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-o shit wat's tis- "i am going to be the first fuckers" -he actually did it the absolute madman- "who's that pokemon?" it's raspy! raspberry: is actually a clefairy hi god lord creatures? -makes more sense in spanish as a name for his fans- how are you? today we are going to a poke-superparty. ok? -pffff- fuck, what happens to me in the fucking mouth, shit. hi god lord creatures? how are you? today we are going to a meeting of pokemon with players of pokΓ©mon go eh. there'll be like thousands of people i don't how much but there you will find a lot, will be full to the brim madrid's downtown, my city and i'll go with my friends, but we're are going with costumes : i have the pikachu's costume here because if not basically there is great probability that we all die for harassment because a lot of people is going, you don't know how much i don't know if it's a good idea, maybe we will call more attention than what we should but well. -he's going to die soon- i don't know if we are going to find pikachu i already gave up, if pikachu doesn't love me, i won't love him either. i'm not going to give love to someone who doesn't return me the love if you know what i mean -sexy rubius- -random girl eating ice cream- mangel: -unknown language- rubius: you don't know who is him you don't know who i am look at him hello! i don't know if you can hear me, okay? because i'm with the mask "are you rubius?" "pikachu, notice me!" "but don't bully me" -laughs- bullying i mean, this thing of bringing a camera, not too many people do it, eh only youtubers, so this is what happens -ayy lmao- so many people o_o -guys, stop, please- alexby, you're handsome oh my god! you're so handsome oioioioioioi it seems that the mask does not work -screaming- previously in. -shit's going down- "take off the mask!" -takes off mask- "rubiuuuh" -nightmare fuel- suddently, a small zombie attack im sweatin' like a son of a bitch. this is amusing, like. i belived they won't know who i was but of course walking with a camera. suddently someone hears my voice "how did they knew it was you?" well, i don't know, i have no. i have no idea of how they knew me -laughs- im super sweaty like-- -pow bitch- well, in the end we had to go to the retirement cuz' they almost kill us d: what a great focu-- alexby: a ponyta a ponyta?! -stop- let's see-oooh, holy shit the magmar from before youyouyouyou level -cp- one thousand the fucking magmar i have to hunt it he's going to be strongest -good shot- there we go there we go! there we go!! give it to daddy -gotcha- around here i think we are safe more or less. there's not many people around staryu level -is actually cp- for meh the pokeball is in your balls mangel -holy shit patrick- ok we're in. "surviving" it has been like, how many hours? "one thousand" one thousand hours since. we walked around there all that shit happened but. "put the lights down, it looks more creepy" more creepy huh? like a horror movie -punch- ok, i will show you an app ok? umm it's pretty cool im sure a lot of you know it already but i'ts called pokevision is like pokeradar but real the pokeradar tells to you: "oh ye around here is a pikachu blablapoopy" but it's all lies d: and here it's real. it marks exactly where the pokemon is and his time left -unclear- what? -speak louder you fuck- hunt me, hunt me -laughs- cheeto: i like how this guy dances ???: you were dancing or what? thatguythatthecameradidnthear: i have speakers there oh "dance!" "well dance" tha poke-police -oh shit here it comes- -those moves tho- well well well well! well well well well -whoops i droped my bass- -cheeto busting some moves- cheeto eeeeeeeeeehhh fuck the pokemon fuck the pokemooooon -this is already translated- -shit nigra- run for your dreams run for your dreams cheeto run for your dreeeams -take a load of this- ooh, can i take it a moment? "of course dude" thank u thank u thank u man thank u -rubius pro skater 2016 mountain dew edition- im risking my life too much ok? im in sk ok, in in in penny i think these things are called penny(s) there are magikarps around here, we're going to hunt them in a bit -break your face, that means more views- pokehunters squad holy fuck -almost dying- well fuck it! -laughs- someone gave me a team mystic pin "im just going to sell it" it looks soo cool -expensive shit- let's evolve it. meowth im sorry but i have to kill you for. a free persian oooooo okay, okay, let's calm down -"let's calm down" is a spanish meme that shows a squirtle with his hands making a gesture that looks like is trying to calm down someone- -gotta go fast- baby. la police -oh shit bottle challange- "60 minutes ago: im thirsty duude" -laughs- we're wasting the water like "fuck it" this is what society became trowing bottles trying to do that shit -30 minutes later- -30 minutes later- -this is humiliating- "i am going to be the first fuckers" -he actually did it- -the absolute madman- -holy shit dude- -aaaaaaaaaaaa- -fist- 5 hours have passed or someting like that its super late we're in a park in the middle of nowhere oh look an egg is hatching! :d let's see what i got. is a 2km egg, maybe, may be, a pikachu -laugh of desperation- but it's not going to be him, because. becaause -holy shit is pikachu- -oh shit forget it. - fuck me in the as-- -falcon punch- another egg, another egg anoter eg!! ok, come on give it to me give it to me give it to me giv it tu mee -pikachu right?!- -no dude is clefary- fuck th--oh, ok ok ok ok okay tha clefary ok we have an eevee level -is cp you fuck- okai and if we catch it we can evolve it is between your legs watch out eevee: ow my head for me x there we go okay there is a way to evolve eevees, if we call it like this. it comes from the eevee bros and let's call "rainer" this one to evolve it into a. -vaporeon?- into a vaporeon, that is right now one of the most. powerfull pokemon of all the fucking planet so. i think i wrote it right let's see what level -cp- we got we can get a very juicy one it can be very, very juicy uuuuh, there it is, let's see give it to me, giv--give me a fresh one, fresh one 1440!!! holy holy shhh holy shhhiet okay from now on, this is my best pokemon like, he's going to desssstroy all the fucking gyms "night's over and obviously no pikachus showed up" "but i got a vaporeon that loves me just like i love him <3" "fuckyoupikachu" -trippin balls dude- "like for more poke-vlogs! :d" "and fap if you think we're the bottle masters"
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