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Well hello there, how are you all doing! . i am here today with carlito et mcfly!. dude, i was wondering where you were in the beginning. *laughs*. i had no idea where you were. i have a small precision to make: today i am not carlito, i am nigel. could i be called nigel,. for the entirety of the video . who is this person . dear friends, i recently came back from japan with a dog. oh the tiny"nitsu"!. what's it's name again . "flick". guys, from japan i came back with a dog but also a suitcase full of objects. yeaaahh!!. *clap in excitment*. you were supposed to say "what the fuck!". *in sync*. "what the fuck!". okay guys i'm coming, i'm coming!. there is one that has a wig here, but the two others don't. mcfly: yessss!. carlito: come on~ (positive). carlito: ohohoo! *impressed*. look it's almost my haircut!. take it badly because i bought it in the "people who have a bad look/style" aisle. and it's really close to- . *stops to point at hair*. *sad music plays*. 3. 2. 1. gooooo!. *wheezes*. dude that's my dad's hairstyle! that's my dad's hairstyle, my dad has this hairstyle. mcfly: excuse me but it looks like. carlito: its two wigs in one!. carlito: look!. mcfly:. it really looks like shit. bro you have a wave. the elvis presley but really from "mont rouge". you like small games . mcfly: olala- oh i like it already. squeezie: we're going to play a small game. i don't know how you play it but we're gonna play it, i tell you that. maybe if someone can translate it for us. *giggles*. they are small hammers that make funny noises. we are already at the stage of insanity!. stop you're gonna break it!!!. ah you fucked my ear!!. but it really hurts the ears-. stop it with that (the complaining), it annoy-. *hammer breaks*. *silently wheezing*. i wanted to do a "running" of the guy that gets annoyed but i broke it too quickly. we can't play the game anymore!. listen to me, i'll make a small recap of what happened. he thinks of us, he buys us presents, carlito shatters it- immediatly!. *failure/looser/disapointed music*. well, i think the goal of the game actually was to put this on your head. and-and to hit the one before you. *sad*. well, let's move onto the other object. *explosion noise*. attention, look at this 'thing'. actually, japanese people are pros to make really basic things but make it look like it's crazy and amazing. so here they just made clothespin, but connected with strings. and that way they can say "dude that's amazing our object is incredible". what are we supposed to do we don't even know. well, i don't know it's not writt-. -wait i am going to translate. "gay punishment, excitment-". it's written gay punishment, excitment, aaa! . they really confused 'gay' and 'sadism'. get rid of them one by one!. carlito: yeah one only don't worry. yeah, yeah, yeah. mcfly: *worried* one at a time, please!. squeezie: wait can i test to see . mcfly: pull hard!!!! aaaaahhhhhh. you need to pull hard. y'all pulled slowly, it's the worst thing!. squeezie: aah. well we just have to re-do it then. carlito: yeah. squeezie: are you ready to pull . carlito: when do we pull . mcfly: no no no no no no-. squeezie: when do we pull . mcfly: noo!. squeezie: isn't it going to rip the brow bone there . yes yes!. lucas (squeezie) tell us!. carlito&squeezie: 1, 2, 3!. aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. oh that face!!. squeezie: are you okay !. mcfly: *weakly* i' m okay. mcfly: you don't want to try . squeezie: no, no, no. i think the next object is good to be honest. carlito, i need you. "that's what she said. ". squeezie: here is the costume that carlito is going to try on. carlito: holy cow!. david! we're going to play this while waiting!. squeezie: while carlito is changing- i have no idea what this is. mcfly: come on come on. okay so what is this game-. alright so, it's already broken. i'll explain the rules. so basicaly, you can do this to hit with the ass. the goal is to ej-jjj-ject the other. that's it, perfectly, and to excite the other too. "voilà". begin. *intense booty fight*. i won. end of the game thank you all. *more booty fight but not as intense*. *speechless at the beauty*. *laughs*. mcfly: excelent. squeezie: superb. but there's your dick that's falling out carlito!. ah there's my balls . it's a video for a young audience!. definition of an "comfortable" man. it's right there. well thanks anyways uhhh. guardian of the gates of hell. that's nice, thanks a lot. *wheezes*. squeezie: ok guys!. carlito: we're here!. those are chewing gum, but i won't tell you the flavour- you have to take one. carlito: okay so we don't look at what's written. squezie: go ahead, go ahead. aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!. holy shit! . (incomprehensive). aaahhh the unfunny gag!. but i didn't taste it then! wait give it to me-. aaahh!!. ah it snaps a little bit still. oh of course!. it was a trap of quality~. guys let me explain. carlito i noticed that you loved (gun) powder. i bought some stuff i don't know what they are. be careful you know what that provokes. i know what it provokes in you. alright so personally i love the smell of *sniffles* oh it rises nooowwwwwwwwwwwwww. the smell of (gun) powder. *orgasms*. stop, stop!. boys are you ready . i will just remind you that there is a fire alarm right there. i am going to take some safety glasses. oh yeah shit not stupid!. don't do this at your place. (for real, don't. you're going to blow your house up). squeezie: here carli-. carlito:lucas let's go!. squeezie: wait wait wait!. aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!. squeezie: put safety glasses!. carlito: oh yes! you're right thank you. carlito you- you light it calmly. carlito: oh i feel like doing it. squeezie: you mark the suspense. the enemy of fear, is fear. okay. oh fuck! the computer dude! be careful. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . *more screaming*. the smoke! thsmoke!. everything needs to be opened!. (windows). there is smoke everywhere!. it really excites me!. guys open up the windows. *wheezing and laughing*. we're swiming in smoke. wait, people might not realise but, we're swimming in s m o ke. but i didn't think something this small was going to cause something this big!. yeah, that's what they all (girls) say. you know that it burns too . oh yeah look dude!. squeezie:nooooo!. mcfly: oh yeah look look it's burnt and all!. i fucked my razer keyboard. look dude they are holes, holes everywhere because of how hot it was. mcfly: you're crazy. squeezie: i regret it, i regret it. from your controller to your mouse. squeezie: no but guys i regret it so much- look at the state of my office!. carlito: no but dude stop. and we have a second one. yeeeaahhhhh. okay y'all are ready . oh mine is going! oh it's going!. we just got attacked guys!. bro there is one that came close there!. i want to replay the scene!. *tragic music plays, but nothing could be as tragic as this in all honesty*. listen to me, it went right in the electric plugs. there- there is nothing more dangerous than this in the world. we're done with the fireworks. carlito: i am hungry guys. squeezie: you're hungry wait, i can just give you something to drink. it's something really well known. you know japanese people there work a lot. because of that they have drinks there- it's like redbull but more violent. it doesn't look full of chemicals at all. i don't know if you can see the, uh, tint. yeahh hello to everyone are you okay or what . it's a nice drink aahhhhhh. mcfly:you think it does this . sqyeezie: be careful~ yo, be careful~. yeah it does. nothing!!!! wooah. guys come over here! i have something to tell you. the tastes isn't that good. can i tell you something . it's tottaly viagra. let's continue. wait. but stop! but he's taking some again!. squezzie: normally, normally after the fall. carlito: for this person who genuinely needs it. "oh no you shouldn't have done this~". "what a pity~". you said you where hungry. ah no i hate this. it's basically dried octopus on sticks. it looks disgusting. carlito: stop- . mcfly: ah the smell. you know what personally bothers me . it's that it's traveled in such a small plastic container. oh dude no our stomach's are going to hurt and all. does anyone in france want to eat this . it's the worst thing the in the world dudes. it's already har- ah it stinks!. shit, it's becoming the ambiance in your office lucas, it's-. it's hot there. someone enters here they get a stroke. mcfly: i took a bite. carlito: you ate it . so . hey, can you let me see your 2 millions subscribers trophee please . i want to see what it looks like, nothing related with the video. let me see. it's so pretty!!. oh shit that's crazy!. squeezie: but- wait- what did you do . carlito: so, s o pretty!. carlito: can you put it back . mcfly: yeah, ill put it back. *coughs on trophee*. but- what did you. that's not okay guys!. hey i coughed dude i am sorry. what's the matter. that's crazy. so. did you know that in japan they are huge fans of baseball . a mini-machine to play baseball at home. squeezie: cool!. carlito: it's amazing, i love it. *graceful burp*. hey there! where are we . "sorry david". you said sorry david . no. i said "sorry carlito". mcfly: no, you said "sorry david". squeezie: no i said- are you serious . did you switch our names since the begining . i know your name, i-. carlito: so tell him his real name. mcfly: come on come on. no but i know your name i am not going to-. come on say it. well-uh you know well!. squeezie: i was saying it to him-. mcfly(akasecondcarlito)no but it's me carlito. yes. mcfly: no, i am not carlito. carlito: dude you know what, you don't really know us. squeezie: but yes- last time we-we made a video together!. carlito: you're using us!. yeah well i don't buy it that people work more than me, okay . that's why i invite you over it's the truth!. shit!. alright guys, guys; ah first that works well you saw . aahhh!. *laugh*. the scream :'). ah the scream!. how do we do to put it back to zero . oh come on!. wait, give me the bat, give me the bat!. are you ready motherfuckers !. ow!. yeah!. one!. two!. woah!. mcfly: woah he is so strong!. carlito: he is incredible!. he is incredible!!!! x . bro you're so strong! i never saw something like that!. 5! he scored 5!. guys i am going to tell you something. it's the best game of the world. he is incredible! mcfly you're next . ah i am ready let's go!. ready it's gonna start directly. okay one that's pretty good!. oh no mcflyyyy!. okay! carlito's turn. are you ready . ohhhh we really are the worse!. but dude the "shlag". wait wait, let's see if we put other stuff. no stop!. it makes me insane! it doesn't even make me crazy it makes me insane!. it makes him marge simpson!. *pun with the french word "marge" which means insane*. oohohhhohh. dear friends new objects. they're tissue rods that you have to put in your nose; to be able to sneeze. the first person that sneezes win. ahahahah oh yes!. begins. *laugh*. tcha it tickles!. carlito: dude it just scratches. squeezie: you need to go at the deep end of the nose. ah your mother- shit but that's disgusting!!!. shit dude i have some everywhere- his mother. i won :). dear friends this is the end of this video. i don't have objects left but i had a few remaining fireworks-. -mcfly & carlito are big children. do not do this at home!!. yeah here we are watched over by uhh. no one. bye everyone!. waoow woaw oh be careful. no, no, don't smell this!. *separated from his true love, the wild carlito cries out in pure agony*. shit, everything is really burnt. dude, there was a fire, but how is that possible . mcfly:there is something, yeah it must have flied from over there. carlito: yeah yeah, a spark or something. friends, we hope you liked the video from the bottom of our hearts. but really, we really regret what we did because it was extremely dangerous. carlito: i think that staying a child and laughing of everything, you should do it, but burning things you shouldn't do it. mcfly: but then, we'll remake a video . carlito: yeah, totally. squeezie: with fireworks then . translator : sebootylover . .
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