10 Disney Movie Scenes That Mean More Than You Think!

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Real Meanings of Popular Disney Movie Scenes
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For over 90 years, Disney films have entertained and thrilled us. They’ve dazzled our eyes, captured our imaginations, and pulled on our heartstrings. But there’s more going on in the average Disney film than most people are aware. The animators at Disney aren’t afraid to sneak messages and allegories into their films. Some of your favorite scenes in various Disney movies have deeper meanings than you may have realized. Here are 10 Real Meanings of Popular Disney Movie Scenes.
Script by: Alan Jones
Voice Over by: Benjamin Harris
Edited by: Martin B. @HandCraftedCine
The Incinerator in Toy Story 3 | 00:29
Race Relations in Zootopia | 01:01
Hamlet in the Lion King | 01:37
Dante's Inferno in Frozen | 02:09
Bing Bong's Death in Inside Out | 02:45
Ursula's Queer Design in The Little Mermaid | 03:17
Up is Preparing Us for Artificial Intelligence | 03:50
The Chernabog in Fantasia | 04:26
"Kill the Beast" in Beauty and the Beast | 04:57
Christ Allegory in Tangled | 05:22
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Caption: For over 90 years disney films have entertained and thrilled us take down our eyes captured our imaginations and pulled on our heartstrings but there's more going on in the average disney film that most people are aware the animators at disney aren't afraid to speak messages and allegories into their films some of your favorite scenes and disney movies have deeper meanings that you may have realized your 10 real meetings popular disney movie scenes incinerator in toy story 3 yes it's true we were all crying our eyes out when our toy heroes look like they were facing their impending doom some people have suggested that this critically-acclaimed pixar movie is an allegory for the holocaust the toys are taken from their home and sent to a daycare where they're forced to work all day under the watchful eye of evil lots o huggin bear of course extending this metaphor would mean that the incinerator is an allegory for the ovens at nazi concentration camps is it dark you betcha but it also teaches kids about the fragile nature of morality installations in zootopia the allegory in zootopia is pretty obvious today but with any luck future generations of kids won't even realize there's a political message in the animal world of the film predators make up ten percent of the population they are routinely harassed and abused by the prey for the majority and also make up the police force an officer judy hopps he's a fox and thinks that he's up to no good it reflects our current moment in american history did you just boot my stolen it goes well you are under arrest for african americans across the country for speaking out about police brutality and an unfair criminal justice system as such utopia is a welcome call for tolerance and fairness well that is high praise hamlet in the lion king we all remember the beginning of the lion king when scar murders mufasa and becomes king of the pride lands did you know the plot was taken from william shakespeare's hamlet that's right in the classic play hamlet's father is murdered and his throne as the king of denmark is usurped by his brother claudius leaving hamlet to avenge his father's death like hamlet simba must challenge his uncle and returned to his rightful place on the throne heck even timon and pumbaa are based on shakespeare actors hamlet's childhood friends rosencrantz and guildenstern bet you didn't know the old circle of life had so much literary pedigree dante's inferno and frozen speaking of literary pedigree disney's frozen gets inspiration from an unusual source while the story is loosely based on the hans christian andersen's fairy tale the snow queen the scenes of princess elsa in her ice palace are inspired by the imagery of satan in dante's inferno while most of dante's hell is an inferno as the title implies the last ring is where one finds st. trapped in a frozen wasteland and unable to escape every time satan flaps his wings he freeze himself further into place likewise elsa is trapped in her frozen palace unable to leave without turning things to ice who is your friend you like lagging back big in bonds death inside out we all love the character bing-bong in this pixar movie riley's imaginary friend helps joy and sadness escape the memory dump tank but he also gets lost in the process many vanishes it's incredibly sad but it's not just about the death of the character the memory dump is where forgotten events from riley's life go meaning that once you get stuck in memory dump he's not just gone but forgotten this is the point in riley's life where she forgets all about her imaginary friend but learns to grow up a little bit merciless queer design in the little mermaid for fans of trash cinema the little mermaid contains a little easter egg for them ursula the sea witch who transforms aerial into a woman is clearly designed after the appearance of divine a drag queen famous for starring in several underground films by john waters like pink flamingos and mondo trash' ironically this influence was attacked from two sides conservatives thought the disney film was straying from the studio's family values roots while academics criticized the film for using the gender-bending character as a villain nevertheless most parents and kids don't seem to mind squirrel is preparing us for artificial intelligence when does the dog need to the heroes of up he tells them what he thinks through a science fictiony device on his collar i have just met you and i love you discovery magazine writer kyle mckittrick think this is indicative of pixar's drive to help us prepare for the future in which will often be forced to come to terms with artificial intelligence you can also find this in ratatouille and wally human character have to team up with intelligent non-human characters and overcome their assumptions about human superiority with self-driving cars and talking cell phones already out there in the world pixar is helping us cope return about fantasia after amusing us with wonderful charming animation for most of its running time disney's hallucinatory fantasia closes with the dark and scary night on bald mountain in this segment the demonic chernabog rises from his slumber and summons a variety of evil spirits and creatures to wreak havoc on the landscape he is forwarded however at dawn when a group of monks singing ave maria marches into the forest beating back the shadow with their lights this is another reference to religion as the monks are able to defeat the satanic chernabog and his darkness with their voices and the lights on their torches kill the beast in beauty in the beast gaston is called to arms to kill the beast is pretty disturbing for a disney movie and it takes the form of a song filled with hatred and intolerance as it happens the sun was coming from a very real place it was written by howard ashman who is dying of aids while the film was in production ashman use the town's intolerance for the beast to channel his own feelings about the treatment of people with aids in the eighties and nineties he died before the movie was released and disney dedicated the film to his memory christ allegory entangled fantasia isn't the only time disney got religious in fact some christian fans have claimed that tangled is a straight-up allegory for a section of the gospel this twisted take on the rapunzel fairytale sees the princess as a prisoner of a witch gothel who was kidnapped her from her parents and raised her own when rapunzel tries to leave the tower gothel temperature stay and tells her the world is full of danger but she cannot be contained this is an allegory for jesus time in the desert 40 days and 40 nights being tempted to stray from the light by satan like jesus rapunzel reject those temptations and seeks the light anyway so what do you think of our list are there any more disney scenes with deeper meanings behind them join the discussion in the comments below and subscribe to our youtube channel for 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