Robert Mueller Zeroes in on Jared Kushner: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at how President Trump's aides are growing increasingly anxious about special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into the Trump team's ties to Russia.
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Robert Mueller Zeroes in on Jared Kushner: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers
-aides to president trump. are growing increasingly anxious. about special counselor. robert mueller's investigation. into the trump team's ties. to russia,. which now seem to be honing in. on the president's. son-in-law jared kushner. for more on this,. it's time for "a closer look. ". ??. [ cheers and applause ]. every time trump's aides. talk about the russia scandal,. they seem to dig themselves in. deeper and deeper. just take. attorney general jeff sessions. there he is. by the way,. he's not actually short. he's just standing in the hole. he keeps digging. sessions has been talking about. the investigation a lot lately,. but can't seem to actually. defend the trump team against. the allegations that they. colluded with the russians. when sessions testified before. congress last week,. he tried to claim trump couldn't. have colluded because they had. no idea what they were doing. -i was asked to lead, inform,. and find some people who would. join and meet with mr. trump. to give him advice and support. regarding foreign policy,. and i did so,. although we were not. a very effective group, really. it was a form of chaos. every day from day one. -their only defense is literally. "we were too incompetent. to collude. ". [ laughter ]. you're talking about. a presidential campaign,. and you make it sound like. a prom committee. "we sent ashley. to get crepe paper,. "and she came back. with toilet paper,. "and then the band backed out. at the last second. it was chaos, and that's why. ashley met with the russians. ". [ laughter ]. sessions has repeatedly. [ cheers and applause ]. sessions has repeatedly failed. to answer questions. about his own contacts. with russians truthfully. and seems to have. selective memory loss. whenever the question comes up. in fact, during his testimony,. he was confronted specifically. about how often he claims he. can't remember key details. -mr. sessions, i have a copy. of the transcript. of your testimony before. the senate judiciary committee. in october. you stated under. oath, "i don't recall". in some form or fashion. 29 times, is that correct . -i have no idea. -i have a copy of the transcript. of your testimony. before the senate intelligence. committee in june. you stated under oath, "i don't. recall" in some form or fashion. approximately 36 times,. is that correct . -i don't know. -in your testimony today,. you have stated "i don't recall". at least 20 times,. is that fair to say . -i have no idea. -sessions can't even recall. how many times he said. "i don't recall. ". in fact, here's a partial list. of things jeff sessions. can't remember. ??. ??. now after those less than. convincing answers. [ applause ]. you would think sessions. would just stop talking. about the russia scandal. for a while,. but in a speech to the. conservative federal society. on friday, he decided to open. with a joke. about all the meetings he's had. with russians,. like former ambassador. sergey kislyak. which he had. previously failed to disclose. -i just was thinking, you know,. should, when i ask you is,. is ambassador kislyak. in the room . [ laughter ]. before i get started here. [ laughter ]. any russians . [ laughter ]. anybody been to russia . [ laughter ]. got a cousin in russia. or something. -oh, great. so in addition. to lying to congress,. sessions is now doing standup. [ laughter ]. keep an eye out for his netflix. special, "i don't recall. ". [ laughter, applause ]. it's great. he forgets all the punch lines. [ imitating sessions ]. what do you call a possum. trapped in a drain pipe . i don't recall. [ laughter ]. bet it's somethin' funny. [ laughter ]. of course, in reality. part of the reason sessions. and the trump team are currently. in the mess they're in right now. is that they repeatedly failed. to disclose secret contacts. with russian officials. or related entities. recently, it was reported that. donald trump jr. exchanged. secret messages with wikileaks. that seems to contradict. testimony. trump's son-in-law jared kushner. gave earlier this year. and now we're learning that. despite kushner's denials,. he himself may have received. and forwarded e-mails. about wikileaks. -white house senior advisor. jared kushner. told congressional investigators. that he did not recall. anyone on the trump campaign. communicating with wikileaks,. that is according to a source. with knowledge of his testimony,. but we know that kushner did. receive and forward an e-mail. from donald trump jr. about trump jr. 's contact. with wikileaks. -so all of this doesn't. necessarily prove collusion. but think about it like this. if debbie says she didn't go. to karen's house, but it turns. out she was at karen's house,. and sheila says she wasn't. at karen's house,. but it turns out. she was at karen's house,. eventually you got to wonder,. what the [bleep] is going on. at karen's house . [ laughter ]. [ cheers and applause ]. it's so amazing. so amazing that these two are. the ones who fell ass backwards. into a potential. criminal conspiracy. i can't believe i'm saying this,. but maybe eric is the smart one . [ laughter ]. "father, i have a good brain!". [ laughter ]. "let me show it to you!". [ laughter ]. and kushner's excuses. for leaving out key details. about his contacts with russians. have been less than persuasive. kushner actually. and said. hey, man, it's 2017. everybody. gets 200 e-mails a day. but unless the russians asked. to meet with you. through a pottery barn e-mail,. it's unlikely you missed it. then, of course, there's. the fact that kushner completely. failed to disclose. to investigators. the existence. of a private e-mail server. kushner's lawyer. huh. i feel like i've heard that. somewhere before. -we went through. a thorough process to identify. all of my work-related e-mails. and deliver them. to the state department. -oh, my god, they're doing. everything. they attacked hillary for. we're like a week away from. kushner losing his mind. over some balloons. [ laughter ]. now all of these shifting. explanations from kushner. are increasingly relevant. to the russia investigation. because special counselor. and mueller looks like a guy. who can definitely zero in. he looks like he reads. tom clancy novels. with a highlighter in one hand. [ laughter ]. when robert mueller. looks at you,. two sniper dots appear. on your forehead. look at him. he would've won. a staring contest. with the eye of sauron. [ laughter ]. and you can tell mueller's. zeroing in on kushner. from the way trump's allies. are rushing to throw him. under the bus. "vanity fair" reported recently. that in a conversation. with steve bannon. and a. wow. when you put the slightest. amount of pressure on them,. the trump team stabs back like. eighth grade girls. "everyone knows jared is. shady af. oh, hi, jared!". [ laughter ]. "are you going to the party . it's at karen's house. ". [ laughter ]. all this comes. [ cheers and applause ]. all this comes as. trump's lawyers. desperately tried to keep him. from lashing out. and firing mueller,. which, of course, would spark. an unprecedented political. firestorm. i mean, i think it would,. but who knows . trump spent yesterday. drumming up votes. for an accused child molester,. and everybody was like,. "ha ha, that guy. ". at this point,. if the peepee tape came out,. half of us would lose our minds. and the other half would say,. "the cinematography is. better than i expected. ". [ laughter ]. and while some are freaking out,. others in trump's white house. are apparently trying to project. a sense of calm. and not overly obsess. over the investigation. in their day-to-day roles. "the post" reported that. you know who i know. is pretty scared . the guy who tweeted in. all caps. [ laughter ]. pretty soon this is going to be. trump's official white house. portrait. [ laughter ]. so as the special counsel's. investigation intensifies. and gets closer to. the president's inner circle,. his team is either. frantically backtracking,. making excuses for false. testimony, or cracking jokes. seriously, do you guys even know. what you're doing . -no idea. -yeah. this has been "a closer look. ". ??. [ cheers and applause ]. .
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