Reacting to Jake Paul’s Song With His EX Girlfriend (Alissa Violet)

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Reacting to Jake Paul's Everyday BRO Feat. Team 10 With His EX girlfriend Alissa Violet. Reacting to Martinez Twins, Tessa Brooks, chance and anthony,.
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Oh yo what's up guys how is everybody . doing if you guys don't have a pretty. good music back or you know chops a few . songs i feel like i can tell good music . from bad music so jake paul youtuber . pretty big just off the bread who saw. everyone's talking about it i haven't . heard it yet so i feel like we should . react to it together okay handle it i . don't know what happened okay okay . edward from ohio to white what she is . everyday blue with the disney channel . flow pop's bill on youtube in six months . never dumped us both yo justin five . million six months never done before. like that's true i did five bill attend . my play . she just passed me in subscribers - he's . kind of flexing on me a little bit okay . okay pat all the competition man cutie . pie as max man i'm popping all these . things down the brand new rolex phone . did you just pass all the competition . pewdiepie of the neck cashing all these . check that he showed his role like he's . flexing like if she's living larger now . got got the lambo . it's pretty dope it's a good song okay . this is team 10 pitch whoo that's enough . in you and you know i kicked em out in . making mr. kroop yeah i'm talking about . you you were begging for attention . talking shit on twitter - but you still . hit my phone last night it was all . sidney - and i got the text of proof and . all the recordings - don't make me tell . them the truth . wait a minute now i kick that mr. james . kicking me out let's talk about you you . were begging for. see on twitter - but you still hit my . phone last night. it was both joe less yep yo head oh did . you hear that you song yeah that casino . is so good we no no no jay paul to drop . the brand-new song with you hear it wait . really . logan paul's brothers yeah dude it's . pretty juicy and i think you want to . hear this like come hear it now if you . can i'm on my left . oh cool like how far do you think what . how have you gained opinion on you need . to see this this is deep 10 pitch who . does subtle stuff in you and you know i . kicked them out and they ain't with the. crew z and then you like chick you out . or something right yeah just read it . yeah and then watch the damn talk about . you you were begging for attention . talking shit on twitter - and then you . guys had like an arguable on twitter of . you guys like this talking shit back and . forth yeah so that was about you 100% . but you still hit my phone that night it . was follow 52 and i'm toni you texted . him yesterday at 450 - is he talking . about you again you did text oh yeah i . said i will always be here for you even . if you don't want me to be you're being . nice to him have a sandwich . why did you show me that thank you two . months ago you didn't know my name and . now you want my bank aha . who is this guy he left ohio now the . trio's all rolling if you can visually . he just said it's team ten but he threw . up on 11 june there's no one why they do . that wait she's confusing way hey joe . wait bro come here she just said it's . team ten but you lately what number is . that it's 11 right like yeah am i . tripping my number jet douchiness it it . alone iam ted but heathrow can 11 my up . 2011 wish i think we're all . [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. the competition show these guys upon the . garden with the first let me educate you . and i talking book panera is your home . so stop calling my phone wait did you . work up an arrow or something i heard . that somewhere . our dysentery in high school oh my god . wait so shoe is roasting you yeah she's. literally on same time because it'd be . like nobody like nobody wanted to side . her and like legit i had to convince. everyone to sign right so why she faster . than you in the song i'll buy like a . joke they buy it like a loan that's no . good is such a would come off first . jake this me how cousins is not cool . it's not cool dude you need to do . something about they do this song and . you look she sure that would be where . you help you owe me nah i don't want any . part of this like you me and jake are . cool how did that be so legit and like . it's not going to be like a dancer than . my funny. i don't be funny any fun i said i just . you. [music]. .
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