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Hey guys! Who did you suspect? What was your favorite classic film noir reference from this video?
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[music]. what's up you guys we're team edge and . this is the crime scene investigation . challenge somebody has kidnapped our . editor cory we don't know where he is . we got to follow all the clothes maybe . fun yeah it could be a swell afternoon. come on through all right ladies and . gentlemen . there's no ladies yeah set me right . there . oh my coat so looks like we got a little . crime scene here cory has been kidnapped . we got a bottle of pills here maybe it's . like a hey hey no wait joey we have a . diary entry here i edited a whole two . videos today i think i broke my record . wait your employees write diaries yeah . we haven't write everything down when i . walked in this morning it seemed like. everyone was giving me the giving me . unusual gary this my plants it's on no i . need to be in character nine usual . glasses where'd you get these glasses oh . i was gonna smash them i can smash smash . what kind of detective doesn't smash . things. it's probably nothing since my coworkers. are my closest friends okay i need to . write this down quickly i walked into . the room this morning . i walked into work this morning let me . read this no i got it this is the worst . day and someone was following me i don't . think i'm being crazy i feel like i'm in . danger no guard george bryan that . clearly says court jerked art oh that . means he was kidnapped mid-sentence wait . wait actually it's men depth . [music]. that's accurate okay there's a clock . here hold on the clock is stopped at . 9:40 or what question does this hat make . me look amish i your beard makes you. look amish gentles over a lot oh i miss . you too . 944 wow this is such a small notepad . alright looks like we got a bottle of . clothes here i got the bag i challenge . you to a duel on his face . what kind of post this says hypoglycemia . pills that's not a joke . it's actually an advil wait whose jacket. is dead you just threw that on the . ground halides right i thought maybe he . lost it in the struggle this is leading . us somewhere oh looks like it's going to . your door bryan how many sugars there's . no snacks in here okay hold on a second . hold on a second we got some rope very . suspicious-looking rope and the end of . this rope has been cut by it looks like . a knife no it looks like you're right . toward that looks like a third way a . third a third of what alright ladies and . gentlemen i had one of my assistants . just to clarify that wasn't me i'm not. your assistant it looks like we got a . nice juicy oily saucy fingerprint here. don't bump the table it's a very . delicate process. i gotta reach stop stop wait for the . fingerprint oh i knew that was coming oh . all right i get this really put way too . much they're not it's the boss they're . not all the same who's the boss i'm the . boss . he says there's multiple fingerprints . how does he know see you later . what you guys didn't know is that one . fingerprint took 30 minutes to pull what . if it's one of us . i thought i was saying what if it's a . joy trying to lead us is what it is you . you're big you can't true you big guy . here are these are all examples are . silly guys hey . this is crucial right here i don't think . so no it's crucial it's 100 percent . cooler that's embarrassing . oh i said the roof is the roof is crew . hypoglycemia pills . who's got hypoglycemia both of us that's . true . what are you saying this guy's this . finger is lacking sugar hypoglycemia is . not lacking sugar it's just lacking . blood sugar moron sugar's gone into the . cells are you still talking look at the . swirls it's at a 70 degree rotation yeah . you did see a thing wait we didn't right . who's this who's up we didn't mine was . the man not a percent this is a fred . notice we're actually broke on a percent . oh what are you talking about . embarrassing oh wait this is brilliance . you just said it was 100% mark don't . keep son buckling my things . joey your fingerprints are on there so . are mine this isn't mine . really yes that's us this seems to be my . email account up that's kind of cool . wait boni jerk turkey soup boy from jake . for a job time stamp time stan this is . the first go to the first one we'd go to . the later one dk edge do you have any . available time to talk about job . position today wait a minute what time . is that it's a 9:00 a. m. that's . suspicious you know why because we have . a new opening for an editor now cuz our . last editor has been napped. wow it's 30 megabytes kim plants 30 . megabyte file literally haven't had this . problem in a decade that guys and a . decade look at this look at this hey we . got the file open what's happening dk is . yelling at you how come you're not bobby. comes up bobby's angry i was gillian . natalie and she's why would you yell at . natalie like that bob i've never seen. laughing or smiling why is bobby . smirking i think she just insta cried oh . he just hid something . i told you it wasn't me no he didn't . hide him he just planted him yeah that . what that's what i meant . bobby purposely tried to create a . diversion so she wouldn't see him plant . those plays there but wait a minute we . don't go back go back where they get . bobby's right looking the drug that is . that is twinkle toes grinch status right . there. since i'm the da district attorney yes . did he shrink yeah that's right you . answer to me now i just got promoted . over the phone got a crew for this . general mills . i'm gonna question you back at the place . and you i'm gonna question and bobby in . the video the guy with the prances yeah . who's prance prance e dancy i'm fine . with doing that because i know that i . didn't do it yeah . you spat like a mile really oh man i . might have to deal with like and i don't . like this you're really not gonna like . it in a second bro your breath breath . stinks like cheese . no like feet i bet it's like cheese like . joey's do you want some like joey's . hobbit feet you look cold . [music]. are you crying that looks super guilty . that's really bad news . do you know who's on the other side of . that glass i forgot to close the freezer . door now my ice creams gonna melt i'd . cry i know it was hockey dice chocolate . i would care about that what were you . talking about. with dk huh. i'd like some cheese first yeah we're . not where were you my cheese what were . you talking about with dk huh and i . ain't talking about donkey come i want . my cheese first in my hands no if you . don't answer me in three seconds it's . gonna get the boot where's dk yes did . you see who done it no did you do it no . why didn't you know caught you in a web . of lies geez why was there rope in your . room i don't know . you know the suck some cheese where were . you when it happened what happened you . were there with me see cory was taken . yes if i was with you when he was taken . that means you took him i gotta solve. another crime now who made this guy. stupid do you actually know no do you . actually know nothing correct i know . that i fit which side you suck on i . don't want that say i bit down off don't . believe you i don't anyway net hey hey . hey you take a seat how can i help you . brother listen if you play your cards . right unlike the last guy i'll give you . a little cheese i don't want cheese i . just had three sticks fine . look at me i'm playing my cards right i . appreciate that i want my phone call too . bad you can't reach it huh i have the . right to have one phone call you do but . i have the right to beat you . who think that the case staring when the . lights are off like you should be in a . sane asylum good hello. joey's mom he's in jail for what i don't . know yet there are pills on the ground . with hypoglycemia just watch that video . bobby planted those pills . i forgot how do you know bobby is good . to believe that your cousin since he's . japanese and you're not it's japanese . easy to believe i was intense it was . impressive scare you know what if i do . it two more times . listen can you just answer a question . straight i don't know let's see you do . it two more times . hmm not impressed does hypoglycemia also . lead to forgetfulness yes oh well then . get out okay bobby. i got some questions for you alright was . are you talking to a kid mama what she . wants mama mama dropped you off with me . because we can't afford a babysitter . because no one's answering question i . get paid by how many people i booked if . you don't answer my questions i'm gonna . book you anyways cuz i need to get paid . so i can afford a sitter say why say did . say you plant bobby. why did you plant that evidence actually . let me let me ask you this before you . answer that why'd you skip away boss . why'd you plant the evidence cut work . cut my phone call to go go have a phone . call i can use get to sushi brudos ready . for me i'm coming in about 20 minutes . don't put don't go sauce don't hang . don't put a knife in there really don't . include enough i hung up they're gonna . forget your eel sauce who forced you to . plant the evidence someone just answer . question holy i was told to plant those . evidence by who . hey i don't know if i can say that my . whole family much you wanted all right . come here oh wait this is my interview . mr. doe down so what were you the night . of the crime i ask the questions you . know - you're not in the interviewing . suit you know where i got this where . this is the table leg whoops . boy i guess i'll get my phone call . answer the question i'm not gonna tell . you who did it bike until your coreos . tell me korie's up on the loft so you . did it i didn't do it but course if you . don't tell me who did it i'm gonna . assume you did it circumstantial . evidence double jeopardy the law i'll . texas and she wrote i'll take the el . i'll take the el on this one but cory's . up in the loft i'm gonna take the hell . right now. hi skye whoa whoa cory oh looky it looks . like he's been hiding out just hanging . out here taking an extended lunch break . i don't think he's been hiding out oh . there it is. yours keep it up he's unseasonable pale . someone help them you all good you do it . [music]. wow that's all it took . cory ready peel oh you got his hair yes . there here's what's up i'm arresting oh . hey cory you can go back to work . handcuff yourself now is this we're . going to trial buddy in the next episode . please. .

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