How to catch a BIRD! w/ HOWTOBASIC – Save the Squirrels Initiative

In this video how to basic and I team up to show you how to catch a bird. There are many ways of doing this, but this is the easiest and most effective way of doing it.
Just remember, birds are very good for our environment: They eat all of our trash, they convert the c02 in to oxygen, and their millions of flapping wings cool down our ever-heating planet.
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[music]. good news everyone we have some help on . the show today it's how to basic do you . like squirrels are you ready to help me . [music]. where's the dressing mmm is that lettuce . no no thank you i've had quite enough . the bait we're going to be using today . is a mixture of sunflower seeds peanuts . and some dried fruit . if you're curious where i got this. delicious mix walmart if you go to the . gardening section you can find this . exact spread today we're only going to . be using two traps this one and this one . it's been about four or five months . since we filled in all these holes this . is the only one that has become undone . and that could just be because the dirt . sank further or a squirrel is here. digging it up if we do catch one i think . we're just going to relocate him to the . far end of the property rather than . taking him to a completely different . area and i think that'll work out better . for both of us i get more content and he . doesn't have a drastic home change . [music]. well we didn't catch a squirrel but we . did catch a poor little bird so try to . very carefully not get owned as i opened . this part calm down at the okay . all right your ghost bird freedom oh . fuck. alright that was quick shit alright well . that was nifty alright well this one . went off but clearly it went off by a . mouse or something because when that . closed it certainly didn't close tight . enough the big fucking hole for the new . escape oh well i put down two traps one . caught a bird and the other trap which i . put near a bush it it didn't catch . anything when i went and looked at it . the bait was gone and there was nothing . inside the trap so i figured it had to . be a rat something that would wiggle . through here we have a rabbit at 2:55 . a. m. sniffing around the trap he looks . up bam . rabbit captured this is the last footage. we have of him in the cage so he spent a . grand total of ten minutes inside of it . until he realized he had big fuckin . swole rabbit muscles and busted out so . don't be too sad about his struggle it . was only ten fucking minutes the real . struggle is me having to put up with his . bullshit game cam that won't activate . when the thing gets caught and when the . thing escapes it just randomly turns on. when it senses some sort of like that . might be yeah might be a gust of wind . let me let me activate oh that might be . a little a shrew that just runs past . very quickly . let me activate okay well i would want . to turn on if there was a shrew to be . honest all right . it is time to kill this camera i've had . it for about six months and it's been . nothing but a pain in my ass it will no . longer format sd cards that i put in . there so i'm just gonna kill it i'd like . to get a new camera that doesn't suck . this band so i'll spend a little more . and. hopefully that'll make the difference . whoa look at that lincoln there's . there's a little light bulbs inside this. little that's like a circuit board . inside of here you think that's what . does all the calculations in it . [music]. .
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