POLICE OFFICERS TWO (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 127)

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This FUNNY VIDEO is very hilarious. It will make you laugh out loud.
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[music]. good afternoon. we have philosopher we are you coming . from boxer which walk do you have a job . is a light ivory top all of you stay in . the car let you get please calm okay . we don't wish to move out from the car . [music]. hey i love you guys cut alaska i need . backup no backup no everybody yeah i . admit to god should police officer who . shot police service task you yeah they . shot one before mother shop who shot a . police officer before now you shot two . police officers wish a police officer - . - we have not shoot trained police . officers maybe because we had the guns . but we've returned them all sir but what . welcome equipment to the boots everybody . back also don't you chosen this short . one is oversized i'm sorry sir . look at the fat police of solutions . don't ask us of all these found now we . have that one my baby has a moist towel . down to boca sweden is fun for me. that's police officer at one city camera . trap what is it because i'll dispatch in . that if a driver do it well for me this . is the path to what i said portray . let's go i'm burning money. yeah yeah okay my name is papa and i'm a . proud man jared oh . nigeria is the pride of africa our . people are very smart creative are very . proud introducing a mandela's new token . and jersey rideau tata be the first to . get this culture at all pre-order now at . www. coachingbadminton. com. .
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