The Real Truth About Tanacon

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Youtubers shane dawson is digging into . white anicon truly failed in a new . three-part documentary style vlog so . guys this is a wild ride and we want to . hear your theories as good times a . legitimate company - you blame tana or . the company and are you going to be. keeping up with the next video shane . makes on the subject yeah he wants to do . an interview and he said he's already . working on his own awesome documentary . about this film to the end like every . piece of footage . i haven't said it 5200 right now i love . that for us so i feel like 5,200 now it . would be really really cool to have . people like outside waiting to get in . let people love to be oppressed outside . [music]. telling michael that we're going to talk . to him in a few minutes . have you talked to him . i don't get it. like what are you saying so what do i . say here like there's so much i was put . i don't know well what what is making . you emotional right now including people . who showed up including people just to . believe with me okay i let so many . people down and i want to make it right. but i it's crazy this is not something i . ever thought would happen and i don't . know what to do but i have to make it . before we call him this is heart . i just i'm gonna be honest because this . is like the most we're talking mothers . in the car on the way here this is like . the most intense real thing i think i've . ever done because of how much i really . care for you i don't deserve you to be . here until i don't deserve you you . support meanness it's not your job . [music]. i feel i feel like as crazy as it sounds . i told you since the beginning and the . first time i met you i was like you i . just you're like my child it's weird . but the second i met you okay and like . i've helped you in a lot of ways . throughout the years with everything and. i think you know i think the hard part . is like this especially is really hard . because like this this fuckup . like hurt me but i still like want to be . the person who helps it were just so . fucked up and weird but because because . i care about you i also like i'm gonna . have to play fucking strong dad okay . like i have to be honest with you and . tell you what's fucked up and what how . real this shit was you know but i want. you to give me . [music]. i think everything happens for a reason. i think this happened the i don't go to . conventions right never for me if it was. anybody else's convention i probably . wouldn't what do you care about me that . much to go i'd like to let you down it . people laugh you're down freaks my god i . think it happened for a reason i . genuinely do okay because we'll get into . all of that later but before we get into . that we just need to clear up a lot of . things because i talked to that michael . guy and after talking to him i don't . think he's evil and i don't i think he . just was in over his head. and i think you are in no position to . ever plan even a birthday party let . alone i should so they really should . have been a trip to a target such a . fucking and i'm not even gonna say what . i've been saying on twitter which is . like oh her heart was in the right place . and oh she had good intentions because . honestly what i want to say to you is i . don't think you had good intentions and . i don't think you know that because the . true intention of it was revenge the. night shit like in the morning i've been . trying and might come over to our . convention they get like a pop back and . forth and we never will . it was super fun i didn't know that so i . watched pieces of your video the long. one that you posted and i agreed with . some of it i didn't . now like when i saw the paper that good . times was sending out that was like . [music]. later but it doesn't stupid and spiteful . it was so stupid planning my convention . the same days this vidcon was so stupid . yeah patty and i didn't i never thought . it would end up like that you are going . to make this worse if you start i was . getting messages from like paint green . and all these people from vidcon and my . agents and all these people who are just . like the fuck made company when do you . really like listen i have my own issues . with vidcon i talked to them personally . about it but like that to me is like a . horse that blew up in our faces . of course if you ask me if i think you . should attend vidcon 2018 this year no i . think it's also one of those things that . you need to learn now which is the power . you have over like literally you created . a convention that i had your name in it . right and because you're funny because i . like you i love you and because a lot of . other creators love you we all came . thousands and thousands of people came . it's like that's a lot of power and you . know honesty you you use power per blade . not good you used it to get revenge on . vidcon i don't think you wanted anything . bad happen i don't think you wanted any . kids hurt like there's a lot people. saying that you didn't want that i . didn't want anything bad to happen and i . wasn't even in my mind city care be like . i want bad things happen to vidcon rover . i just wanted to do something different . and i wanted it to be good but if you . truly did though and this is where i'm . gonna get like truth daddy on you daddy . come true is it i want it to be better . you would have planned it better and you . would have been more involved you . wouldn't take it on vacation . we're in hawaii mahalo beach marla aloha . well i'm not surprised because it's you . right so i'm not surprised it wasn't . playing well but when i see how shitty . it was like on the inside . it was a joke like it was like there was . no booths there was no nothing to do . there was like no real food or water the . planning was bad the lineup was weird as . featured fucking creators who paid to. come to an event but didn't have a . separate vip line there's a possibility . we may not actually get inside . if you truly were like oh i actually . want this to be a good experience i . wanted to be a better experience for . people to make our okay and i am missing . a day of vidcon for this because i . wanted to support her wanted to did want . to not so sure i want to now i think . once the ticket started selling and once . people started being do okay you know we . love to anicon that became less . important it was more about like oh . people are on my side and people are . never on my side and they're finally on . my side oh my god the internet's on my . side like i get it thank you for you . know what i mean i get it because people . always hate me so somebody's on my side . i'm like oh my god. i'm not having you guys on my side was . very new and different and all that kind . of stuff but i do want you to know but . it doesn't fucking matter that i sat in . meeting after meeting after meeting with . them still deciding things like i want . this panel to go at this time i want . these people to do this i want this kind . of booth i want there to be food and . water i want there to be great security . i want there i spent so much time but it . wasn't good enough you can't do it in . two months you can't do it when you're . 20 years old and you have no experience . in this industry and and you're right . like if i really had wanted it to be as . good as i'm out here saying i should . have planned it in a year and i was dumb . and impulsive for doing two months . stupid fuck sure yeah all right well . before we talk to michael i'm gonna give . you a heads up he's very much defensive . but then he is saying things like she . wasn't really hands-on with planning . well she was it was too late . sure that that's not true i spoke to . michael every single day he would tell . me if you want it to happen we will make . it out of it it's not 100% official . believer 70 percent have a little pump . for your birthday what and everybody is . talking about capacity and people inside . i was under the impression that that . space was perfectly fine for 5,000 . people i went there i toured the venue . he had people from anaheim marriott . whatever the fuck speak to me they were. telling me that that space is fine that . big room and all of the ballrooms and . all of the space in between and asked . him over and over and over and over . again five thousand people can't be in . this space right there's plenty of space . for five thousand people we have plenty . of security for five thousand people . right we have plenty we have the best . security team we have the best space we . have the biggest space right and i was . in his face if you want to call it but. it doesn't make sense because it doesn't . line up so somebody at the marriott told . you that and now he's doing the marriott . because he says that they lied to him . about capacity so that's what i'm trying . to understand because you're somebody . it's a if it's a slip-up i get it like . really if i thought that that space . didn't hold a lot of people i wouldn't . have held it there 100% honestly feel . like i wouldn't have held to anicon in a . space where i thought i wouldn't always . be know but i also know fucking nothing . yeah about planning conventions or . anything like that there's been so many . conversations about space and capacity . and there's 100% a chance that i've been . an airhead or a fucking idiot okay i . think we're in a good capacity i may be . drop it. [music]. make you look really bad but it is . something that like bothered me when i . heard it the night of all of the fucking . can't accomplish it did you really go to . party. i went to my network's thing to talk to . people for my network like i went inside . that's my it was my networks event . seriously when it wasn't like that . random party i was just talking to all . of the internet's off there because a . lot of them are mad everyone around it's . like go outsi
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