. well, actually -- this is a . total side note. what do you think about selena . getting back together with . justin . >> i think it's so cute. >> jennifer: okay. all right. [ laughter ]. >> what do you think . >> jennifer: i don't know what . to think. who of all of your sisters lost . their virginity first . [ laughter ]. >> probably me. >> jennifer: really, i thought . you were going to say kourtney. >> no it wasn't kourtney. >> jennifer: have you ever been . cheated on . >> yes. >> jennifer: how did you find . out . >> my hacking skills. >> jennifer: nice!. >> yeah. i got into the voice mail thing. and it was on my birthday. i was at dinner with all of my . best friends. put it on speaker board . wondering like where my . boyfriend was. his voice mail, he was flying in. town to meet another girl on my . birthday, lied to me that he was. in a different city. >> jennifer: oh my god, that's . like a taylor swift song!. [ laughter ]. oh my god, that's awful, i'm . sorry that happened. did you marry him . [ laughter ]. how many ex-boyfriends are still. on your phone . >> only one. >> jennifer: okay. >> yeah. and, you know, super friendly, . he lives right across the street. from kourtney. we never, you know, really talk. but the nicest family. i went to his wedding. and -- yeah. >> jennifer: great. okay, on the count of three, i . want us both to name y

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