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[music]. [laughter]. i'll explain sometimes things just don't . work out the way you thought they would . sometimes not everything can be wrapped . up in a bow before i get started with . what this video is i do want to let you . know that it's sponsored this . sponsorship is very important because i . need you to download this if you don't . download this app . [music]. [laughter]. [music]. how is that so good . great prize i'm upset i'm mad i'm angry . at myself i feel like a failure because . i was excited to get this sponsor and i . was trying to make a video that made . sense it does so we'll get to that but . first i don't want to do this sponsored . a moment here it's unhealthy and music . let's go somewhere happier in my house . that's no oh that's nice wait let's go . in from the palm trees. [music]. [laughter]. [laughter]. [music]. let's go back to the couch so i can . explain why i'm such a fucking mess . right now so sometimes i get an idea and . i see it in my head and i say oh this is . going to be an incredible series maybe . three parter oh so many his next video . moments and when i get a sponsorship i . always like to do something really nice . like give some money to charity i was . able to write her a check for $30,000 . byuk in a car wait what are you fucking . serious yeah . spoiler alert that didn't happen now i'm . gonna narrate this whole experience for . you because if i don't you're gonna be . really confused so me and joe joe we're . gonna take you on a journey let's start . with yesterday when i got such a great . idea so i asked filming because we are . about to embark on what i would call a . journey you're proposing not when you're . eating - so this is a brand deal maybe . i'll get you so much tuna baby i've got . a nice ring so this might be a brand . deal but when i was trying to figure out . what to do and like how to make it . interesting i was like okay what if i . like to buy my friends a bunch of dumb . stuff like that and then i was like oh . we had like a shopping spree where we . had a shopping spree at toys r us . because they're going out of business . they're bankrupt and everything's on set . they get rings yes they bring pops and . rings and they have anyway so i actually . really sad about this toys r us is . officially canceled their o'hare toys r . us filing for liquidation and planning . to close its doors after nearly 70 years . with this liquidation comes many many . discounts of course because they're. gonna have to get rid of all this stuff . these stores are all slated to close . within the next few months and it's . really sad i was on twitter the other . day and there was a moment that said . that you can literally buy everything in . toys r us like not just toys it's like . they're selling the floor like light . bulbs like if they're ringing you up . like you could be like i want that . computer and they'll get it what about . the confidence i'd the computer i don't . think there is any captions that leader . that's why they're closed so then i . tried to call them to see what their . hours were and it made that noise like . that and then i was like oh my god they . sold the phone i was like this is the. perfect time to do a 24 hours challenge . we will be doing the 24 hour overnight . challenge you gotta stay . try to stay in walmart for 24 hours. without getting kicked out and it was it . stores or us yes because you won't get . in trouble because we're closing and we . don't have to ask for break cuz they're . not so i was like what if he go talk to . the manager and be like listen like this . is a brand deal i'll give you some money. under the table the whole squad is there . [music]. [music]. [music]. she could literally just be like bitch . we over like i know the employees there . i don't know that my name but i did buy . minaj g-wagen . [music]. that's like nobody's home that's like . the purge this is your emergency. broadcast system announcing the. commencement of the annual purge how . much was our us like i genuinely dude . like i used to go there all the time . when i was a kid i was too poor to buy . anything but i would like go there and . like look at all the fake food and try . to eat it this is supposed to be funny . i'm just thinking about like all the . people that aren't jobs now that's and . then like what are they gonna do with. all like the sap part because i don't . think that idea worked as much as i . wanted it to huh they released fat. barbies plus-sized b is kelly's they . also released pickin oh my god changed . barbie oh my god that's our tonic oh . hold on my agents on the phone let me . answer hold on taking money moves hey . okay i'm filming this right now guys . we're doing this. today's video sponsored by so the plan . was odd thumbs up from so now it's time . to go to toys r us things couldn't go . wrong right okay all right . we need our toys r us we need to get . there right now because i need to figure . out if this is actually gonna work if . it's not gonna work i need to come up . with a back-up plan i love that you . can't hear your balls slapping if i did. not know i like my package i didn't want . that too . i'm proud of it i'm okay this video is . sponsored by oh my gosh i thought it was . yours so xanax well who does something . mood so i think we should play the queen . of toys r us herself . just laughs um guys jojo sia is a 14 . year old taking the world by storm with . her big colorful hair bows and even . bigger personality so the next thing . you're gonna see is the very very . fucking gay car karaoke just fucking . mess now . the last time i use a jojo song i was . copyrighted so for this next segment um . [music]. and and just be open to love whether . it's a guy or a girl just be open to it . because i don't want to go my whole life . closing it down and then when i'm like . 65 like bruce jenner i ended up . realizing what i like i don't want to do . that i want to live you know and i don't . want to hate myself anymore i don't want . to be sad all the time how do i have 14 . whole donna's look at this he felt like . literally restraining me didn't wanna . die like this see what i did there than . every whoa we can buy everything . wait is this everything must go look see . percent off that's it . going out of business i bet we can . negotiate you know should we just give . this girl a shopping spree. wait let's have fun all right before we . like talk to employees let's like a . little treasure store . i was expecting to see empty aisles and . crying people and the ghosts of channels . no it was fucking filled with toys and . happy people and so fucking busy well . our allegation what's the real team it's . t's are us all right willie oh yeah you . gotta get the job done so then we got . approached by a couple of boys and i was . like oh wait. you happy the manager so as the employee . started telling us how much they hated. working there and how they didn't have a . backup job so then i actually did start . getting like very invested in the story . like wait a minute all these people are . going to lose their jobs and what does . that mean what are they gonna do and i . went into my um weird interview with . toys r us employees while holding a joe . joe scene but in my head this was gonna . be good wait nevermind when is the store . actually closed . when they actually closed a dataset and . we don't put any of this any open but . aren't have a say over they do anything . like a settlement are today just later . like it out. are you guys like practice with me . interfere or . out of the camera for a second . so after we talked to those employees . they said they were going to go find the . manager to talk to us about filming . there so as we are waiting for the . manager to give us approval to film in . the store . we just kept looking at all the stupid . crap what is this like little vibrator . right literally what is it i have know . how to camera an actual little vibrator . that is coming up should we get him some . presents they might not have a new . iphone but they have the new busytown . [laughter]. ryland me morgan and then you get it . that's crazy . [laughter]. oh my god oh my god six million yeah you . guys are crazy no are you kidding me . jillee . merch and everywhere . take me someone to get back to us i . think i'll gonna stay here . well that looks great. [music]. this is scary oh my god it i just . realize that toys r us isn't gonna be. around anymore you're gonna remember . when we came here at christopher . [music]. i also found some socks way to ruin the . moment . oh no what wait shameless what is this . oh wait that's all that weight is drunk . oh wait but that's you with the . conspiracy hands hey what's up you guys . hey what's up you guys . that's me with a conspiracy having joe . joe with a bow whoa now at this point a . manager came up to me and said oh not . only could we not film in the store but . if somebody did let us film in the store . they would be fired and they would go to . prison he said that toys r us would . throw money let that sink in let that . sink in we got to get out of here or . it's just not gonna work out . yes that's iconic so we go to the car . and i get this feeling some might call . it an inspiration okay um i feeling a . lot of things . i don't know if we were filming this . part but the guy manager of this store . said that 50 people work here which . means 50 people just here are gonna lose . their jobs and they come along now i . feel even weird about joking about all . of that because that's so fucking . heartbreaking and just talking to her . and like learning about her life like i . i went back in the store and i was just . like i don't know more about you . whatever . so her 10 year old sister watches my . videos but we were talking about that i . got her email she said she's gonna lose . her job . what if okay this is crazy what if
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