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Something has made a noise, something has made a noise. what the fuck what the fuck dude what the fuck . hello there, little creatures of the lord. how are you all . today we're going to catch pokémon again, okay . but we're going to use something. something i discovered not long ago. yesterday, in fact. i'm going to show it here. okay, well, a fucking awesome application has been released. which, well, right now i'm showing it to you on the web. eh, which it shows the pokemon that you want. i mean, it has a searcher over there and all. and we're going to spain. let's see if it loads. spain, eeeh!. an error has occurred. okay, here it is for phone. it seems it works here. and look at all the pokémons there are. oh my god, there are pikachus here. there are charizards here, blastoise. it's, it's cool this thing. let's filter it, okay . because today, today is going to be the day. the fucking day i get my fucking pikachu. okay, okay, okay, there are a lot of pikachus. there are a lot of pikachus here in madrid. okay, it's 6 p. m. let's use this application to see if it really works. to find our fucking pikachu once and for all. i won't stop until i get it, even if i have to walk throughout all the city, i won't stop. today is the day, guys. today is the fucking day. oh. watch out, an egg is breaking here, it's going to break in my face. give me something good, please, give me something good, give me something good, give me something good. oh, great, a hitmonlee, i mean, not bad. level 454, okay, okay. let's not complain, and let's look for pikachu. well, i'm going to show you the pokémons i've been getting these days, okay . well, as you can see, i've had this thing connected to an external battery all day, in my ass. because this game consumes more battery than my tits, i mean, it's amazing, but anyways. okay, here are my best pokémons, very well organized. here is an arcanine level 1000+ which it's quite cool. i've already won a pair of gyms with him. later, i'm going to see if i can show you a battle. i got this one, the "fuckingfat" who is dead, poor guy. here is the sandshrew evolution which is level . it's quite good too. and this is one of the pokémons i'm proudest of. because it's a ponyta which has evolved to rapidash. it has cost me blood and sweat. and this is a golem quite, quite chubby too. i mean, this is the third evolution of geodude. i got them quite good, eh . i mean, i don't want to be freaking out here, but okay. no, seriously, i've already seen a lot of levels. 2000 and so, a lot of gyms conquered by giant charizards. i said, "holy fuck". i don't know, i am confident that today. today is the day i'll get something epic, please. i beg for it, lord, i beg for it. okay, we are pushing out into this. into this neighborhood. into this weird little park. supposedly, there should be a pikachu here, supposedly. but at best, this is showing me the location of a rapist or something. which is attracting me to his trap. okay. pikachu is supposed to be here. not even shit. okay, the only thing here is a fucking ekans. i mean, don't fuck with me, man. fucking shit, i've walked. i've taken steps for nothing. look, i'm going to catch you just to send you to the slaughterhouse, son of a bitch, hahaha. i'm tired of them. okay, well, nothing. fuck, i'm falling. pfff. i'm riding this. well, i'm going to wait here a little while if a fucking pikachu comes. i really need friends, i mean, i'm alone here. people is looking at me in a weird way. i think the creator of the app has tricked us, eh . i've been here for a long time and. it's not showing anything, i mean. i think there's another guy like me, who has fallen into the same trap and is looking for pikachu. mother of mine, it's been a disappointment after disappointment, after disappointment. i mean, i think i'm going home and cry a little, and then i'll come back. much, much later. ?? gold - kiiara ??. watch out, watch out, we're in the way to look for a pikachu and charizard. and look, an egg, a little egg. ohhh. i'm tired of my fucking misfortune. i'm tired of fucking ekans. ooh, an eevee, an eevee. come on, to evolve it, let's evolve it. paw, ah. yeah, eevee is mine. yeah, motherfucker, no. now it is really mine, i've hit it in its center. in its fucking forehead, in its fucking head. i'm going to take this one, for sure, ehh. fuck you, eevee, fucker. i'm going to throw a great ball. paw, nigga. paw, nigga. now you can't escape, now you can't escape. now you're going to be mine, little motherfucker. i'm going to. fucking hell. i'm giving you a berry, a fruit. to calm you down, to calm you down, and so you let me catch you. the ball throw is curved, let's throw it again. the ball throw is curved. look, i mean, i throw it in the center and it goes to right. fuck!. eh, eh, let's catch it. eeeh, come on, we got it. ?? i can walk on water - basshunter ??. oh, oh, pikachu is two steps away, pikachu is two steps away. ah, ha! stop the fucking car. you. you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you. wait, you. haha, i'm shaking, man. focus, defocus, motherfucker. fuck this this fucking camera. i'm freaking out, okay. we're in the middle of nowhere. we're in the pussy of madrid, i swear it. it just appeared, i mean, it's here. man, man, please, focus, man, man, man. man, can you see it . it's first, man, it's first. now the thing is finding it. because i don't have any fucking idea of where it is, i mean. the fucking application is bugged, okay . and shows all of the pokémons three steps away, when they aren't really three steps away, they're closer. and if this one is the first, it means it's here by my side. so let's tag it, and let's see if this shit here below. if this shit here below flashes. because if it flashes, it means we're going in the right path. in this moment, it's not flashing, man. okay, i mean, as you can see, it's already dark. i mean, i've been literally looking for it for 5 hours. and i've found it, i mean. my friend is going to kill me. i mean, i left her back there, alone. okay, okay, i'm seeing grass, i'm seeing grass, i'm seeing grass. okay, have you seen the grass sparkling up here . that means a pokémon is over there, and probably it's pikachu. so we're going to get there running, man. because this neighborhood gives me bad vibes, fuck. fucking fast, please. it must be here, eh, it must be here, come on. wii. the grass, there's a kitty here, there's a kitty. that's a good sign, look at it, look at it. kitty, kitty, don't run, kitty. kitty, we're going to find pikachu, kitty. no, no, no. no, no, no, no. don't fuck with me, don't fuck with me, don't fuck with me. it has disappeared, man. it has disappeared, man. i can't believe it, i can't believe it, i can't believe it. it has disappeared, man. it was here by my fucking side, man. it was here, man. it was fucking here, man. and it has disappeared, fuck this disgrace, no. you can't do this to me, man, please, nintendo. nintendo, please. i'm killing you, i'm killing you, i'm killing you, nintendo, i'm killing you,. i'm already where i was before, it doesn't appear, man. this is fucking bullshit, i swear it, this is. why, nintendo why . motherfuckers, they have put honey on my lips. for nothing. are you listening to me, nintendo . are you listening to me . because my patience, my patience has limits, you know . i've been walking the whole fucking city for 5 fucking hours. the whole fucking world has a fucking pikachu except me. except me. why do you do this to me why . i'm not crazy, i just want a pikachu. i'm not asking for anything else. pikachu, motherfucker. you don't know where we are. we are in a cementery, okay . it's about 12 a. m. and according to what people say. there are ghost-type pokémons in cementeries, churches. and places which give bad vibes, so let's move forward. let's see what there is. i think it's closed. fuck, it's closed. something has made noise, something has made noise. what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck . it really made noise, didn't it . what the fuck what the fuck, man . ah! you fucking scared me, fuck. let's move over there to see what there is. we are the typical idiots from horror movies who die. for being idiots, for entering to a fucking cementery at night, that's what happens. the camera refuses to continue with this. look, i'm going, i'm sorry, i can't anymore. i mean, fucking full moon. there isn't any gastly, eh . it's all fake, all fake. okay, we're coming back where we heard the noise. which i think was the fucking door. what the fuck are you doing, man what the fuck are you doing, man . what the fuck are you doing what the fuck are you doing . i didn't see it, fuck. open the fucking door, open the fucking door now. what the fuck . my door doesn't open, it doesn't open. you're inside, and i. ah!. open, the fucking door!. - please. - close, close, close, close. ay, we're safe, we're going from here. there isn't any fucking pokémon. ?? magic chicken! - the aquabats! ??. it's like - , i imagine, i imagine clowns leaving the circus like. eh, eh, eh. that's true. , hahaha. - hahaha, of the circus, of the circus. - of the circus, but like super happy. where is my pikachu . show me your pokémons to see your gastly. - sorry, your haunter. - my haunter, this is my haunter. - my young haunter, my haunter, the picture isn't loading. - motherfucking, in my face, there it is, what a dumbass. - but it's - i don't care, you've been farming here like a fucker, eh . - . yes, yes, farming, farming. - farming, farming. for me, if i catch a gastly, i'll fuck myself. this pokéstop leaves a lot to. to say (cage for children). wooh! it's here, it's here, gastly is here. gastly, gastly, "par cabeza"( ), "par cabeza" ( ), let's go. come on, okay, okay, okay, okay, i like this. i like this, the way this thing is going on. i like the way this thing is going on, paw. ay, ay, ay, no, when it is. now, now, now, hold, hold, hold. - and now, an attack, paw. - oh, earthquake. - "hostia", you have, you have beaten it. - well, why is it alive if. okay, you, go ahead because now i've won this one, but it's done. you, keep on hitting it just in case, fuck, it's burning you. it's awesome, i mean, this is the greatest app in the universe. - fuck off. - come on. - this fucking gym is mine. - what . - this gym is mine. - whose is it . - mine. - mine. - mine. - yours. - it's mine. - ah!. - i've beaten it, ey, ey. - no, no. - there's an arcanine. - it's not yours, haha. - there's an arcanine. - hahaha. - it's beating me. - fuck that. - since when since when . - fuck that, sorry, now it's not yours. - but, but why. where did it come from this. - come on, crack, machine, wild beast. - motherfuckers. - anger, haha. oh, what a beautiful take. it's like an album cover, look, look, look. the moon to one side, and the sun to the other. "moon and sun" like new pokémon games. ah, everything makes sense, everything makes sense. but where the hell is my pikachu . well, i'm going home now. it's been 8 intense and hard hours. with disappointments and joys. but okay, i have my last egg here. let's see what it is, let's see if nintendo smiles us. it's not a fucking shit. it's not a fucking. pfff. - have you noticed it . - notice what . (like to give me strength to catch fucking pikachu t_t and fap for more poke vlogs! :d). - you look like a true pokémon trainer. (like to give me strength to catch fucking pikachu t_t and fap for more poke vlogs! :d). - why . (like to give me strength to catch fucking pikachu t_t and fap for more poke vlogs! :d). - i don't know, you got the bag, the cap. - i'm wearing a bag, pants. i'm a fucking eevee trainer, 10/10, man. what main pokémon have you caught . .
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