Jimmy Interviews Cardi B

Cardi B cracks Jimmy up about her name's origin, how fiancรฉ Migos' Offset went out of his way for his proposal and why she already feels like a winner after "Bodak Yellow," even if she doesn't take home a Grammy.
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Jimmy Interviews Cardi B
-what a year. what a year. everything you're having. i mean, there's so much. to talk about. congrats on everything. and thanks for being here. -thank you. ohm. [ laughter ]. -"cardi b. ". where did that name come from . -my name come from --. you know what . my sister name is hennessy. -mm-hmm. -you know what i'm saying my. sister name is hennessy, right . so everybody used to. call me bacardi. so i always called myself. bacardi, right . and then it was my instagram. name. like bacardi, bacardib. but for some reason my instagram. keep getting deleted,. and i think it was bacardi that. had something to do with it. so i just shortened it. to cardi b. -so cardi b is the jam. and i love that. now everyone's. calling your name now, pal. -yeah. -you are from the bronx . -mm-hmm. euymmm. [ laughter ]. -are you --. sorry. are you -- wait a second. are you from --. are you going home for. the holidays, to the bronx . -yep. oh, yeah, yes. definitely. -you are, yeah. i follow you on twitter --. @iamcardib. and you said that you're. not getting any adults gifts. this year for christmas. -no. because you. want to know something . everybody that i know got kids. and this is like --. that's just a lot of kids. -so take care of --. -and i got new godkids. out of nowhere. you know,. once you start making money,. everybody wants you to be their. kid's godmother or somethin'. [ laughter ]. -but i -- you did get. a beautiful gift. actually you got a wedding ring. from your fiancรฉ. you're engaged to offset there,. from migos. he did that live . -ohh! [ trills tongue ]. -i mean --. [ trills tongue ] is right!. yeah!. i mean, it looks gorgeous. let me see that. let me see that ring. look at that. -don't get too close,. because i didn't put. no lotion on my hand. -gotcha. i gotcha. -it's wintertime. -it's wintertime. i got you. yeah, yeah, yeah. did you know -- look --. that is the biggest diamond. i've ever seen. did you have any idea. that he was going to do it . -no. i mean, you know, i was --. he always used to tell me,. "i'm gonna marry you. i'm gonna marry you. ". and it's just like, "hmm-mmm. ". it's the right thing to do. but, you know, i know. he was gonna give me --. i knew he was gonna give me. a very expensive gift,. because he wasn't there. for my birthday. but i thought he was gonna give. me, like, a watch or somethin'. anyway, he just --. he just went out his way. ohh. [ trills tongue ]. [ laughter ]. -[ laughs ]. the grammy awards. grammy awards. january 28th. here in new york city. your hometown. are you nervous . -i am nervous. you want to know something . you want to know something . -yeah. yeah. mm-hmm. yes. -i already feel like a winner. -yeah. you are a winner. -you know what i'm sayin' . because it's just like. i never thought me. -you already are. -yeah. like, i already won. what's good . [ laughter ]. -you did. i mean, you've been. on our show a few times. but "bodak yellow" was. the first number-one single. from a female rapper since 1998. so already you just. changed the game. it went three times platinum. [ cheers and applause ]. everybody was singing that song. everybody was doing it. girls, women, men, grandmas. everybody's singing. "bodak yellow. ". -yeah. i see. i'm so proud of myself. [ laughter ]. -it's got to feel good,. though, right . -it does feel good. and it feels good because,. you know, i really. worked my ass off for it. and it's just like,. ahh, it finally pays off. i have been proven!. -right. yeah. oh, please. you got more to come. there's more to come with you. but you're also. making some history. you're the first. female hip-hop artist --. i want to get this right --. with your first three singles. in the top 10 at the same time. cardi b!. -ohh! [ trills tongue ]. -i mean. i heard that, and i was like. [ trills tongue ]. you know and, uh. [ laughter ]. i totally was. i totally was. i didn't think i was. going to be,. but i was like. [ trills tongue ]. you know yeah. you have a new track. coming out friday. -yes. -all right. and this is "bartier cardi. ". "bartier cardi. ". -yeah, you know,. i named it "bartier cardi. ". you know what i'm sayin' . because i don't want. cartier to sue me. yip-yip-yip-yip-yip!. featuring 21 savage. okay yeohw. y'all go get that. -no, we're gonna get it. "bartier cardi. ". i can't tell you how much. we love you and they love you. i mean, come on!. [ cheers and applause ]. cardi b! i love you, man. .

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