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Screw this video... Don't think about it, just eat all of it. Thanks for watching babes! Check out my other social medias down below to see how I baked this cake! That's a lie.. I didn't. But check em out!
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[music] oh my god i woke up with a full face of makeup on how convenient what time is it 1pm oh man it's time for breakfast alright let's see what we should eat for breakfast today who do i want cereal or fruit how about cereal fruit adona pancakes and just a slice of butter copy copy copy copy do mean it's late there doesn't break your back i gotta go gotta go gotta go wow i ate an hour ago but i'm hungry again yeah okay let's get a light snack oh leftover beat oh man i have to eat this it's gonna go bad in like a week since i bought it yesterday better eat quick i'm full but our board so what's there to eat literally on doing is just eating weight and i'm cleaning out the fridge i'm a freaking multitasker and you know what i'm just gonna cook some food little salt little pepper oh i should probably add some food black what's up what's good who said i can't cook i'm on fire baby oh i need water oh i barnett great adjust burn calories now i have to eat twice as much barber i'm not even hungry i just like to wing in tasting ok let's be healthy i can make healthy decisions look i bought this salad i decided to buy it boom healthy decision i'm gonna eat this cake down wait why do i even have this cake oh my god my birthday is coming up in four months ja sorry okay you know what i'm not gonna have another slice i'm just gonna eat a tiny bite yeah see that's all i need 200 more of these and i should be good just gonna get some water this water tastes just like a cake tell myself if i jog to it's like i deserve it you know what i'll savor it and eat it slobo like they do in commercials mm mm oh swallowed it ok swallowed again dang this is harder than i thought okay haha ok i swallowed that would immediately if i eat it while i'm running in place it's like i'm burning the calories i'm eating if i think about it hard enough i bet i can push this fact straight to my butt cheeks [music] i wish i was one of those people that could break down the ingredients of their food while they're eating it hold on a second travis hmm is that is that chocolate maybe hold on hon let's see oh oh yeah that's definitely chocolate mi wonder what that bite a sec eggs man i knew this was healthy i'm burning off what i heat as i eat it it's literally equivalent to me just standing still where's the calorie count on this thing you know what it was that unhealthy they would have put it i'm running and i'm eating and nothing counts good god i just felt with the poor could have stabbed my eye out good thing i just stabbed my fat it's okay it'll grow back you want two three oh my god look at you i want to come on run god this hurts so bad maybe second i'll just do a plank oh yeah this is so much better oh wow looks like i just a booty workout i don't know what that looks like what so that is all i have you guys today thank you guys so much for watching me be the happiest i've ever been oh i hope you enjoyed this video and if you did please make sure to give it a big thumbs up because i feel like i have to throw up but also want to let you guys know that i've changed i got my haircut yeah i look like little romeo with dreads let me know what you guys think about it i'm not really sure how to feel [music] but thank you guys so much for watching i'll see you guys next one thing was a little red hair cut is ad ie binge-watch awesome youtubers well essentially yeah oh what get high on a bunch of cough syrup when i found you hey what's your boy binge-watching series 2 alpha nex-6 bike sometimes my god what happened

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