SWIMMING with PIGS in BAHAMAS IGUANA ISLAND (FUNnel Vision Exuma Tour Adventure Day #1)

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SUBSCRIBE & become a FUNnel Cake โžฅ http://bit.ly/20sB7tg then Press the ๐Ÿ”” & get some Merch: http://shopfunnelvision.com ... FUNnel Vision goes to PIG ISLAND in Exhuma, Bahamas on an unforgettable excursion trip that we call Adventure Day Part 1. We also check out Iguana Island and stay turned for part 2 where we swim with real sharks in the ocean! :)
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Caption: That's a big swimming in the ocean if . that is really cool . lobby be louder what are you serious no . recording me all i'm taking a shower . [music]. [music]. [music]. alright guys that's the end of our . bahamas trip we're going home on this . little play that's a skinny tie we have . a whole big adventure planned today it's . ready to fly this boat way . [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. - stan you okay baby look you needed a . line well well . [music]. you wish your winter so we're leaving . stan uk all ready to head to guana cay . by boat what are we gonna feed will it . be chase to the iguana . [music]. as a son complain at school . [applause]. [music]. you see it you're gonna feed them . [music]. look they're all coming out for food . [music]. hahaha that's so cute you see them yo . they're like little dinosaurs oh man . they're staring at us . [music]. [music]. these like bones okay shawn they look . like baby bones so careful i'm playing . chicken with this guy let's see who . backs away faster oh no oh gosh he's got . back up are you . [music]. we're going big mages rock also known as . big island . there's just natural wild pigs that just . swim in the ocean. typing swimming pigs. this is what comes up in . [music]. [music]. oh my goodness look at that that is . crazy . oh my gosh . [applause]. ribbit . jumping swimming in the other . [music]. hi buddy you know you're not a fish well . we're seeing pigs chase is sleeping do . you gotta wake up there's pigs here's . the pigs just took a big turn in water . yeah look at that come on let me come . easy cooper babe let's go taste is . seriously not coming what's the matter i . [music]. had to take off my floaties because this. looks like a charity oh they just paid . get that checked . what's he doing can we get some privacy . please you're standing in our bathroom . with our camera no so his tongs are . saying that it. get some bridge . one just attacked mike they put all his . body weight on them if you see lots of . people with their hands up it's not . because the cops are here because that's . how you tell a pig you don't have any. more food okay that one doesn't care the . other pigs you actually do you put your . hands up for cops and you put your hands . up for pigs and cops to the pigs . okay seriously though shout out to law . enforcement you guys rock appreciate the . service just couldn't pass on the joke . so hopefully no one will make a pig deal . out of this is a big big deal this guy . eating a diaper over here or something . this shirt do t-shirts this is sure . eating things may be pretty pillay for a . bunch of pigs god bless you let's learn . their aims with the song you got pop and . cinnamon dj and ginger and daisy big . momma's plants maggie . there's too many songs to pass time . batman gosh you scared me it was your . tail oh you're good you're good . keep your tails to yourself we're good . this is not a carrot it's a gopro yeah . it's a gopro stick it's not a carrot you . chew with your mouth closed you act like . a pig . yeah their nose looks tasty like you can . just bread it fun times i used to eat . kimchi oh gosh it's happening again it's . happening again it's happening again now . we know where sand comes from it's not . you just see a little turd sitting on . the ocean yeah all his feet are broken . it's a miracle helen. [music]. thank you bobbi be louder what are you . sure is no recording newell i'm taking a . shower. why won't these people are you gonna put . the pig in . [music]. hey . [music]. next we're heading to compass k where we . are going to swim with real sharks but . that's in our next video so make sure . you thumbs this one up and stay tuned if. you want to see a swim with sharks have . a fun all day oh this is cool we don't . have to walk up the stairs . .

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