10 BEST Moments From 2018 Golden Globes

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It was a night in solidarity of women around the world joining forces and making their voices heard during the 2018 Golden Globes, so letโ€™s keep the fierce female energy going with all of tonightโ€™s most star-studded moments.

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For too long women have not been heard . or believed if they dared to speak their . truth to the power of those men it was a . night in solidarity of women around the . world joining forces and making their . voices heard during the 2018 golden . globes so let's keep the fierce female . energy going with all of tonight's most . star-studded moments this episode is . brought to you by turbo tax relax . there's turbo tax so in case you're . wondering how any other award show will . top tonight's show i don't think you can . i see you 2018 q beyonce's who run the . world because tonight's golden globes . was all about girls clubs grace the red . carpet and all black in honor of the . powerful hashtag time's up movement . which calls for putting an end to sexual . harassment and letting voices finally be. heard not only were celebrities in . support of the movement but many were . also honored for their movie and tv show . roles that brought awareness to sexual . assault and men's abuse of power like . the hbo miniseries big little live and . the handmaid's tale 2 shows that took . home multiple golden globes big little . lies took home four awards while the . handmaid's tale scored two nicole kidman. who portrayed a victim of domestic. violence and big little lies and won for . best actress used her speech to talk . about the importance of her character in . light of the sexual misconduct circling . hollywood and this character that i . played represents something that is the . center of our conversation right now . abuse i do believe and i hope we can . elicit change through the stories we . tell and the way we tell them what all . this awareness surrounding the industry . sexual misconduct began a much earlier . on like opening monologue early . tonight's host seth meyers took every. opportunity as he should - slam harvey . weinstein during his opening monologue . even went so far as to say that harvey . would likely be booed in 20 years . during his inflam orioles don't worry . he'll be back in 20 years when he . becomes the first person ever booed . during the in memoriam. it'll sound like that on the subject of . totally non subtle call-outs that gave . us life tonight natalie portman took . some time to throw some notable shade . while presenting alongside ron howard . for the best director category which . just so happened to be an all-male . category to mind you and here are the . all-male nominees . but the shape of water guillermo del . toro although this caused a wave of . silence it was probably the entire . audience thinking she went there . leave it to twitter to generate the. actual out loud reactions freezing nally . for having some seriously large cojones . if you know what i mean . celebs like gina rodriguez shonda rimes . amber tamblyn and matt mcgorry all . tweeted out an approval from her comment. rightfully so two of america's most . beloved comedic actresses jennifer. aniston and carol burnett presented the . award for best performance by an actress . in a musical or comedy television series . when the two took some time to enlighten . the audience with a little comedic. relief and let's just say things got you . know i'm happy that you're coming back . to television because will & grace was . one of my favorite shows i'm just. kidding lucked didn't even ask carol if . she could touch her famous ear from her . years of presenting her long-running tv . shows the carol burnett show in which . she'd always sign off with a chunk of . her left ear which was a secret family . signal to her grandmother one actor . who's managed to make us feel things we . didn't quite know we're possible every . week for the last year and sterling came . brown known for his leading role and . this is us he took home the golden globe . for best actor in a drama tv series but. even more noteworthy is the fact that he . was also the first ever black man to win. in this category and just fyi his acting . role isn't the only time that calls her . some serious issues but therefore when . you wrote a role for a black man like . that could only be played by a black man . and so what i appreciate so much about . this thing is that i haven't been seen . for who i am and being appreciated for . who i am and it makes it that much more . difficult to dismiss him on top of . sterling kate browns iconic win as the . first black actor to win a tv drama . award seasons re became the next actor . to have an equally extraordinary title . next to his win for best performance by . an actor in a tv . series musical or comedy not only is . this his first golden globe but this is . also the first win for an indian . american actor the other best part about . this as these wasn't even expecting this . win because of the internet's prediction . i genuinely didn't think i would win . because all the websites said i was . gonna lose okay now i know james franco . winning an award was a pretty big deal . but tommy was oh kind of stole the . spotlight for a brief moment when he . tried to beat james to the microphone . and of course how could we just ignore . the face hugh jackman made as james . picked up his award for best performance . by an actor in a motion picture musical . or comedy. he's just shook but what we go into the . very best moment of the night our next . one is a tiny compilation of actors who. were just shook by oprah's presence in . the front row rachel brosnahan was the . first to say hi to queen oprah and did . so in the middle of her acceptance . speech but it was certainly came round . and stole all of our hearts when he . acknowledged our president doing carol . hi oprah wow oprah . don't want to run out of time i'm . honestly surprised no one else did that . because how could you just go up on . stage and not acknowledge the big o even . seth didn't during his opening monologue . and now the time has come for our final . best moment i wish i could just insert . oprah's entire acceptance speech because. she's basically announcing her campaign . for presidency but i already covered . that in a separate video however i will . say her speech was filled with so much . inspiration that there wasn't a dry eye . in the house especially when she made . the most powerful statement of the night. by saying this she lived as we all have . lived too many years in a culture broken . by brutally powerful men for too long. women have not been heard or believed if . they dared to speak their truth to the . power of those men but their time is up. and that my friends was the moment . everyone burst into tears they'll . probably be in it you bet dramatic but . you know what i mean it was emotional so . what did you guys think of our list of . best moments were there any moments you . think we missed that should have been . included let me know in the comment . section below thanks so much for hanging . with me right here on clubbers newsfeed . i'm your host drew dorsey don't forget . to subscribe and i'll see you next time . but to the left to check out the big . winners of the night and over to the . right for the best-dressed liveries at . the golden globes this episode is . brought to you by turbo tax relax . there's turbo tax . .
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