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¡greetings, creatures of the lord!. how are you . i'm back. from my little vacations. did you miss me . ah, it doesn't matter. "uncle" rubius is here. that sounded very pedophile, sorry. well, at the end of this video, i will show you. a little clip. a little "vlog". about. my vacations. about something that i got it in my vacations. something very special. you're going to freak out. but now we aren't to talk about it. no. today we are going to talk about the new ebola that it's expanding by the world slowly. and it is infecting us and our families and our pets. and everything what you have been loving. that is all, boys and girls, it is pokémon go' songs. i mean, it is very common when a new game is popular. ehh. people makes songs. f*ck,i made some songs about minecraft and skyrim. in my best time;d. rubius hypocrite. but believe me, with pokémon go, the things are. to another f*cking level. there are very cringe things. there are things that it's going to give you intern ebola. intern ebola. i mean, it's going to inside of your boddy and you aren't going to escape from him. if we find "pokémong gosong" in youtube, we got a lot of videos. we are going to see with what we found. pokémong go song. for kids. pokémong go song for kids. this promises. *spits*. i thing he is russian, eh, he seems russian. mishovy šílenosti. ok, this a russian kid, a russian kid with 162. 000 followers. he made a pokemon go song for kids. also he seems that he got his own car. and he know drive, i think that it is normal in russia. let's see. i mean, this kid is a little weird. he got eye bags that he looked like without sleep during six months followed. the minecraft cap. classic< . wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. w-w-w-why why did you do that, buddy why . *sh*t, i have stuck me the song*. oooh!. what a incredible man. who is he . he seems a lot to the kid. he got the same eye bags, look. brother confirmed. it must be his brother, he got the same eye bags. look. cute, a brother helping to his little brother. to make videos in youtube< . biggest. kill me please. a moment. a moment. i think that the kid just got. i think that the kid just got the major orgasm what he had in his entire life, i mean. look my face when stole my virginity. two millions of views. two millions of views. *claps*. smell the f*cking eggs of this kid. smell the eggs of this kid. i'm going to give him my like. i'm going to give him my like. so sorry, but i'm going to give him. so sorry, but i'm going to give him. althought he has unactived. althought he has desactivate, f*cking life. why did you desactive, man . it's sure there are people f*cking with him. don't fuck with the russian kid. really this kid is smart. he made a video what he know that it was going to be viral,. and he uploaded to youtube. he desactives he likes. paum. no, please, no. no no no. i denied. i'm going to see that. when i was in belly of my mother. i didn't know what was my mission in the world. but now that i grow up i think i'm not more confused. i want to catch pokemons all my life. and be a afroamerican master. just i need the permission of my mother. and got the android very well charged. rubius: i can't be, i can't believe it. it can't be. rubius: it can't be, it can't be, big, big (clap). i catch to the monkey, screenshot, i published, proud. they give me a like and i got hot. rubius: wa wa wa wa wa. what!. wait a minute, that has nothing to do with pokemon go. give me a like and i got hot. rubius: what you got hot because they gave you a like, it has nothing to do with pokemong go, w-w-why why . i catch battles, published proud, they give me a like and i got hot. rubius: ok, ok, ok, ok, now it got sence, i mean, it got a lot of sence, more sence that you think. rubius: wtf! he is making new pokemons, the new generation, he knows. much people criticize me for my life, they tell me: better got a good job. *laugh*. two hundred dollars finding to charmander. on the parking from walmart. he just rub his nipples he just rub his nipples. i want to catch pokemons all my life. opening the ball i catch to the monkey. that is the objetive of. what the f*ck is doing lanister there. aah epilepsy. i'm going to get blind, buddy, wtf. this guy is the f*cking man, so sorry but oh my god, i mean. south kore. digimon. wtf! i just watched bro. this guy just game over the internet, i have nothing to do here, bye. ok, ok, i'm going to see if it is true if you got hot when they give you a like, please, give like to the video right now. oh ohohoho !. it does work. wtf! what the f*ck is that, buddy . this is going to the deep web. i don't want it, maybe i want. pikachu no, please, what do they doing to you . no, no, it's enough, i think that we had been very nice to this sir appears. ok, stop, stop, stop. but, okay, this is the end. because this is denigrating a lot. but i'm going to show you what i catched. of vacations. greetings creatures of god. we are here. like you see, this is a very nice place. here is where cristiano ronaldo borned. cristianitooo. siiiiiiiiiiu!. but look what recently appears. i don't know if you see. i'm recording with a cellphone because i don't have my camera here. but here, we got a sir, we got a sir quite f*cking. i came here and i don't have my camera of blogs, nothing. suddenly, there is more pokemons. portuguese. wait, f*ck. wait. ok. (surpraise) hummmmmmm. hummmmmmm. we are going to throw him a f*cking berry. this is the f*cking moment, we have to be careful. because since they updated the f*cking game. it's ten thousands time harder to catch a pokemon. so, please. love me, let's give him a kiss, cute (beso). oh my god, i throw the f*cking ball. there is red, buddy, there is red, buddy. there is red, buddy. "$#&$%%$& if you escape, i take you from the neck, *ssh*le. he just do a karate movement. another karate movement, what the f*ck. i throw you a f*cking ultraball, i mean. $#$%$#%&/&. we are going to throw another f*cking berry. let's to pamper him, let's to care him. f*ck yeah. come on come on come on. a pikachu. portuguese pikachu. please. siiiiiu!. he is the first pikachu that i've catched, i mean, to you see. new pokemon. this is for you don't say: it was there. by the videos, whatever, i got it, i got it. i got it here, i got it here. look, how is he signed in the pokedex, cute, h*lly sh*t. that is all, i hope liked you the video. and you know, give it to like if you want to got me hot. also hot to you. i see you on the next video, handsome, bye< . .

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