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I'm officially a father. I love buying friends that can't speak english inhibiting their ability to complain about our relationship.Thanks for watching my sons, make sure to stalk dis daddy on his other social medias down below:
Keep up with this little brown girl!
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Thank you, mothers of domesticated animals!
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Caption: [music]. yeah hey guys what up it's a girl lies . come o come with your head you little . bug him back to my youtube channel . i've noticed that having a pet helps to. abuse but having david hasn't really . helped that much so today i'm gonna go . get another i'm excited to pay for a . friend i'm going in a replica so i want . to try something new it's been hard . choosing a passive no race but you're . gonna get a title . why because but i wanted to get a pet . that i can relate to a little shy little . smile call blood they're kind of like me . hard shell on the outside but soft and . tender on the inside . i'm pretty sure i just described a talk . so welcome to fuck big duck it's like . finding nemo but with less copywriters . you know since we are looking for my son . i want to be respected as a father i am . going to wear a turtleneck. i am you know i'm one of his kind well i . haven't feel comfortable around us dead . it so let's go find chuck . here we go with the team okay we're here . at no promo yeah baby pick up okay a . low-budget zoo you get to see how the . animals feel freaky figure out why i put . my hand here they all follow i am son of . the site david like sperm cells this is . the effect i have on men so he's an . introvert like me got a big head there . buddy he looks like a super judgmental . chinchilla like this chinchilla looks . like a school bully oh my god he's . staring into my soul i'm gonna crack . this fishes been trying to socialize . rochelle so you won't shine girl blows . shells that you . oh my god he's coming with me that's how . come he wants attention oh that's . definitely my son and now that we got . the turtles let's go home shall we . i'm sorry we show yeah we found taco . so taco is the male's got that taco beat . just sexualize the turtle but i had to . get my taco a little hot sauce so taco. meat michelle got a great dad i bought . them some toys let me show you what i . got i got the little ball check this out . [music]. that's my son i got him a collar in case . he runs away i also got a militia from . stated i also got him a second . girlfriend she's a little fake but she's . from hollywood and i know they need . exercise you do so i got i'm gonna be . easy look at him running away and . working out i'm gonna keep this for . myself mother of dragon - i'm my better . kodos my name is dc yeah yeah yeah i'm . so good with kids he's so cute he looks . just like me ever since family no give . michelle however trying to convince me . to go outside you didn't have to go out . she was post on social media instead me . look what does take a snapchat look it's . a snapping turtle anything man i . actually don't know if they're important . boyfriend they're brother and sister. maybe some incest going on here i got a. funny juice my first one this whole . video turtles got in a fight that one . turtles they do the other golders you . know so that's all good enough for you . guys that goes inside his taco box right . now being good like a break now - he's a . little crazy like his mama hey i'm gonna . put you outside well we'll check out the . same parenting techniques as my parents. i'm gonna go put them back before you . call cps this video if you did please . make sure to give it a big thumbs and . i'll see you guys next wednesday with . liza they just look like there's bye . just to clarify this is a temporary tank . it's way too small hoods which is like . they're gonna be moving to a much bigger . home for now i'm gonna keep them humble . we want to go for a walk . no sure doesn't that's my son right now . we go to crazy cat lady i'm actually . allergic to cats which explains why i'm . sure here we go one thing indeed here we . go with the lean green ninja team on the . same school with snoopy here we go with . the link green ninja team on its. influence in here we go with some lean . green as a team on the scene cool teenz . to an inch of things so extremes out the . sewer light laser beams . [music]. .

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