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Caption: [music]. yeah - girl that come with it and . welcome back to my youtube channel may . be wondering why i'm in a bit . well i answer is beyond me yeah editing . is at this world and that is my . stretchable way of telling you that . today we're going to bed back - and . y'all excuse me i'm passionate i do . really love how they call a dead bat all . stuff in your bed stuff for your bath . and a whole bunch other stuff so . basically - are you i mean what else . could i need i have everything that i . need for my bed whoa how much is that i . mean i do have everything for my backs . up or so but that's option and i don't . know how to be gone let's go get in bed . shall we i have a boyfriend. let's go through the bed section this is . a spring mattress i wish i could use it . all year i'm sorry . oh she these are soft i would make more . bedrooms but they're all dead sorry i . can be better than that okay so you came . to bed with me let's go to back . somewhere i've never been before yes . yeah i don't need any of this stuff . mainly because i don't take this but i . can draw a bath ha ha ha i'm gonna go . it's bad back let's go see what they. have in the beyond section oh my god i . got polar bears words ding i know as you . guys are wondering am i able to make . puns will let me tell you i am very a . bull let me tell you something when it . comes to the amount of puns i have the . less is long what do you call a pretty . girl from turkey turkish model whoa i . mean i'm not a doctor but acha touch i . wonder if people know that these towels . all do the same thing or so bad why are . there so many but it really makes you . realize how many wet booties there are . in this world what do you call a test in . art class listener i'm telling you these . kids nowadays are just using a bunch of . pot well why don't you just use a pan . hey i wanted boys hit puberty footballs . guy phillips dad literally does not care . about . i had to tell him they still son i care . dude stop being a wuss and just call her . you know sometimes you really get a kick . a breather and pause life why why do you . need so many nice they all do the same . thing there are different nice for each . person you killed let's just brief it . you know i have a mirror and i want to . buy another one but they just all look . the same. yes they all look the same my god that . one's broken. my friend has bunch of kids and i said . so having those kids she's like no and i . was like okay it's your virginia but if . it was me i would tied to this guy . called me ugly and i said hey you know . that's a lie son you know who is ugly . your mother . someone else may have had boobs or butt . and i said oh nita if you learn that . come on gavin why why are there so many . plates for my food my food tastes the . same on every what my soup tastes the . same in every bowl i mean am i right or . am i white and half white why are there . so many different types of chairs i'm . just looking for the cheapest thing for. me to put my butt on dave is not here . hello what kids watch my gym work i . think we should cut larry i told them we . need jimmy somebody called jimmy and. they said kimmel and i said no call . silence brett find somebody else that . this is all the coffee that they have . and i looked over here and realized . dasom bob okay clearly that was all the . puns that i had i have to stop myself . look myself in the mirror and say jerk . done so that is all i have for you guys . today because i got a bed back on the . golf but thank you guys so much for . watching yoga and you'll beyond but i . hope you guys enjoyed this video if you . did please make sure to give it a big . thumbs up come on go ahead let it happen . i'll see you guys next add a little ice . a little bed bath beyond brown girl now . play. [music]. [laughter]. hi guys this is tanner and this is sam . just mad at bed bath and beyond . they're also sponsored sisters amazing . you're xerxes is lauren suzanne desert . and there my little confidence booster. quickly stop this is london i've never . been there before how is it i have been . there either. what is london your country oh guys make . sure to go disgusted there's a bundle . below because i am video ok but oh baby . wondering why my turn over but i'm good . thank you fo are thanks guys i wish i . had more puns but i don't have a me on i . gotta go. [music]. is your dad job . .

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