Trump Stands by Roy Moore, Pushes GOP Tax Plan: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump going all in on backing the accused sexual predator running for Senate in Alabama.
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Trump Stands by Roy Moore, Pushes GOP Tax Plan: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers
-president trump is now all-in. on backing. the accused sexual predator. running for senate in alabama,. with the white house. arguing that they need his vote. to give corporations. a giant tax cut. for more on this,. it's time for "a closer look. ". [ cheers and applause ]. no matter what else happens,. donald trump will surely go down. as our neediest. and most insecure president,. with the possible exception. of millard fillmore. whose first. state of the union speech. started with. "do you guys think i'm fat ". [ laughter ]. yesterday,. trump tried to claim once again. that he's been the most. productive president in history,. tweeting. he's right about one thing. the way robert mueller. is handing down indictments,. there's a good chance trump. will be a 10-month president. [ laughter, cheers, applause ]. but you know. you know what trump's tweets. remind me of . you ever been out with a couple,. and the wife. says something like,. "hey, dave,. will you pass the salt ". and then dave just goes off . and you're like,. "this must be something. that started in the car,. because this is not about salt. ". [ laughter ]. but since trump. is historically unpopular. and doesn't actually have. any major accomplishments. to back up that claim,. he's resorted. to unhinged conspiracy websites. to back him up. he retweeted a link to website. magapill. com, that calls itself. "the president donald trump. accomplishment list website,". although i don't know why you. need a website for something. that can be covered. with an emoticon. [ laughter, cheers, applause ]. so what else. what else. does magapill. com believe . well, a recent post promoted. a list of conspiracy theories,. including false flag terrorism,. child/human sacrifice,. weaponized forced vaccination,. earthquake machines,. and organ harvesting. and i'm sorry, but the only. organ that's been harvested here. is donald trump's brain. maybe there's no pee tape, but i. can definitely see donald trump. waking up in a moscow hotel. in a bathtub full of ice. with a scar on his head,. saying, "oh, no. ". [ laughter ]. "i think my brain is gone. ". [ laughter ]. now, if you were to glance. at actual polls,. you'd see that most americans. don't agree with trump's boasts. in fact,. forget looking at polls. trump just needs. to look at his surroundings. as he made his way back to d. c. from florida yesterday,. the reporters. who travel with trump. noted he was followed by. a growing number of protesters. [ laughter and applause ]. and that sign -- that sign,. in particular, is great,. because not only. is it rude to trump,. it's also very polite. to mueller --. "mr. mueller. is coming for your orange ass. ". the only thing that would. piss off trump even more. is an engraved invitation. sir robert swan mueller iii,. esquire, cordially requests. the pleasure of your company,. at an evening reception. to go [bleep] yourself. byo orange ass. [ laughter, cheers, applause ]. so, trump. was in florida over the weekend,. and, of course, at this point,. we just take it for granted. that trump, who repeatedly. bashed obama for golfing,. spent the weekend golfing. in fact, on sunday,. trump hit the golf course. for the fifth day in a row. even the masters. only lasts four days. [ laughter ]. trump golfs more than people. who play golf for a living. in fact, on friday,. when it was reported that trump. was hitting the links. with professional golfers. tiger woods and dustin johnson,. he actually admitted it. but tried to claim. it wouldn't take that long. you can't play golf quickly. golf is the "monopoly". of sports. [ laughter ]. and trump doesn't. do anything quickly. he's an out-of-shape. 71-year-old. who moves like he's climbing. the empire state building. [ laughter ]. [ cheers and applause ]. but as trump golfs,. the rest of the country. is continuing to grapple. with the deluge. of sexual-harassment allegations. that has rocked. virtually every aspect. of society. everyone has had. to deal with this problem,. and that includes the leaders. of both political parties. for example, yesterday, house. democratic leader nancy pelosi. was asked about michigan. congressman john conyers,. who secretly settled. sexual-harassment allegations. by a former employee, and her. answer was shockingly tone deaf. -you said. there's now a zero tolerance. -yes. -john conyers --. what does that mean. for him right now . in or out . -let's say that we are. strengthened by due process. just because someone. is accused --. and was it one accusation,. is it two . i think there has to be --. john conyers. is an icon in our country. i believe he will --. -why don't you --. -i believe that he will --. -but how is it that --. -may i finish my sentence . -sure, sure. -. that he will do. the right thing. -and is the right thing what . resign . -he will do the right thing,. in terms of what he knows. about his situation. -no, he's in this position. because he allegedly. did the wrong thing. you can't say. the guy who did that wrong thing. will do the right thing. also, it doesn't matter. that he's an icon. if anything, it makes it worse. "i'm an icon" is like. a sexual harassers catch phrase. "hey, i know you haven't. consented to any of this,. but i am an icon. ". [ audience groans, laughter ]. meanwhile. [ applause ]. the president took to twitter. to double down. on his tacit endorsement. of the accused child molester. running as his party's. senate nominee in alabama,. roy moore. trump attacked moore's. democratic opponent, doug jones,. a lifelong prosecutor. who convicted the kkk members. responsible for. the birmingham church bombing. that killed four little girls,. tweeting. i'm sorry, he's a puppet . you're telling people. to vote for a guy. who looks like howdy doody's. alcoholic brother-in-law. [ laughter and applause ]. "yeah, give me a puppet vest. and a puppet hat. ". now, as depressing as it is, it. probably shouldn't be surprising. that trump would stand by moore,. given that trump himself. has been accused. by over a dozen women. of sexual harassment. and assault. and, of course,. bragged about it on tape. in fact, trump is reportedly. sympathetic to moore. because he claims that. he himself was wrongly accused,. and now he's reportedly. even telling people. that the infamous. "access hollywood" tape. might not be real. -trump sees the calls. for mr. moore to step aside. as a version of the response. to the now infamous. "access hollywood" tape,. and that flood. of groping accusations. against him that followed. soon after. trump suggested to a senator. earlier this year. that the tape itself. was not authentic. he has repeated that claim. to an adviser more recently. -wait. you're claiming. that "access hollywood" tape. was fake . are you insane . oh, right. [ laughter ]. first of all, you --. you admitted it was real. second, you know how. i know it's real . because to get off the bus,. you did this. [ knock on door ]. [ laughter ]. -that is so dumb that no one. would ever think to fake that. [ laughter and applause ]. "oh, i know. let's make it looks like. he taps on the glass. to get the door open. ". "no, no one's that much. of an idiot. we want people to believe this. ". aside from the fact. that trump is openly sympathetic. to fellow sexual predators,. he also desperately wants. moore's vote for his plan. to massively cut taxes. for corporations. and wealthy heirs. trump and the gop want to get it. done by the end of the year,. and, in fact,. trump keeps trying to sell it. as a christmas gift. -we're working to give. the american people. a giant tax cut for christmas. we are giving them a big,. beautiful christmas present. in the form. of a tremendous tax cut. we're going to give. the american people. a huge tax cut for christmas. hopefully that will be a great. big beautiful christmas present. -i'm sorry, but the last person. i want to get a christmas. present from is donald trump. he's the kind of guy. who would give you. a framed photo of himself. and tell you where to put it. in your house. [ laughter ]. trump is so obsessed. with tax cuts. and what he claims to be. their impact on the economy. that he even mentioned them. during a rambling video call. with american servicemembers. stationed overseas. on thanksgiving. -we're doing well at home. the economy. is doing really great. when you come back,. you're gonna see with the jobs. and companies. coming back into our country,. and the stock market. just hit a record high,. unemployment's the lowest. it's been in 17 years. so you're fighting. for something real. you're fighting. for something good. a lot of things have happened. with our country. over the last. very short period of time,. and they're really good. they're really good. i especially like saying. that companies. are starting to come back. now we're working on tax cuts --. big, fat, beautiful tax cuts. and hopefully we'll get that,. and then you're gonna. really see things happen. -oh, my god. a rambling phone call. from a 71-year-old man. in florida on thanksgiving. it's official -- donald trump. is everyone's grandpa. [ laughter ]. when he hung up --. when he hung up,. they were probably relieved. to get back. to what they were doing,. and what they were doing. was afghanistan. [ laughter ]. "yeah, actually, we got to go. we've got isis. ". [ laughter ]. in fact, incoherent ramblings. seems to have become. trump's default mode when trying. to sell his tax plan. trump recently spoke by phone. with a group of democratic. senators about the plan,. and according to one of. the senators on that call,. trump rambled for so long,. his economic adviser gary cohn. had to fake a bad connection. to get him off the phone. -about 30 minutes into the call,. gary gets up and takes a call. on his cellphone,. comes back into the room,. and he says,. we have somebody calling in from. asia, and it was the president,. which was nice --. nice of him to do that. 15 minutes later,. the president's still talking,. and i said to gary --. it was a room where we're all. sitting around. this big, square table,. and i said,. "gary, why did you do this . why don't you just take. the phone, your cellphone back,. and just say, mr. president,. you're brilliant,. but we're losing contact,. and i think we're going. to lose you now so goodbye,". and that's what he did,. and he hung up. -are you saying gary cohn. faked a bad connection. to get the president. off the phone . -well, i wouldn't --. i don't want to throw him. under the bus, but, yes. [ laughter ]. -oh. [ laughter and applause ]. oh, you don't want. to throw him under the bus . bro, you pushed him. in front of it. as it was speeding. down the street. so, the president is standing. behind an accused child molester. in order to pass. the tax-cut plan. that would overwhelmingly. benefit the wealthy. and corporations. in other words, trump. has handed the democrats. -a great big. beautiful christmas present. -this has been "a closer look. ". [ cheers and applause ]. .
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