Melbourne Xmas Terror Attack THWARTED (Complete & Utter BS)

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Oh what a surprise (NOT). Australia's amazing counter-terrorism has THWARTED another Terrorist attack this time in the Heart of Melbourne. Yes the big buzz word today is "THWARTED". How grateful we must be that billions of taxpayers dollars are being used to pay for this great work to protect us all from this evil ISIS.
These Terrorists are the dumbest fucks on earth to be stupid enough to leak out any info regards an imminent attack. But we know that isn't possible because the only terrorists are the ones in government and their order followers.
As always the heads of government and the Police praise how wonderful our order followers are and how they keep us safe from these nasty radicalized terrorists who want to kills innocent people but NEVER threaten those who make the decisions that they have a grip with. Of course they are the Criminals who supposedly govern us. The a re the Terrorists.'terrorist-plot'-in-melbourne/8143762
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Well there was nothing more obvious than . this one morning walk and as always i . listen to the shit the news that's the . only time i listened to it and there was . a i breaking news it said that there was . right in suburbs of melbourne the . western the north which are . predominantly muslim areas i didn't say . what the rights before but they said . there will be a press conference lighter . in the morning by l fucking premier . daniel andrews i thought well yes this . has to be something to do with terrorism. so i've gone shopping of just come back . hard and lo and behold the ih that might . use papers have been arrested as police . oil plant terror attack in melbourne we . said this a few sorry i bet amount the . guy that isis plan to hit melbourne land . box ready watch the video up with moving . out from sydney to melbourne melbourne . has a jection regards terrorism just a . few garbage but he thwarted plots former . is the big word now that they make it . here because all these counterterrorism . the billions they spend on it to keep . aside from these terrorists these high . ground radicalized online terrorists . begins of dollars the chances of getting . killed by terrorists are like be struck. by lightning 10 times but don't worry . we'll spend billions of dollars it's all . absolute garbage is our kids saying is a . always always that as i've said my . videos they supposedly pop these . terrorist attacks before major events . but mother's dian cecht i it just . happens to be christmas died had the big . die for everyone . christmas day terrorist plot targeting . melvin lane max has been fold and we . gotta feel good about this place . i think about is fucking pathetic . pathetically stupid are these supposed . radicalized idiots when the big fold all . the time had. robert dude you're going to do a . terrorist attack why would you guys. spring on social media talking about it . amongst your friends and others you just . keep it quiet when you are you'd have to . be a fucking idiot to believe is that . got canada terrorism could tell at these . idiots . i don't know what one of the dauntless . radon across the city's northwest longer . said the muslim area seven people have . been arrested and fiber in custody stop . being what place jake commissioner this . clan ivory grandmasters it was a . potential potential multi might attack . at federation square for industry. station inside pocket they draw a show . an image of that the role at this . siberia look sorry but this video . doesn't seem to be playing for me i'll . put the link in description you can. listen this guy . it's all his i possibly this possibly . that the garbage but as i'm just updated . this article 8 change says they are . duties of the young men quickly question . over for christmas day terrorist . part-time melvin landmarks had began to . emerge one of those arrested in . zechariah diversey 20 and rt work up in . every field 19 and then they go on their . place and falling potential multi-model . christmas diet equitation potentially . potentially potentially using explosive . gods or potentially all his side or . bullshit. mr. debercy was about seven arrests and . five to remain in custody after play . stop what place chief commissioner . grande since it was a potential a potato . gonna go fucking sheet automatic tackle . direction squared for this race starts . at st. paul's that is in custody all men . they got 9 24 48 hours 36 from dallas . traded from candle at 221 awesome . flemington and get dressed up like all . these people i all different suburbs got . together and organize this did today . fact that bullshit a 20 year old woman . and 22 oh man bathroom and alex were . released for their charts so why were . they arrested. why did you release it and . maybe that was the reason you whatever . at ya erase them . you're not just release them before they . go on trial like the other five it's all . how could you not all scripted damage . aston city tech use explosive devices . was mostly likely mostly likely said to . be carried on christmas died he says . that in many actual video if you want . you that four times we think it was . going to be on christmas diet . why the fuck would you do it on . christmas night is not going to bring . the city that night cities virtually . closed you know if you're going to do an . attacker could do it on any freaking die . but this is it just sickens me that and . i could come out with a sheet and we . accepted apart from expresses place all . set suspect they suspect guns and knives . might have been used that might have . been used to everybody fucking died of . things and analyzes spit guns and knives . might have been used places the suspects . were south radicalized whatever factor . that made self-radicalized but inspired . by islamic states you know he it just . gives you the shits who date's likes it . when you gotta put up with this shit . honestly cannot terrorism place my . handle is idiots there are no type to do . fucking nothing is it's all bullshit . were questioning the five people in . custody who are expected to face court . writer on friday which is today . what caught let's let's tell us what. course we can all go then have a look at . these terrorists and see what terrorists . alike so we can protect ourselves that . they won't be any freaking court it's . all freaking bullshit you may never hear . from the right be any trial just like . all the other suppose that bloody arrest . place anticipate laying charges related . to x in preparation of a terrorist event . i guess it has fucking stupid could . anyone be preparing a terrorist invented . an outside had been captured but telling . everyone on facebook i hear way but . these idiot care to terrorism they have . this air its ever look at these morons . three-year this fuckin buffoon . premier diverse looking fucking you . never say and look at this fucking thing . looks exactly like that idiot the bush. pig in the bloody berlin bloody trap . bullshit ever look at that x. x a hit one . of the head police people and this . dedicated and it's shits me and i stand . there like this to just gather more. strength that you know what this guy's . saying is real we're headed back this . going up and i have a look at the . premiere and this fucking idiot web . whatever on she applied to this is over . here. yeah now we're not going to lie to you . this is all real close look at standing . there. uh-uh it shits me and i do that and then . we got the fucking biggest need a ball . prime minister malcolm turnbull said the. planet x was one of the most of states . of terrorist plots that have been. disrupted recent years its strong words . condemning the plot turnbull said what . these criminals take the dogs kill us . but they also seek to frighten us to get . us to abandon a stride rite of life now . that turtle it is you it is you and they . fucking idiot all the followers here . yeah that are doing that seeking to . frighten us aspect normal people . it is you that are doing this with this . bullshit packing terrorism is playing . the street station with white be single . tried virtually going on that i'm not . sure but virtually the whole area is . going to be closed on christmas died no . one will be they are yet but we gotta . block out to a terrorist attack there . they want to divide the strands will not . let them succeed that 24 students doing . that i want to thank the mid every time . one of these stories coming out it's all . about thinking that men and women of the . place victoria the side shit every time . and of course the ted replace an idea . and other ideas for the work it's . floating the magic word warty this . terrorist activity which was an islamic . terrorist plot in spot as the victorian . police commissioner just observe the . moment got my id is also losses are yes . or fucking bas turtle said in a press . conference that detective long fucking . them together because this was all done . conversation right there . it's all scripted damage fucking . absolute bullshit. there it is that's federation square . there's the church and spring streets . nice just to the left there on the 12 . major plots that have been disrupted to . the point i have fucking grateful we are . nothing was stored nothing was disrupted . it's all bullshit to make this look like . the billion spent on this is it's . worthwhile when the terror threat level . was rice to probable wonder what its . gonna be next and 57 people charges . result of 25 canisters terrorism . operations 57 people chat . where's the knives clock at all bullshit . this news will be of great concern to . all australians we are approaching the . christmases at all when we come together . in peace and love with their families we . call me right in public places for . christmas music this is top of happiness . and joy . oh what a great time is to turn phone . you idiot . after putting up this bullshit efefef . the that's what it's all about their . these terrorists yes does in government . the politicians the prime minister's the . previous yes those terrorists or . disrupted they've been thwarted by read . custody. it's a pity you basadoni custody time . will come. time will come when you will be and are . fuckin i just i just pray for the type . they are no longer threads brian's . security put the only threat was struck . strike secured a u-turn for and your . pocket crowd is that that's the only . threat to a surprise security please . said this when these men were spraying . board and in their twenties except one . egyptian-born man playsets said . something lebanese background check . commission said place executed search . warrants limited minutes dallas came . before a glancing back over not as a . part of operation castle hybrid about . fact that is the candidate aires . operation also involved they replace it . is do these individuals have been . p
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