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Like para mas trickshots en la vida real :D
Y fap si somos lamentablas jugando al futbol lol
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-i thought he really passed out. -me too man. how should we call this challenge . hit the goal challenge. hit the goal post challenge. hit the ball. hit the post challenge come on!. most of us havn't played sports for years, and we also suck at football . and in real life in general . our only goal will be to hit the goal post. thanks to vikkstar (indian alexby) and his english friends for the idea :v. i'm going for you mangel 7w . controls in alternative . we are before an exceptional footballer -_-. i was wondering if he is the best and it is difficult to say who is the best if there are many players who are at a great level. we all want to be always the best, it's good for me for him and for football too. you made him,you made him xd. one meter /:v/. oooh!!. su-su-suscribete and give it to like if you want, su-su-suscribeteeee and give it to like if you want. a million likes bv. .

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