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That's will joanne okay timmy timmy . timmy learn how to take good hand. why does your hairline start at the back . of your head can i get some motivation . look man what happened on soil plants is . back with eddie murphy neo hey hey . i'm a bonus but hey yes and i know yo . check that actually we saw him earlier . in the season . he came on he lost and he wanted a. rematch he's taking over movies . television. for safety pins and people . this is really what you are yes i got on . the real to change like this now i know . we were going somewhere with this whole . post-apocalyptic we grimy we're all. spikes you got you look like you are you . play football . only in jail what are you talk about . what look at you like a gladiator what . are you talking about who are you you . look like a django action figure yes . were you yes why don't you give casey . and jo jo back there sharks . it's on i hate you bitch he could . actually fit in the baby seat. i was trying to give you a gift to put . in your in your ferrari it's it's a nice . were you i might good with the ladies am . i good with the ladies why don't you . just ask mariah . he's a bitch. yo after the commercial break we go come . back and play a little game your wife . divorced you right . i don't know it's cool. anyway we got the gang called let me . holla we don't bring a while . now this first game is called and of . course they got to give it up what a . team captain sorry of course we got to . give it up for kevin all right well if . you go out with me then afterwards i'll . do your taxes all night. excuse me. i'm kevin hart you go first you go first . wait to see my barber at the shop today . i told for those things to go to the . shop so all the girls could see him the . top but my bother with drunk that day if . betty got corinne looking day it's . something you let me do anything i took . it. i'm taking was my nick . i'll just sit here and tell the public i . hate his beer your whole team stick take . that vest it's not even to me i hate the . white boy at the end of the day he's a . lot boy don't boy you too big to be cool . come on man you got a little new school . your lipstick check they look like his . ass it's the better pass yo these. leather shorts they left us i know what . they is it's a wallet but the kid . fifteen our matter this time . he's had a lot of failures in his career . you know what i mean i had bunch of . failed movies bunch of failed tv shows . and he's doomed for a long time it's one . of my best friends in the game we . started this show together and now he's . kind of successful and he's still laying . over five feet tall . a little kevin hart got old oh my god i . gotta kiss my ass it's just me right . nick kevin they already heard i . introduced to you don't care what they . heard i'm not coming out to you . introduce me right. the contract says give me a proper . introduction now anything nick i wanted . took it upon myself to go and vet my own . wiling out t-shirt okay you try to put . me in this cheap-ass t-shirt it just put . kate heart on the back his thing . first of all people has breathed this in. i'm here let's let's take this picture . right now . i'm here this is real like the rest of . these people i'm better than them okay . that didn't come out right i'm sorry . we're we're together we're together i . mean your ass you know . black's quiet all day baby well since . you are the hater i got the perfect game . for you but we got to go too damn . commercially shirts are better than. theirs what i'm saying is i'm not gonna . wear this cheap bag okay i'm saying is . you gonna treat me like a star you gonna . get your ass beat by started a hate on . it oh well let's hate on your hairstyle . because i don't like it . let's hate on it i don't like it at all . one bit and i hate your shirt you look . like the tin man i hate it who the hell . was the be nick cannon like like why . don't want to marry mariah carey and i . want to make so much money and literally . get a check from everybody why do i love . white girls i don't know who once has . sleep on some soft silk sheets that. smell like roses in and fill mariah's . hair oh my god fuck . why can't here we go you don't piss . proper off . okay to beat for me i want acapella cuz . i'm real hates your face what you doing . in this world it's almost a disgrace . mariah carey should be with me . nick cannon when i come here i get mad . looking at your face is like looking at . a dirty plastic bag i hate your lip . i'm just gonna i hope this don't you . know prohibit me for being in any future. movies with you kevin well . you listen to you listen good nick . kidding i'm a comedian you hear me i . don't do well with comedic losses i'm a . comedic champion oh i will be back what . i said eh oh . it just got real brother just . nellie lost weight they would look like . nick. you got it y'all got it you got the . rappers you got the comedians and like . always you don't took up all the time . forget long it's gonna be a long day . south conceded the one thing that he . shouldn't be conceited about his way his . body looking at time turn your back on . him fat tell you back . so what so what st. your show. started back on he didn't get on the . stage like myself . ikea's don't suppose done supposed to be . funny that's why i laugh because she . took you for a joke . maybe you should do stand-up sitting . down underwater in a tub with a radio . thrown in it. alright ladies and gentlemen . ladies and gentlemen please give me wait . wait . oh look at the lead singer of the cheers. is quiet easy to move you got a dead . roach on you for years how does it feel . to be the first stand or something gets . shorter. and real quick what kind of tough but . dad will his gonna faint so many teeth . on the bottom royal your mouth and i'm . just gonna tell you i was gonna bat . money that was over now she's impulsive . oh wait . his crocodile got there come on wait a. second come on pretty thug with skinny . jeans. i thought you think like me are you like . a travel-size chris wragge . hey i want to introduce you all to the . first white woman who nipples touch . right here . goodnight put me out to that ball back . when. you gonna hit wait i just saw her hands . her back pocket touch too . be strong game cookies i do. absolutely . nobody regular . when i see y'all it's like glad i can . see straight at the end of the day i'm . linking that a bunch of clowns that look . like bounce checks . you. .
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