More Pokemon Who Are Disappointed With Their Evolutions

Some people get great evolutions - making them cooler-looking, more powerful, and all-around better. But other Pokemon aren't so lucky...
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Oh boy i'm the cutest wittle wabbit who . ever was well i wonder how cute my . evolved form will be oh weird my . earrings a little off like there are . biceps in my ears or something. am i so cute looking hello wow i can . become nearly anything the future is . limitless for evie what in the living . shit bro i could have been an electric . fox but you turned me into a pink ribbon . dog great great . i'm the breast cancer dog now i'm a . samurai sea lion oh man i bet my final . evolution will be super badass too nice . pop collar mister no limbs oh i am a . hundred percent turning me to a shark . i hear me very excited about this i must . have done something terrible to deserve . this evolution based on survival hey . fellow ghost type nice evolution yeah me . i'm probably gonna evolve into a super . ghost soon yeah second type maybe a . water goes through hoo hoo and electric . goes oh . yeah. [music]. .
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