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Every single day i have to put up with . so much and abuse and mean comments from . you guys it's always like i'm the end of . the joke. i'm the always the part of their joke . not no no not today that's right i'm . going to roast you guys. i've been collecting comments secretly. for the past couple of weeks and then i . picked the ones that are make you guys. seeing the dumbest so now we're going to . read them as i litter all new gasps . puetz you are so mature about everything . except when it comes to pop geom . fortnight seriously cut that childish . hate fortnight because i play pub g act . and act rationally think about it you . hate this game because it said it's a . copy of pub g but in reality it's not . for neither expect to it we just think . we're pathetic. this is bad basically all my comments . there's a bunch of kids here all lowlife . losers you know that right . have you ever seen a bug onna i don't . think so it's not the wise you wouldn't . argue about fortnight and why is better . than pub g you pathetic losers what are . you gonna do dislike the video is that . what you're gonna do. please don't please don't think i'm . joking i'm joking we're just having fun . here guys come on . all right come on we got to have a . little bit hurts now doesn't it hurts to . be on the other side that's right that's . the point of this video . hey the fact that dre can figure out . fortnight is amazing frankly i would be . amazed if he tied his own shoes . and looky loo he turned on a tv . navigating the menus and using a . controller and everything you go little. buddy good for you okay that's actually . pretty common i love this cuz it really . just shows like why does anyone care the . fact that we drink for a fortnight who . gives you this channel is getting worse . and worse like if you agree . yeah that's right hey mr. trihard sucks . like this video if you read that's right . mr. trihard got you good didn't that yab . a little bae . this guy is gay no you this was so . boring but i watched it because i love . you that was backhand compliment i have . ever seen in my life actually this is . how i want all my fans to be just as . dedicated as possible okay my god three . ads on a pewdiepie video i thought i'd . never see the day hey it hurts these . comments are the ones that actually . truly hurt drake isn't a rapper . he's an r&b singer that can rap really . really well he has only made one rap . album i are teetle and that album is not . an album it was a half random mixtape . made in two weeks but when drake raps . he ain't soft he has made somewhere the . hardest scratch sucks this decade what . are you saying. pathetic you think drake goes hard . that's like saying poop is funny i can't . even help myself i just have to be the . end of joke that's this is it part of my . dna my my swedish cut miss can't allow . anything else i drove past your house . the other day i didn't even mean to i . went the wrong way . why did you tell me this first of all i . have a lot of questions with this number . one why did you think i would see this . comment i clearly gets thousands of them . every single day second of all how do . you know where i live . third of all what do you mean you went . the wrong way and what do you think it . matters to me that you went the wrong . way. what is this common it annoys the hell . out of me to be honest about depression . yes it's all up to you i have a lot of . experience with depression and trust me . if you want to be depressed and sad you . will it's all up to you i definitely . trust experience from anyone that. doesn't know how to spell it experience . and have a markiplier thumb quizzing i . know you mean well but jesus christ what . what are you saying . this is what. i've been saying all this time okay my . audience is filled with a bunch of. low-level morons and if you were reading . this comment markheim over youtube poop . i want you to know that you are a moron . you're an idiot and i don't like you why . am i so mean for no reason i'm kidding . of course . you're great do your thing i just want . to say i really like post breakdown . pretty pie you manage to become insanely . self-aware and sort of toxic in a funny . way pointing out idiotic bullshit online . i also absolute love your low-quality . visual effects good job good job brad . inside. thanks for keeping the low quality . intentional affects you doing a great . job. you didn't grain he needs to do news as . a weekly serious this is funny it is a . weekly serious we've been doing it for . weeks i'm glad you enjoyed it i don't . know what to say i'm glad and then you . had the comment right underneath it . still better than bbc 92 seven people . thought that was such a good comment . that they would thumb it up good job . everybody you're part of a group of . intellectual on the internet. stop hating on for tonight it's not . funny . how about i buy your name he's dumb that . was funny felix thanks pierce for . bringing a wave of normal fags and . children to 4chan we are being raided by . pleb eaters everything is going to and . it looks like there are going to be many . migrations 2hn and whiskey . pathetic absolutely disgusting i made . the video about green text and i clearly . reference reddit and nothing else but . yeah i got so many pathetic comments . like this just being what are you 12 . girl to forgot jesus always knew puetz . was a fairy . why why why did you come to this . conclusion what made you think this was . confirmed in your head i don't know why . these things are knowing me so much like . why it made you think to come up with . this comment . what was the thought process and why did . six people thumb it i don't understand . you guys i feel like he's trying so hard . to be funny sometimes it's kind of sad . oh how the mighty have fallen . what do you say you even edited this . comment of course i try to be funny . that's the point of my videos that's . what i do every single day if you think . i've been trying to be funny now just . watch my old videos and literally pause . sometimes and go ah let me think of a . joke here yeah i read these comments i'm . like what are you trying to say what . made you come up to this idea this video . is literally like every single other one . of my videos all my videos are the same . you stupid hey i'm hungry i want some . lasagna why do i even read the comments . hate your new videos i love your old. videos just watch the old ones thing you . slimy weasel scum that's right i'm not . afraid to call you guys out for what you . are you stupid . you dumb a dummy scummy dummy bum that's . what you are. and i would smack it without no oil come . all over you i didn't mean that last bit . i meant that the boil would come god . damn it i'm glad that felix is getting . sponsors again well that's a nice . comment actually that's right despite . two major media breakdance still here . still getting sponsors again yay for me. never thought it would happen gets a six . thousand dollar pc with two 1080 t . titans and an eight core cpu plays . roblox why are you hating on roblox now . damn game on the market for the most . advanced graphics that has ever existed . pathetic . you guys who'd like to complain about . everything don't you you just april . fooled everyone this video was published . march 30th this is the thing that . happens all the time with comments just . because you watched it during april . fool's does it doesn't mean it was . published it's the same thing when i did. fridays with pewdiepie back in the day. and people would watch it on the sunday . and they black . watching in the friday lepakqueen he is . trigger law it's triggered it's trig . earned with a day and no i'm not i was . thinking why so low fps here's. millionaire that's right everyone the . more money you have them the bedroom the . more frame rates that's just a scale. that works for everyone i was reacting . to videos dipshit it's not my gameplay . thank you edgar yo boots just ruined . youtube he always tries to like act . funny but he's weird just yeah i . appreciate the effort but not the result . i'm not doing this to get attention yes . you are and you did have you heard of . comics have you heard of sentence . building no i don't think so huh yes you . push the ass . you guys are just freaking freaks i . don't appreciate these comments you are . clearly doing it for attention . what do you mean i ruins youtube it's . called ruined dummy hahahahaha there . hear this ha i'm watching this on sunday . no one cares no one cares i don't care . when you're watching it it's none of my . concern . i'll put it on the right day so annoying . i had a dream about you last night felix . quite magical i met you i asked if you . could drive me home it took five minutes . you did and i said thanks and left it . was truly magnificent thanks buttes . keep me out of your weird fetish . fantasies please i don't need to hear . about this what the heck what 646 405 . 703 724 good job brad what does this . mean the big campbell great good job . good job brad what do we have here . another reload that's right everybody. all my videos are just we helped loads . of reuploads and reuploads . there's no original content anymore i'm . just reading the video i did now eight . years ago that's right i made this video . eight years ago you're welcome. what's that in the right bottom corner. at 5:49 549 . all right . for real though i'd really enjoyed . reading the comments to something that . i've always really really enjoyed i i . think the day i stopped reading the . comments is probably the day that i . should end youtube because the . interaction that i get between you guys . is what i enjoy the most . i know it's like a mean that i steal . your condor or whatever but i to me it's . more like we have a community and i'm . just justifying stealing but with the. comments i i genuinely enjoyed it and . seeing when you guys laugh at stuff that . you thought were funny or leaving a nice . comment or bad i still really enjoy . reading it and i enjoy especially. laughing at these dumb ones i definitely . noticed a huge shift from the last six . months . way more positive comments people are it . seem like you guys are really enjoying . the videos and i'm having a blast making . them i think for the first time like i . finally actually figured out how to make . videos because i have weekly series and . i just makes my life so much easier and . so much more enjoyable i know it's like . a mean that i'm just stealing content . but if that's the case i'll take it . because i'm having a blast and it seems . like you guys are enjoying it well so . keep up the great work everybody that . being said i am actually going away i'm . going to travel so i don't know if there . will be some weird gap in between the . videos hopefully not but that's just my . announcement saying that that being said. i'll see you guys next time i'm just i . don't know when i'll be back i don't . know anything but i will be back at some . point in the future so i see you good . bye good bye . .
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