Trump’s Easter Immigration Rant, Cabinet Turmoil: A Closer Look

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Seth takes a closer look at President Trump celebrating Easter by ranting about immigrants while more key members of his Cabinet are accused of corruption.
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Trump's Easter Immigration Rant, Cabinet Turmoil: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers
-president trump celebrated. easter by ranting. about immigrants as more. key members of his cabinet. are accused of corruption. for more on this,. it's time for "a closer look. ". [ cheers and applause ]. yesterday was easter,. the holiest day of. the christian calendar. so trump woke up bright. and early and tweeted. to his followers. and all was right with. the world, for 90 minutes. and then, trump started raving. about caravans of immigrants. -he says this: "boarder patrol. agents are not allowed. to properly do their job at the. border because of. ridiculous liberal democrat laws. like catch and release. getting more dangerous. 'caravans' coming. republicans must go to nuclear. option to pass tough laws now. no more daca deal. mexico is doing very little, if. not nothing,. at stopping people flowing. into mexico. through their southern borderm. and then into the u. s. they laugh at our dumb. immigration laws. they must stop the big drug and. people flows,. or i will stop their cash cow. nafta. need wall. ". -ah, yes. who could forget how christ. rose on the third day. and said unto his followers,. "we gotta do something. about all these mexicans. ". [ laughter ]. not that i'm surprised. trump doesn't embrace. the spirit of easter. i bet every kid who found an egg. on the white house lawn. is getting a bill. within the next week. [ laughter ]. [ as trump ] we have had. terrible egg deals for too long. [ laughter ]. kids have been taking our eggs. they've been laughing at us. they laugh. oh, they laugh. [ cheers and applause ]. [ normal voice ] in fact,. trump picked up right where. he left off today at the annual. white house easter egg roll. his only job was to come out,. say hello to. the families participating,. thank the first lady,. and thank the white house. historical association. and yet, he still could not stop. himself from rambling,. even about something as mundane. as the white house itself. -i want to thank the white house. historical association. and all of the people that. worked so hard with melania,. with everybody to keep this. incredible house or building. or whatever you want to call it,. because there really is. no name for it. -what does he mean,. there's no name for it . [ laughter ]. there's a name for it!. [ laughter ]. it's the name everyone calls it. it's the white house. [ laughter ]. i used to think you put. your name on buildings. out of pure ego --. now i think it's just so. you can find them. [ laughter ]. you're talking to a crowd. that even the children know. what it's called. and if they hadn't learned it. yet, you could just ask them. to describe it and they'd still. probably get the name right. [ laughter ]. trump talks about the most. famous building in the world. like a nervous tour guide. on his first day. [ as trump ] and, uh,. we call this the pale home. no, that's not right. uh. dah, i should've written. this down! dah!. [ laughter ]. [ normal voice ]. trump continued to stammer away. about the white house,. insisting that he keeps it. in excellent condition,. but using on especially. interesting turn of phrase. -it is special,. and we keep in tip-top shape. we call it sometimes,. "tippy-top" shape. -what is he doing . what -- what is he doing . [ laughter ]. trump talks like he's trying. to distract a security guard. while his friend steals a vase. [ laughter ]. [ as trump ] and there's. some times we call it. "tippety-toppety shape,". or "tippy-shippy". [ laughter ]. or "tip-tap-ship-shap. ". [ laughter ]. [ normal voice ]. the weirdest part came. when trump started bragging,. as he always does, about. his supposed accomplishments. now remember, this is to. an audience of young children,. were just there. to play with eggs. -this is a special year. our country's doing great. you look at the economy,. you look at what's happening. nothing's ever easy,. but we have never had an economy. like we have right now. and we're gonna make it bigger. and better and stronger. our military is now. at a level --. will soon be at a level. that it's never been before. it's -- you see. what's happening,. and you see what's. happening with funding. the funding of our military was. so important. and so many military people are. with us today, so just think. of $700 billion,. because that's all going. into our military this year. -aah!. what are you talking about . i'm shocked the children. didn't start booing. "stop making us think. about the military!. we want eggs!". [ laughter ]. so, check out the easter bunny. next to him. even he -- he can't believe. what he's watching. [ laughter ]. you can order that costume on. amazon if you just search for. "confused easter bunny. ". [ laughter ]. somehow. things continued. to get worse because trump. then met with children. at the event while reporters. tried to get some clarity from. him on what he was talking about. in his nonsensical tweets, and. again, he went off about daca. -mr. president,. what about the daca kids . should they worry about what's. going to happen to them, sir . -the democrats have. really let them down. they've really let them down. they had this great opportunity. the democrats have. really let them down. it's a shame, and now people. are taking advantage of daca,. and that's a shame. it should've never happened. -now, obviously,. those kids didn't say anything. but if they did, i imagine it'd. be something like,. "in order to qualify. for the deferred action. for childhood arrivals program,. you have to have lived here. continuously since 2007 and been. under 16 when you arrived,. which means no one arriving now. would qualify for the program. and on top of that, you're the. one who cancelled it last year. after which you rejected. multiple bipartisan compromises. to save it,. so what you're saying. makes absolutely no sense. now shut up and give us. our [ bleep ] eggs!". [ cheers and applause ]. [ laughter ]. but while trump was rambling. about immigration. at easter events,. he was also dealing with. a cabinet that's increasingly. embroiled in scandal. like the head of the. environmental protection agency,. scott pruitt. pruitt has already come. under fire for hiring. an unprecedented 24/ security detail that he used. while on non-official business,. including a family vacation. to disneyland,. although the trip to disneyland. became official business. when pruitt hired. as his chief of staff. this qualified individual,. who now shares an office. with this guy. [ laughter ]. pruitt also racked up. expensive first-class flights. and when questioned about those. flights, his team justified them. by claiming unruly passengers. posed a security threat. an aide to pruitt. told politico. i mean, if you can't handle. profanity at the airport,. then you can't. handle the airport. i hear more cursing in. the security line than i do. in any three scorsese movies. [ laughter ]. spirit airlines' slogan is,. "good [ bleep ] luck,. [ bleep ]!". [ laughter ]. [ cheers and applause ]. and now on top of all that,. pruitt is also in trouble. after it was reported that he. but here's the weirdest part. of this story. at one point,. pruitt's security detail. couldn't get in touch with him,. so they broke into the condo. to check on him. -abc news has learned. of this bizarre incident. at the apartment last year. an urgent 911 call. pruitt's protective detail. breaking down the door --. inside, the cabinet secretary. unresponsive. the epa is not commenting. on the incident,. but sources tell. us pruitt was just napping. [ laughter ]. -his security detail broke down. the door because he was napping . what would they have done. if he was taking a dump,. cut a hole in the ceiling. to airlift him out . [ laughter ]. for now, pruitt. still has his job. but even when trump. fires cabinet secretaries,. he does it in the. most chaotic way possible. just take his former. veterans affairs secretary,. david shulkin, who trump fired. via tweet last week. last year, trump was singing. shulkin's praises at. the white house and publicly. assuring him that he would. never lose his job. -i also want to express. our appreciation. for secretary shulkin, who is. implementing the dramatic reform. throughout the v. a. it's gotta be implemented. if it's not. properly implemented,. it will never mean. the same thing. but i have no doubt. it will be properly implemented. right, david . it better be, david, or --. [ audience applauding ]. oh, we'll never have. to use those words. we'll never have to use. those words on our david. we will never use those words. on you, that's for sure. -that was the worst experience. anyone's ever had. standing next to trump. [ laughter ]. until today. [ laughter ]. and now --. [ applause ]. and now there's. a weird legal drama unfolding. over whether shulkin resigned. or was fired. the white house is. now bizarrely insisting. that the decision was actually. shulkin's, releasing a statement. saying. but in a series. of interviews this week,. shulkin has tried to make clear. that actually was not the case,. without saying specifically. that he was fired. -were you fired,. or did you resign . -well, jake, i came to run the. department of veteran affairs. 'cause i'm committed to veterans. and i'm committed. to fighting for them. and i would not resign because. i'm committed to making sure. this job was seen through. to the very end. -so you were fired. -i did not resign. [ laughter ]. -i love the way he shakes. his head yes while trying. to avoid answering the question. he's like a hostage. who knows trump is watching. in fact, i'm pretty sure. when he drank from his mug,. there was a note scrawled. on the bottom. [ laughter ]. so trump is lashing out. and brazenly lying about. immigration as his. inner circle dwindles. and his cabinet comes. under fire for corruption. in other words, his white house. isn't exactly in --. -"tippy-top shape. ". -this has been "a closer look. ". [ cheers and applause ]. .
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