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Hey guys! What would you do to escape the prison? Who would you want to see escape next? Let us know down below! Check out the Dropkick The Person Off The EDGE!!
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[music]. so the plan guys at 3:20 breaking out of . this place but in the quad at 3:20 if . you're not there. we leave you behind i'm gonna hear for . 20 years i've gotta leave i got kids . outside this prison what'd you say wait . what you saying about boy hey guys we're . team edge and this is the prison escape . challenge i'm in here for running an . illegal chihuahua breeding farm hi i'm a . pastor i snuck in here john 3:16 look it . up hey guys. my name is little babs i'm in here for . eating too many sushi burritos and . robbing the sushi burrito store it's. almost 3 a. m. so let's do this . i really don't know why they have me in . this crazy room i really don't feel . crazy but i mean i don't know they think . i'm crazy but i don't feel crazy because . if i was crazy i'd be crazy because it's . crazy knows crazy and i don't know . myself so i'm not crazy that make sense . stop boys girls let me show you my cell . all i need are three pictures in here . all i need the picture of my beautiful . denied i need a picture of my personal . best largemouth bass and a picture of . joey's prom prom picture right there . that's all i need the prom picture this . isn't kills how many men have converted . in here i got to be out there by three . 20 so i got a i got to figure out i . actually have no clue okay i got some . skirts here assuming this is my first . clue real funny guys. [music]. haha that's funny all right so let's . figure out how to get out of this . situation i got my sink my mirror is . there anything behind mirror nothing to . do with that though man i look good . i'm looking for a key i'm looking for a . key. hey hey grass-fed cheese what what how . are we supposed to break out of here . i don't know they're not supposed to the . core not supposed to oh i see a key . we're right on that oh i need a i need . luck guys don't work or something okay i . mean it get it hit it a little bit . better than that shit going don't tell . me what to do all right you're just . there standing watching me do everything . so just i'll decide oh that's not my . sure kumara i'm going to make a weapon . out of this bar soap the show - the . security guards - who'll come over put . me back in my cell so i'm going to make . put me back in my cell okay out of my . reach oh i've got multiple i didn't . realize that. dude they made it so easy for me to get . out of here they just hang the key right . in front see bobby's face right there . i find something i find it oh what the . heck a spoon i'm going to make a weapon . out of this i just don't know how to . carve it i i'll use my knife to make a . weapon out of this what is this about . the body works or something sir . dude prison they couldn't hold me and if . i wants a real prison i'm like houdini . wait a minute wait a minute do you know . any of these clues are you out in the . dark too . i don't get it is the shot shemp . shawshank written shush . wow i'm done hashem for identity i'm . supposed to dig out of here with this . thing no that's. so convenient that i have this part . right here so i don't ruin myself floor . even though i'm never coming back sites . for the gun there we go see now i know . where i'm stinking macgyver up in here . [music]. oh okay i got this . just can't wait to get out of this place . to start my shoe our farm again okay . joey the shy but . [music]. ah i can't believe they let me keep this . knife only if i had a weapon you told me . it does that look like a weapon . yeah yeah right there i think i'm gonna . make my escape oh yeah oh yeah oh all i . have to do is i didn't know i could do . that i've been here for 20 i could have . a go. i got it what's up get down get on the . ground. get down all right ah he's dead . what'd you do to him well that whole . thing they put me in this crazy box but . i really don't feel good give you any . doors please i'm talking to bobby. wait yeah i know why they can come crazy. but i definitely don't feel crazy hey . all right what i got you right no no no . don't pull that duffel that way i'm glad . they put down plastic sheeting i'm out . of here. all right in the bar so barry . oh my touchy oh all right we're out what . this is for good measure oh scared me oh . you made a soap shiv . i made a minute gone but then it looked . kind of not like a gun . what is this number all right here we go . boys yes right . [music]. ah you didn't even touch him so now we . have to go to the yard climb over the . boxes that are in the water in that . little river some of the boxes have . balloons in them which will signal the . guards to shoot us and shine their. lights at us if they a and then we got . to climb over the wall and then we're . free up. [music]. that's not loud at all watch your head . watch your ass . hey that's water are you really gonna go . on that one feel like that's gonna be a . balloon there's no way they're gonna let . give you a clear path yes true i can't . jump far enough one to the left then oh . stay low stay low . [music]. [applause]. [music]. [music]. [music]. i'd i saw her - that's that website go . be free brian i'm right hand free tell . my kids going in and out tell my kids i . got shot in the head it bring me back in . and out that's good . double-double protein style. double-double protein start with extra . cheese animal south france yes please . okay well then will you grow okay guys . huge shout out to lydia for using the . hashtag te merch on her picture of our . merch make sure you buy our march . because you can use amazon pay apple pay . paypal all the above and make sure you . go watch the stranger things escape room . it was pretty dope and it was legit . don't miss it and go watch the toy . destruction challenge we destroyed . stormtroopers and a bunch of other cool . toys it's pretty dope a legit . .

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