The Try Guys Meet Ned’s Baby

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The guys meet Ned's baby for the first time. Will Eugene overcome his hatred of babies?
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I got their hands do you wanna know okay . [applause]. today the try guys are coming over to . meet west for the first time we haven't . seen ned for three weeks i'm so excited . oh my god i don't know it i've never . seen it i saw it in the photo and it was . baby. everyone perfect i love babies i'm . probably the biggest baby lover besides . ned because now he has a physical baby . to love i'm gonna assume no one's . dropped the baby yet and i don't want to . be the person that does it i'm a little . anxious you know we've done some videos . with babies before they haven't always . gone well yeah i'm not excited about . meeting it so there's nothing it yugi is . playing up how cool if he is around baby . but he legitimately texted us this . morning what do i wear to meet a baby do . i wear a suit i wondered if i should . wear a suit because the babies should be . impressed when it first meets me right . right yeah but then you said don't wear . a suit you should wear something soft so . the baby would like it what's the baby . huh i just feel like i mean jen you were . i mean you can't wear spiky stuff your . instincts while confused are also so . sweet. yeah the guys should be here any minute . oh my baby . yeah let's see how this goes are you . afraid. the freighter babes i'm just kind of . like a little weirded out you know . they're - they're too dependent great . are you excited i'm excited . great. [music]. oh i hear being a bearded foamer emerges . you guys're enemy wes come on wait . you're just bringing it what's he doing . just thinking oh my gosh is this . precious. [music]. how's he smell does it smell like baby . yeah i guess so what kind of. conversations do you have really . yeah we've been reading him all of lord . of the rings . i trust keith with the baby what . happened was i 100% trust keith keith . it's probably better a baby something . that i am dead got married i got married . ned had a baby i'm not planning on doing . that for three years but inevitably i . will have a baby so this is great . because now my friends have like a . practice baby for me oh my god is the . smallest fingernail that is . this is the most lifelike doll baby your . turn back i feel like that could just be . awesome i have one goal today and one . goal only to just not drop the baby okay . here we go . [music]. nice it's kind of still crazy to me to. think that that that it's real so we're . going to let that chill or what you're . chicken you guys want to see if he has a. dirty favorite yes let's look at his . butt okay here we go baby . baby's got cleanest stuff so don't ruin . them oh my gosh look at there's a little . sonny chi news all the time you know . baby is like my ideal life you just get . to sleep pinch and eat all day nooks ish . wait what are the words that we cannot . say in front of vg yeah your turn your . turn no i'll take this no i really don't . want to take this . i got eugene i'm worried about i'm not . nervous about the baby . i prefer to sit down is it ned holton . i'll just touch it and smell i'm not . gonna hold it it's too it's too precious . what have been some of the most exciting . things these few weeks even when it's . crying. adorable you give them a bath the other . day i was awake the whole time like seem . to enjoy it and you're like you ready . you can eat this with your legs like . that's so because i'm up on my legs i'm . gonna just touch him he's very cute oh . oh all right . i was okay i ready almost guys isaac . oh . [music]. yeah. my god that is a big yawn he waved at . you i guess i guess i guess i want to . give it's like kissing a little peach . eugenio i'm like it's filming tiny shot . i got it i got no don't i mean don't . like oh no don't not an open mouth it's . pretty easy you just see these it's like . three kisses in doing that sometimes we . do it's called tummy time . oh that's the shots that people do it on . the facebook where they're like the . beauty of perea lean in next to him like . yes and then we're gonna and look into . the camera and then and freeze buddy hi . wes you met your three hours today . how's that yeah pretty cool man you have . a message to the future former i am . really excited about being a grandma i . don't think excited gold gets even close . to capturing it welcome to the family . auntie's always here if you need any . help i hope to spoil you and bring you . all the gifts yeah . scream allah make make noise understand . your mom and dad love you no matter how . tough it gets have lots of people that . love you our family and you are gonna be . loved like nobody's been loved before. man you're gonna have a fun life you . have this baby yourself and all sudden . the baby's got a baby it's all all . beautiful for me hi guys he doesn't want . us to go . great job making them light . [music]. like is this bomb well let them know . well it is possible for men to lactate . it just takes a lot of second wow oh . yeah. .
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