Five Cheese Puppies

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Cheese family say cheese . [music]. yeah i'm talking about ranch i'm dr. kerry and this little one is a litter of . five we're calling them the cheese . family because they all have cheese. names but they just came from the . shelter and as you can see they've got . major skin issues they've got no hair . crusts everywhere let's start with the . skin scraping so this is what we're . gonna do to try to figure out what it's . causing all this hair loss so we're . gonna just scrape at least three spots. so we can see if it's demodectic mange . or possibly sarcoptic mange is . contagious leave the shelter thought . that it was demodex which is not . contagious i'm also going to give . antibiotic injections to each one of. these kiddos to deal with this major . skin infection as well i'm sure they . have a secondary staph infection that is . just awful and they're going to check . their our school for parasites because . most of the time if this is demodex they . have something else going on that's . lowering their immune system you know . poor nutrition and they're outside in . the cold and stress . lots of intestinal parasites so i'm . gonna look for that too so here's my . sample holy demodex there are so many . demodex mites i'm trying to see if this . will focus looking in the microscope but . there's one kind of at the end of the . pointer it looks like cigar shaped and . it has these little legs at the front . and the head but those are everywhere . and they live down in the hair follicle . which is why they're hairless because . they're pushing all the hairs out and . causing infection and inflammation so we. will get them treated i also have ticks . on them which is just awful they have so . much going on and they also have ticks . so we're going to put something on it to . kill . and then take it off once it's dead so . the mouthpiece doesn't stay in there . ricotta at 9. 3 . okay guys who's next no one's stepping . out tom hi this is havarti and she is . only 7 pounds reading the girl she is . 7. 9 mozzarella is a little girl she's. 8. 1 pounds i'm gonna go ahead and give . these pups or antibiotic injection. ricotta is the biggins you can see come . look at her she weighs a lot more than. the others so i'm gonna go ahead and . give her a little bit more but we're . going to give them those injections now . and then because of their demodex we're . going to give them brubeck dough which . is a chewable that will kill the diamond . x here if you want to insert a few . stress and give it to me get out of town . [music]. that's me . [music]. [applause]. well it's been i think ten days and you . can tell they don't have any more hair . but they have playlist scabs so that's a . plus in my book we left gaby's they have . come out of their shuttle and they are . just silly silly silly wait with you two . ladies . oh my gloomy troublemakers so they are . stable enough now that we are gonna send . them to their foster and probably . recheck them in about two weeks or when . they're due for their next vaccines but . oh my gosh they're a mess . alright it's been a little over two . weeks since we've had them and they've . gone to foster now this is our it's been . one week since we've seen them look at . this skin it's looking so much better . this is ricotta and now she's 12. 6 we're . gonna update her vaccines today continue . on antibiotics and lots of shampooing. and then we will go from there recheck . them in about three weeks look at your . hands. mozzarella. [music]. forgiveness . yes lamont get his little round head is . the squatch no . so a lot of hair . all . pretty and hopefully tea party 10. 3 this . disease maybe but you can have this to . say it needed . [applause]. [music]. [music]. all right three weeks later i expect . them to look so good so we're gonna go . ahead and spay and neuter this trip so . they can get home so let's see how much . big little ways 22. 7 up all right 15 . about 16 pounds okay 14 about 15 pounds . cerreta 19 good job. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. guys i'm up here just to say bye to my . cheese puppies they're all ready to go . to their forever homes . i'm here crazy. thank you guys so much for all your . support thank you for watching our . videos not you guys . [music]. and i should have a video like dude i'm . so check that out i don't have any . [music]. .
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