Ripley’s Mirror Maze | Old Creepy Man Crush ❤ Dino Boogers | 5D Movies (Gatlinburg, TN Family Vlog)

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We went to Gatlinburg, Tennessee and we had so much fun we had to share it with all you hoping you can enjoy the times with us!
First we start off in Ripley's Marvelous Mirror Maze (with Chase's Mirror Maze Fail) and then we check out some babes ;)
After that we see all of the Avengers Favorites like Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America & even the Shield Car!
A creepy old dead man from a haunted house asks Lexi to marry him!
We then go see some 5D Movies at Ripley's 5D Moving Theater!
After that, we step in Dinosaur Boogers ;)
Then we see Tree Rex and his wood pecker pal ;)
Thumbs up if you enjoyed watching and we'll have more fun family kid vids from Gatlinburg, TN soon!
Have a Funnel Day & Thanks for watching!
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Chase what don't oh are you okay what is that champagne you whoo-hoo what are we going to go try the mirror means we have to do here it's gonna be tricky right on yours if you are you gonna wear you up just trust me get involved fingerprint me right that's for me - i gotta work gloves and chase is trying to steal candy chase you're going to go in the maze all my gosh it's so dark i jumped well i justjust i just ran into a mirror just here is moving it is we're going to get trampled enter the infinity experience what is that first chase chase you okay dude yeah what is that i'm sorry wha oh that's awesome whoa oh i got it feels like you're walking on nothing hello cool you got a titanium no i got it is very up oh my get it where did they go through all your description this is so tricky i was going and i turned around i saw myself in my junk that gets good chase is that you do is this freaky how there's like tea oh my gosh wait that's not let's see what the world yeah you actually hear the fact that there is you know that cool like my might come down there go to me running to the girl that had better this is cool chase what the hole are you okay are you okay little buddy oh my gosh that was so crazy you're right by the good thing is i got on camera so you can watch it back and laugh at yourself later cheese whoa are you okay are you okay little buddy oh my gosh that was so crazy you're right but the good thing is i got on camera so you can watch your back and laugh at yourself later look at it use your hands use your hands to check on me see oh my oh my oh my bad i let's go back i feel like we're at a school dance come on mommy let's dance blegh like i know it is go go go oh oh my gosh where is like z right here nice yeah oh my gosh let's say hi chase all right oh there you are ok have a nice is this place no that's a that's a mirror don't hit it wow haha mike did you run into yourself i thought you just saw another kid that was just like oh there i am it's so weird like staring at you like they do it oh wait that's me a pic haha i must end like i must have said like excuse me and i to myself like five times that was somebody else and i thought that nobody else is in here with the gopro on their head you know how you can probably tell if you put a flashlight watched it ok what we're using the flashlight cheat we're using the flat like you know you can push this back well it's a party pooper the back so quick well we're done yeah you know you're only saying yankees you want can who was that fun yeah was that fun we'll look at that gummy pig are so my god christian a lollipop i loved it no pop so much did you have fun yeah can you take off my glove it's already huh what gummy cola bottles whoa a large gummy cola bottle and nobody but me want to walk up there you just met some realtek characters there in the tech element see each c tech is in a place hey rusty and stm about this post is peter responsible all they have a mirror maze here - oh my gosh what the dunker babe dunk a baby haha febi what you need another plan this is why you have to grow up and go to college are you going to end up like this guy is getting oh my goodness this place is weird someone by these ladies have new clothes are you scared see that you see hulk all look iron man yeah oh it's now that's the ball be car but there's batman and robin here no pinky i dare you know chickens to come through my house although he did good he called you a chicken come here man that made to hunt to carry me we live her driver i don't know like so i think he's talking to you you can take the papa goodbye lexi now it's good you're going through or not now we're going to see some 5d movies you want a ticket that's one eye booger want to get a booger one ok i can't hit you watched a 5d movie are you ready for her buckle up for safety it's the theater law to make sure you hold on there you go do your glasses are not on other you go are you ready yeah already well then you just can't see yeah haha no have fun you're like that you know me well and the banisters got a running nose haha back then he says got boogies chase please look at the dinosaurs got boogies ah chase you're standing in a dinosaur boogie piyo ll buggies t eat c8 tech is in the place not to chase you stole a jelly bean mommy chase stole a jelly bean we gotta pay for that mommy's calling police we gotta go pay for that hi mommy haha there's mommy hi guys as i shoes transfer all right let's look at this tire the world's largest tire wow this guy is going to need a lot of sleep is in rear right to have the ball floats and fine why - 54 i'm going to want to well not just that's crazy how fast i could look at the drips ya know and then look up here let go you can see if not numbered is scared you want to know what he's scared he's gonna be scared ready wow you can go get it are you still nice oh oh no he's hurt i don't bother him it's a one-legged bird a one-legged bird like oh on mi it is that his leg was playing hiding a seat stay tuned we'll have a snowball fight video new snow tubing video and even another 16 video you to thank you you just said you have a final day yeah
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