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[music]. welcome to you life you lose your jim's. favorite show yes yes we don't really . the clapping on this one that's let's. see how the other video did oh another . company claimed the whole video because . of a two second clip oh that's great . that's fine because i especially i don't . like my earning money but i especially . like when my money goes to someone else . that's how i like it . and in that honor and in that fashion we . are going to have our video that's right . it's our video now sukup edition that's . right in honor of this new youtube your . video is my youtube my revenue is your . revenue please do enjoy and have a good . time we earn money when other people can . have that money yes . more people should have more money . that's right people who work for money . should not have money which are you . stupid it's our money should we start . the video or should i just keep ranting . about comedy. [laughter]. [music]. taking all the technology 2006 six . [applause]. [music]. wait is there more other it's great . [music]. why is he walking like that . [music]. you can tell her immediately that russia . is at least 20 years ahead of america . finally this is some hidden footage that . has not yet been released . [music]. we see here who can do it faster damn it . damage we're so close we have not . perfected it yet but we are getting . there it's all in the details don't . worry it's just a legality issue . oh my guys seen this one you can't just . sleep on the snow russia please what are . you doing it's over the lake he's. sleeping i read what russian walrus do . you don't see those every day what a . sight. what a culture who said white people . don't have culture my god . [laughter]. [applause]. what is the average iq in russia it must . be at least over 70 sorry i don't mean . to generalize of course we're just . having fun here guys we're just having a . little laugh give me and i show how who . is this dude is this like russian he . thinks he back my bottle is through my . window just below what is the plane . doing no poor cat . please i have only a pan to everyone . have she just brought on that everyone . has an axe right right of course . oh no okay timber . oh no i don't know if i can laugh or not . i don't know if the cat is okay or not . okay what is this job . rushon minecraft channel yeah that's . that's cool man . that's cool that's a really cool . building by the way give bunyan's this . hook up hook man . yes the famous battle man versus giant . bulldozer thing. [music]. oh he's on fire he's on fire on fire . this is what happens when you don't have . internet okay . [music]. the russian military fearless says any . summer they're strong and his factors . [music]. this is actually about the army this is . the special forces . i can't this is so dumb they don't thing . [music]. i think this is probably one of my . favorite you left you'd lose probably we . are not using half of these but i had a . great time at they'll at least most . likely this movie monetize properly but . hey at least we had fun everybody leave . a like if you scott that lee would like. it fewer and remember to laugh you lose . if you laugh you lose and if you lose . your laugh and so forth. thank you for watching i am your host . [applause]. [music]. [music]. .
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