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You have probably clicked on this video because you wanted to know what will happen if you stop talking for a whole year. We are gonna tell you about it, but before we are gonna share with you more amazing facts that may completely change your view of the world
Hello everyone you've probably clicked . on this video because you wanted to know . what will happen if you stop talking for . a whole year we are going to tell you . about it but before we're going to show . you more amazing facts that may . completely change your view of the world . let's get it up . [music]. so what would happen if you held your . breath for a long time as some of you . remember from the school course of. biology breathing is an unconditioned . reflex of the body that takes place . unconsciously in simple terms none of us . have ever had to learn how to breathe a . human is born and then well and . everything just happens here are similar . reflexes everyone has salivation and for. example pulling your hand away from hot . iron if we accidentally touch it for . research purposes ow . but many people probably know the . feeling when suddenly out of nowhere you . realize that you're breathing and you . start doing it on purpose blowing air . into the lungs and then exhaling it . thinking with horror that if you get . distracted that something very terrible . will happen and if this happens at night . if you remembered similar situations or. even caught yourself controlling your. breathing right now don't accuse us of . anything even when you get distracted . from the breathing process and switch . for example to your favorite tv series . your body won't stop breathing for sure . we've promised nope really our body is . not that easy to deceive because the . access to oxygen directly affects our . life but what about those situations . where a person holds his or her breath . deliberately well maybe he or she needs . to learn right now how to swim under . water or something like that in this . case after a period of time without . oxygen which is different for everyone . your brain will receive a certain signal. and simply shut down i mean you'll lose . consciousness and then the process of . breathing will resume yes of course you . can't hit something with your forehead . and it's going to be bad but still not . deadly. what would happen if you don't shower . for a year . hygiene is very important every day you . go through a bunch of procedures like . showering or brushing your teeth and . most likely you don't even think about . it especially in the morning but can you . not shower at all for a whole year . i don't think sharings that's important . you might say after all nobody's . showered in the middle ages and nothing . bad happens to them they all survive . somehow in fact the idea of medieval . people being dirty it's just a very . popular myth people like to bring up all. the time well remember the aromatic . characters of the movie the visitors . they look very natural and are great for . a huge number of jokes in reality . knights and other medieval noble people . could afford doing splashy splashy and a . wooden tub near the fireplace quite . often and in summer somewhere in the . open but don't get upset because today . you can build a variety of theories . without any historical facts so . researchers from one american university . of established they're not showering for . 365 days won't cause you any terrible . damage but of course there are plenty of . disadvantages the unpleasant odour that . appears as a result of the accumulation . of bacteria and dead skin cells check . fungus warts black spots of dirt . check the high risk of infection for an . accidental cut check seems to us that . all this already sounds too frightening . then frankly speaking right now i kind . of want a shower but the list of . consequences doesn't and there add to it . a huge amount of dandruff which makes . your head itch chief tangled sticky hair . acne and even dirt between your fingers . and toes which can easily harder look . it's disgusting . according to scientists it'll take you a . lot of time to regain your former looks . after this experiment some researchers . believe that it'll take about a week to . return to your old life while others . give more blooming forecasts . most likely the skin will take several. weeks to return to normal we know we . know now you want to take a shower or at . least wash your hands put the video on . pause we'll wait . why cats think so much before entering a . room feel clean now then let's move on . every day on the internet you see a lot . of jokes about cats because their cats . everyone loves cats in ancient times . they were considered special animals who . are respected but it seems that humanity . is overdone it's a little because . nowadays cats feel as if they're the . kings of the whole world or well the. least of the house where a few people . live with the permission of the cats of . course by the way if you have one of . these fluffy naughty pets you probably . noticed that even after a long meowing . under the door your cat doesn't . immediately accept your invitation to go . in if you open the door you of course . can take it as an insult and not share . its favorite treat with it but believe . us the cat has its own reasons not to . enter the room at once long meowing . under the door doesn't necessarily mean . that the pet really wants to get inside . yeah in fact it asked to open the door . not because it wants to enter but . because the fluffy wants to control the. territory in other words the power . should be in the paws of this little . creature period and if the door is . closed the pet feels that behind it . there's something unknown and mysterious . that may conceal danger and it doesn't . care at all that it sees this door every . day and behind it there's always a place . of food and a bowl of milk cats need to . know who's walking in the room and . what's going on there because maybe . there's prey that's looking forward to . being caught. what's do blind people dream dreams are. one of the greatest mysteries of . humankind until now no one knows exactly . what are these images and stories we see . when we sleep and it's really . interesting how different people dream . different things many of you have . probably thought about what blind people. dream if they dream at all . in general dreams are memories of our . feelings or experiences but if people . are deprived of sight from birth and . never received any visual information . then they don't see dreams but feel them . it's difficult to imagine how this . happens but these people dream about . smells tastes and tactile sensations . which compensates for the lack of a . visual impression of the world is pretty . hard to imagine but blind people really . do dream even a person who was born with . vision and lost it eventually can lose . the ability to dream with images and . completely concentrate on the sensations. when dreaming we recall some images from . the past so blind people remember sounds . that have some meaning in their life . quite simple and yet amazing what would . happen if there were no dogs we all know . there are two types of people cat people . and dog people and since we already . talked about the lovely fluffy cats now . it's time for some doggers we're used to . thinking of them as man's best friend . and according to some theories we tamed . dogs at least 15,000 years ago which is . very very very long ago science and . curious fat lovers probably know that. when two species are so connected during . significant periods of time one species . influences on the natural selection of . the other of course it sounds rather . difficult but in fact it just means that . dogs have made us what we are now just . like humans made these animals the way. we know them today and it continues to . this day you must have seen photos of . dogs who are very similar to their . owners to know where we're going with us . even in the modern world . hunters usually use dogs and in fact in . ancient times the. teamwork of the dog and the man was . vital so if there were no dogs we would . probably come up with more ingenious . methods of hunting our diet would be a . little bit more vegetarian and we would . definitely replace dogs company with . other animals but then who would bring . the ball to us who would mess up the . house and run around with dirty paws on . the clean floor and take away the . delicious dishes from the table while . nobody's watching raccoons foxes now i . gotta agree it's almost impossible to . imagine our life without dogs what . happens if you stop talking for a year . every day we talk with different people . at home at work on the streets and on . the phone we say approximately 8,000 . words from the moment we wake up until . the moment we close our eyes and fall . asleep each day some keep talking in. their dreams but we'll talk about them . next time so what happens if a person . suddenly decides not to talk for a whole . year well for example as a personal . challenge or for some other reason to . begin with communication is above all a . psychological human need therefore if a . person is in a family circle or among . friends and suddenly stops talking then . people around will do everything . possible to maintain the relationship . and not lose contact but if you're . wondering if a person will forget how to . talk and if the muscles or the face or . the tongue will atrophy or something . like this and the answer is no they will . be constantly moving due to other . everyday activities such as eating . drinking brushing their teeth and . expressing emotions etc however most . likely after a long break it will be . difficult to immediately restore the old . sound of the voice but it is only a. matter of time . so hopefully we revealed a couple of . mysteries to you what else would you . like to know and what's been intriguing . you lately tell us in the comments and . don't forget to give this video a like . guys it's time to recharge your brain . visit the channel brain time there . you'll find a lot of interesting and . useful facts lots of positive energy and . tons of useful information subscribe . right now we promise it's going to be . really exciting thanks for watching . please like and share the video in . social networks and we'll be right back . to you as fast as we can . .
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