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I know but i didn't want to see child . porn i just wanted to see like okay let . me just pretend let me pretend like i'm . a pedophile for say okay by the way just . for the record police i have nothing to . do this i didn't know this like you can . literally get arrested for so i typed in . naked baby first of all i don't . understand why anybody would be turned. on by that . but that's the first good thing you said . but hi . i wanted to play that clip in full i . mean that moment especially involved . just for context because that seems to . be missing . nowadays i cannot believe that i am . having to make this video i cannot . believe that this is happening i i'm . gonna start by saying i am not a fucking . pedophile i shane yah my real name go on . record saying i am not a fucking . pedophile got it great . here's my statement he's everybody . saying shane make a statement. there's my statement i'm not a fucking . pedophile it's disgusting that people . are saying i'm a fucking pedophile. because of some shitty ass fucking jokes . from six years ago on a podcast now let . me explain a little bit more um i'm not . gonna here's what i'm gonna do i'm going . to apologize first i am sorry that i . used to make really shitty fucking jokes . i am sorry that i was so fucking like . insecure and like playing this character . this guy who's like crazy and will say . anything and like tries to make people . laugh by shocking them that was my thing . that was what i did on youtube a lot of . people now don't know that if you . started watching my videos more recently . you might not know that but back in the . day 2004 2008 to . 12 ish maybe 2013 that was my thing i i . thought it was so i loved the feeling of . making somebody shocked and laugh . because they couldn't believe what was . coming out my mouth i wasn't confident . enough to make smarter jokes i was . making the easy jokes . i was playing crazy stereotypical. characters i was doing shit that was . racially insensitive i was doing shit . that was homophobic i was doing shit . that could be considered fat shaming i . was doing some fucked up like comedy . stuff that i'm not proud of like hmm . i've changed so much as a person and as . a creative and a director and a writer . and stuff like the stuff that i was . saying back then those back in those. times i wouldn't ever say now ever like . cuz i don't think that's funny . listening to that clip just now i didn't . laugh i didn't think it was funny . but when you hear that clip you hear my . co-host laughing which is was my goal i . wanted to always make her shocked and . laugh that was like that was our thing . our thing was like oh i'm gonna say . something super crazy to get her to be . like oh my god shane you can't say that . like that was our thing and if you . listen to the podcast for years you . would know that that clip started . circulating today but they cut it up . basically there's a clip right now . called shane dawson as a pedophile and . then it says proof first of all that's . illegal you can't say somebody's a . pedophile and say you have proof when . they're not that's there's a lot of . legal words i don't know but i think . there is a word for that defamation of . character i don't know i'm not on csi i . don't know but it seems illegal to me to . call somebody a fucking pedophile . knowing that they are not or at least . not having actual proof so before i get . into that clip i want to start with . their other piece of proof that when i . saw it . i assumed that people would be like oh . this is a joke like oh this whole videos . a joke because one of their pieces of . proof was taking a picture of me and . ryland my boyfriend and then a picture . of me and lisa my axe circling their . faces and saying they look like babies . they have baby faces shane's a pedophile . gonna let that sink in that was one of . their pieces of proof for calling me . something as disgusting as a pedophile . so of course when the clip started . circulating on twitter they would cut . that part out because the person posting . about twitter would be like that's crazy . let's cut that out you know what i mean . so like that's where my head's at now . let's talk about the actual clip so six . years ago ish i probably should have . looked that up i mean get an exact date . okay i don't know a long time ago i . think 2012 ish yes 2012 ish this was . from an episode of my podcast right so . in the podcast i'm telling a story about . a little girl i saw in real life who was . like how to makeup on and like the whole . shebang she was like a dance moms type . of vibe i don't know exactly what to . call it but that's what it was and she . was on instagram and she was posting . like really like creepy selfies and her. dad was helping her and it was fucking . creepy and it was like weird right so of . course i take that story and i talked . about it on the podcast now of course . what they didn't also show and that . video clip is me talking about how . fucking creepy it was but then i started. making jokes about it because that's . what i did back then i would make crazy . jokes that sucked so i was saying you . know well she was sexy but then right . away i'd be like i'm just kidding of . course when they posted that they would . cut out that i'm just kidding . or for example they're saying oh shane . talked about googling naked babies which. by the way i never did like i was making . a joke and telling a story and lying and . like well i googled nikki bit of course . i didn't google fucking naked babies i'm . busy and on time to google fucking naked . babies and that's gross and weird but i . made the joke and then of course i said . first of all i said i wasn't looking for . child porn they cut that out then i said . after that i don't know why anybody . would be turned on by babies and they . cut that out all but of course they cut. all those out added scary music google . image search pictures of little girls . which is creepy by the way whoever . edited that video and made it seem like . his creepy conspiracy but not even a . conspiracy cuz they said it was a fact. that they said shane dawson is a . pedophile on the title so i was like i'm . i need to talk about this because i talk . about child molesters in hollywood a lot . on my channel it's something i'm very. passionate about and i'm not gonna turn . this into like a me-too moment or like a . feel bad i'm not gonna turn this into . that because that's not what i'm trying . to do with this but you guys know i've . talked about it so much on my channel i . was molested you know this i am . passionate about it i'm passionate about . shedding light on the fact that there . are people in hollywood that have . molested kids and have been arrested for . it and are still working in hollywood . that's proof and that's fucked up and . that's what people should be focusing on . but instead they're focusing on a . youtuber who made a stupid joke and . calling him a pedophile like to me that . seems not only crazy but also . distracting from the real issues that . are going on right now right under our . noses but whatever so i think that's why . it hurts the most is having my name put . next to the word pedophile is actually . like the most triggering and the most. heartbreaking thing i've literally ever . seen i've been called everything i've . been on youtube for a long time and i . think i'm rambling and i think i've . already said this but for those of you . who might be new or who might have just . started watching or something and you're . probably like oh my god shane i just . heard this thing and i listened and you . were talking about . see girls and laughing and i i'm making . this video more for you guys because . people who have been watching me for a . long time you know like how much i've . grown and changed and how much my videos . have changed how much my humor has . changed i would never do that now . ever so i am so sorry . if that triggered you or offended you or. hurt your families it triggers me . listening to that clip i haven't . listened to that clip ever because i . recorded it then i didn't listen back so . listening to me joking about it fucks me . up and it makes me go like oh my god . like what the fuck was i doing literally . what the fuck was i doing but i look . back at a lot of my old videos and i say . what the fuck was i doing most of them . so i don't even know what else to say . i'm not a pedophile i made a lot of bad . decisions as far as joke telling story . telling trying to make people laugh with . shocking them i mean there's so many . things i've done in the past that i'm . like embarrassed of ashamed of and i've . lost so much because of it like this . isn't new this isn't a new thing for me . but if you've been around for a while . you know that i've done this before . i've apologized many times for videos . and i've genuinely meant it kind of . changed my videos because of it this is . the first time i've had to like this is . the first time i literally had to tell . people i'm not a pedophile that's a . first and that feels like fucking shit . so sorry for making offensive jokes i'm . sorry for i don't know i like i am sorry . that these are making people. uncomfortable but also it's very out of . context when you listen to the full . thing it's still like shitty and creepy . and bad jokes but it's not meeting a . pedophile this is not me this is not . proof of me being a pedophile me dating. people who have clean faces and saying . they're baby faces is crazy and like i . mean i'm sure lisa is shook i'm sure . she's like. they said that a baby it's all too much . um so that's where i am . it's all so hard right now because i'm . in such a good place like i i've been in . such a bad place before you guys know . that and right now specifically i feel . like myself i feel like i'm being . authentic i feel like i'm being the real. me i'm with showing my boyfriend i'm i'm . showing my family more i'm showing the. real side of me i'm not making crazy . offensive jokes i'm talking to the. camera like a normal person rather than . doing that like so right now it just . sucks that this is like a thing because . i'm like this was six years ago and i'm . so proud of like especially this week . i'm so proud of the videos that went up . this week like that's another thing that . hurts is they are like contacting . sophie's family and like kids i've . worked with family and sending them this. link and of course the families were . like this is not like come on but either . way it's like i literally found a . talented girl online brought her out had . her record a song with me made two . videos with her she got hundreds of . thousands of subscribers overnight. because of you guys but also because of . the video that i made with her and . they're flipping that on me saying i'm a . pedophile because i helped someone fuck . you whoever did that that's so fucked up . like it's just like i can't alright i . think i'm done i'm proud of what i'm . making i'm proud that i've grown up i'm . proud that i don't make crazy jokes. anymore i'm proud that i am changed my . channel to be more about good things and . cool things and helping people i'm not . just doing dumb shit or blowing up . houses or whatever the fuck like the . fact that i posted videos this week that . are about me helping a young girl in the . music industry the fact that those did . well the fact that you guys enjoyed . those is so cool and so awesome like . that doesn't like . years ago on youtube i had to do the . craziest shit to get these crazy stuff . and now i get to just help people and . like be myself and hang out with my . friends and my family like that's just . so cool and i don't want this to fuck . that up so i don't know that's my story . and thank you guys for being on this . journey with me i know i know if you've . been here for a while . we've had this before but this is this . this is next level this is actually . really fucked up and i'm really sad that . people are actually calling me a . pedophile on twitter like i don't i . okay i love you guys . i'm gonna go i hope you're enjoying the . videos this week i hope that you are . having a good week and hopefully i don't . know i'm gonna go back to editing more . than yes . .
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