Leonard and Georgie have a beer together-The Big Bang Theory 11×23

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Okay listen i hear you . i know they're pricey but these are the . dallas cowboys of tires okay and we're . talking to troy aikman cowboys not that . pretty boy tony romo . all right good call you won't regret it . yeah well it's easy when you love your . product and hate tony romo yeah that . guy's outside i don't kind of know who . that guy inside you are here about . sheldon's wedding don't bother . come on i know you two have your . differences you mean pretty much . everything about us not everything . you're both tall have the same last name . maybe i shouldn't have started this like . it was a list you have no idea what you . are talking about whoa there that that . was very sheldon look i'm sure he was . not the easiest brother to have but it . wasn't easy for him either with you . picking on him all the time . is that what he told you what about the . time he threw away his halloween costume . well yeah cuz he was gonna dress as some . girl scientist madame curie oh i didn't . know she was madam he was still gonna . get beat up for wearing that dress hmm . didn't you sit on his head while he . tried to watch star trek well yeah but . that was hilarious that is pretty . hilarious it look i always looked out . for him at school i drove him everywhere . i apologize to people when he was rude . but i've done all that i've also removed . all the red balloons from his lucky . charms because they weren't irish enough . all right so you know what i'm talking . about and has he ever thanked you not in . so many words or any words would it kill . him to actually say it no no it wouldn't . kill him . leonard you know i got the money to open . up my first store i busted my ass for it . cuz all the extra money that we had had . to go to sheldon so he could go to . college and he could go study in germany . and you know what he's never said to me . danke schoen it's a thank you in german . do you need me to sit on your head . nope after all my sacrifices guess which . kid my mom is the most proud of if it . makes you feel any better my mom's most . proud of sheldon too leonard you want . beer a beer opener for me no it's a . twist-off i know . .
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