Unboxing and wearing the fursuit

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A few months ago i made a really good . life choice i promised you that if i won . the shorty award for youtuber of the . year i would wear a fur suit on stage . while giving my acceptance speech the . award ceremony is rapidly approaching . and i won't know if i've won or not . until the night of the awards show but i . figured better safe than sorry. so i just went ahead and got myself a . fur suit just so you know a fur suit is . not some kind of costume you can just . pick up at a store somewhere it takes . months of preparation you have to have . it tailored to your measurements you . need to have a whole theme of first sona . obviously i did all that for those who . were curious i picked up my first suit . at a small little mom-and-pop shop you . probably never heard of it it's called . halloween costumes calm they did a . wonderful job catering to my very . specific needs i'll bet a lot of you are . saying jack there's no way a whole first . suit is in this box . let's ago it's better than i expected . right off the bat i love the texture . this must be real 100% cat fur i truly . hope i look half as good as the model in . this picture oh i don't i don't know if . this is a foot paw or a hand paw ooh . this is really nice the tail comes . plugged in that's not always the . guarantee . sometimes you have to manually plug in . the tail and that's no fun i will try to . hook in a hydraulic system so that the . tail can move automatically beautiful. spot striping this is exactly what i . requested for my first sona which i'll . get into after doing a very thorough . inspection i am pleased to announce that . everything is 100% anatomically correct . and i mean everything but of course the . most important part of any fur suit is . the helmet can we just pause for a . moment hahaha thank you let's just jump . into it this is why it takes months to . prepare a fur suit obviously the . tailoring is impeccable the first suit . fits like a glove and no this is not a . costume dad it's my first sona in fact . i'd like to talk a little bit about my . persona. my first sone is . name is furthest furthest is a level . dark mage with a healing factor of seven . furgus is impervious to all fire and . magic based attacks he typically votes . republican he's 9 feet 11 inches tall . and weighs 350 pounds lean his hobbies . include zumba and deep web pervious is . sexually attracted only to non . earth-based life-forms his favorite food . is lasagna but he's lactose-intolerant . so his signature catchphrase is that's a . space to me to bother but he only says . it when he's horny he's not religious . but he is spiritual he loves all kinds . of music except country and rap just to . let you guys know i'm wearing nothing . underneath the first suit just a cool . image for you i'm accepting all fergie . as fan art nothing sexual please unless . it's hot furby astiz pro fun but . anti-abortion thank you all for watching . i guess we'll see what happens at the . shorty awards but at any rate i'll just . spray this on our wedding night meow . .
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