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Name review meme review main review . welcome everybody to my brand new show . called main review you guessed it this . is a completely original idea that no . one has ever done before and therefore i . am proud to copyright this idea so that . no one else can do what i am doing mean . review i will take down anyone with . copyright infringement i have lawyers . beware or else i will be buried on this . very first mean review it's this is a . historic moment of this channel we're . going to pick a mean somewhat recent . maybe you've seen it a week ago it was a . webcomic and it goes like this my bike . got stolen recently sad face but i think . whoever stole it was probably more happy . to get it than i am sad to lose it the . total happiness in the world . increased so whatever now despite being . the most retarded sense of logic i've . ever heard it's an innocent little. webcomic but boy avoided the internet . not take this well people immediately . started to parody this way of thinking. and some of the responses are very funny . sonic got killed recently i was pretty . bummed about it but i think whoever . killed him was probably more happy to . see him die than i am sad to lose him . the total happiness in the world . increased so whatever as long as the . total happiness in the world is . increased. whatever am i right we also have my bike . got stolen recently i was pretty bummed . out about it but then i thought where's . my fucking bike these are pretty . innocent parodies altered even retweeted . them himself but then there's . then there's the more dank ones my wife . got fucked recently i was pretty bummed . about it but i think whoever fucked her . was probably more happy to get it on . than i am sad to get cut the total . happiness in the world after this . amazing way of thinking sort of spread . around the internet this comic strip got . renamed to bike cook the creator of the . meme reached out and said please stop . calling me by cook and their response . was i guess he just doesn't appreciate . that the joy other experience in . perpetuating the bike caca mean is . greater than the joy he would have. experienced it not being come yeah as . can happen with the internet and gotten . things going viral it can be a bit . overwhelming and shen even said that . he's gonna take a break because of . personal stuff and then of course people . made my favorite artist my favorite . artist stopped posting recently i was . pretty bummed out about it but i think . whoever book was okay . alright but i think whoever bullied him . into it was probably more happy to do it . than i am sad to loosen the total . happiness in the world increase so . whatever conclusion of this mean i . really enjoy it all turns work . some of them are really really funny . when i was looking around he's a great . artist no doubt about it . and he even said himself he's okay with . the means and the reason he took a break . was because other personal issues that . somehow appeared at the exact same time . so you know he's embracing the joke and . which a it's always appreciated you know . it never looks good if you don't at . least but and even some of the responses . that i saw underneath his tweet . literally if you go to the the tweeting . question the first response is this. precise bullshit is what hedonism is a. exactly trash and a society based on . your bullshit concept would collapse i'm . not saying you should be more upset i'm . saying that the reason you aren't means . that you don't understand utility and. deontology learn and while i'm at it's . like jesus christ dude . at the end of the day it's just a . webcomic and while i'm at it how regular . and high income do you have to write . something like oh my god i understand . i'm taking a break and at the end of the . day who am i or anyone else to tell them . how to feel about something happening . you know although the whole letting go . of something i sort of understand that . in the sense of when i donate stuff that . i maybe have a personal attachment to . maybe some sweater that i don't really . like anymore but it has some sort of . sentimental value and my doors . [music]. [music]. but this is not the first time web . comics have been criticized there's the . famous buzzfeed web comic books from . adam which some would say not me of . course i love books from adam it's my . favorite web comic of all time some . would say it's a bit lazy i mean i don't . see it i see attention and detail into . every single strip and i definitely. don't see reuploading the same webcomic . two years later which i have never done . with my videos but my favourite webcomic . meme of all time will claim is this if . you know this meme you know what this . means if you don't know what this means . it's hella confusing what about this . meme. does this ring a bell this is the same . meme it is this one now i had seen this. meme for a long time and i didn't really . get it and it's a sort of meme that you . need to know the backstory up to get so . in case you have don't know the . backstory don't worry i'm going to spend . the next ten minutes explaining it to . you because there's nothing inherently . funny about this comic strip itself but . at the same time it is . mathis a comic strip is from . control-alt-delete which you may have . heard of before it sort of came from the . renaissance of web comics back in 2008 . the the four-by-four kind of comic strip . was paralyzed and it was about two guys . sitting on a couch playing video games . very hilarious but surprisingly . control-alt-delete was very popular it . did really well for its time and it sort . of worked that tim tim would add himself . into the cartoon in the best way . possible i would . my name is tim buckley i'm a 24 year old . gamer i played every violent game in . existence and i have never killed anyone . there are millions of gamers just like . me and we're getting sick of people like . you blaming your problem on us ignorant . cautious violence not videogames man up . and take responsibility . we outnumber you and the people that . think like you don't despite being very . popular control-alt-delete it sort of . became more and more criticized over. time for lacking how to tell a joke . properly which is ironic of me to talk . about but tim would often blow out the . punch line before the end of the strip . and sort of beating the joke itself to . death and it became a meme to remove the . middle strip and somehow his comic strip . would be then funnier all ready to go i . don't know you haven't told me where it . is. that we are going and done finally when . did we get a bowling ball. control-alt-delete was also criticized . for having way too much unnecessary text . now where have we heard that before a . webcomic with too much text i can't . possibly think of anything oh oh oh oh . now the year sort of went by between . between slightly sexist jokes and . slightly racist jokes again ironic for . me to talk about i don't know where . comes this comic strip titled loss and . it sort of hit people for being so . blatantly out of nowhere that it sort of . became the joke itself no one was . expecting this and the 4x4 panel of . comics is typically used to make a setup . and then the last strip being the . punchline and now the last strip being . the punchline of a mascara which again . really displays tim's inability to . properly tell the story now don't get me . wrong the miscarriage here is not the. joke the joke is that . the edits of this make fun of how. completely misplaced it is and the way . that tim handled the subject manner in . such a terrible terrible way that the . joke itself became an inside joke and. boy oh boy did it spawn up some of the. greatest meme creations i have ever seen . mmm . it's the some of the most obscure shit . i've ever seen and people really . appreciate the minimalism out of this . mean that you can really reduce it down . to just a few lines and it's equally . emotionally captivating as the original. how how is this possibly oh i see it . even the fucking kanji can be . interpreted as i lost me is that a last . meme i think it is even in dark souls . someone made the mean inside dark souls . someone say that the cad meme or lost . mean it's the perfect mean perhaps the . greatest meme of all time it's universal . it's adaptable and it turns to joke . against its creator. it's a beautiful meme and of course. there is this so now you know about the . last do you get it i would rate the bike . chuck meme on solid eight out of ten i'm . nine and i'm gonna have to stick it to . the lost meme for a 10 out of 10 this . has been episode 1 of meme review thank . you for leaving your likes one like . means the world to me thank you guys so . much for watching and as always i swat . fam . mean review. .
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