2019 MY NEW HOUSE TOUR ($25,000,000)

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Whoever wins who shout out the meaning . of this next video ever wins out the . beginning of the next video . whoever wins. shoutout to the ace family and all to a . family members really lost yo what is up . everybody how are you guys doing bit . today's a special day it's a sad day . take a good look around man this might . be the last day you see me in this house . i'm basically packing my stuff packing . my bags and my clothes and i'm basically . heading out a you guys are probably . wondering rice got one moving out of the . club you've made so many memories here . so but you know good videos here why are . you moving out honestly just to be . honest and they keep it as quick as . possible let's just think about the . people in the house is it a room yeah . bags in the crib oh it's really just not . feeling the vibe me a basement bumping . eggs a little bandages i'm really not . gonna find summer bro she has not made a. video with me ever she never has been to . make vizio riley i'm outta here what to . do i have a lot of clothes oh my . goodness. i'm taking everything with me but yeah . guys you could have a problem because . this is way too heavy i can't fathom . caring that you know me don't worry two . hours later all right guys after further . thinking it really isn't that effective . so we're gonna try the chair now roses . joe that's a lot of clothes oh my god oh . my okay i should help oh god oh yes we . got on the chair joe people really think . i'm stupid on your maxi compensate i'm . stupid i figured it out easy next level . thinking bro i just can't do this . anymore i just can't . is it good i took her toothpaste at one . time really i don't even want to be here . a few inches later . housed in my new room i'm sure that the . bathroom first how washing at the front . i wanna show you got a pulse . i want to sit as the backyard stuff but . like i can't okay . you got a tv so i'm ready you'll watch . me at the way we get me started . one shower one thing to go under no say . but wait give me to give me to get me to . are you kidding me i got this i got this . and i got to clean my bubble all right . guys all right i think i just got it all . figured out. i'd write a spec of this bill because . you're wondering why i'm moving and i've . hardly even talked about so instead of . click being is let me get more into . depth guys no baixa david slays begs and . he's been working on rock bass though i . never let that much crowd stuff so did . you know i mean inside you know get away . from bad don't even get me started on . alyssa she's just been super annoying . and supper and just can't even think . that i don't ever want to talk about but . look at i know i told you guys i was . like for sure you guys my bathroom but i . feel bad now these guys are really the . best bars in the world and i can't hold . on you. so how about you guys it's a quick tour. but don't 21 just quick toward the house . alright here we have an elevators every . time elevators right over here we have a . little woman thing no one makes and all . the ruins are over there man screw those . guys. i'm in my own zone right now we are the . junior i know. [music]. [applause]. yo this is literally last how times we . come on joe it could have been been look . at home in here me the camera look at . that long ass pool and then you come up . here so dark you guys can hardly see but . there's another bro we really out here . yeah guys really rough rough tour of the . house the lights aren't even on his dark . now you guys can't fully see it but . that's the point and even sure he has . all the best rooms yet you know i'm . saying like there's other cool stuff i . just can't show it off anyways you guys . made so the don't forget to drop a . thumbs up and subscribe for new tomorrow . i'm thinking about dropping a cloud king . expose video talking about banks and . listen summer just behind the scenes . stuff but like i told bass about and he . was like oh i might sue you in all this . it's just a lot of stuff going on . so i'm gonna figure all that out but. that's the next viewer most likely think . that's all so much man you guys are the . best roast of course for staying and . sticking by it i'll see you guys . tomorrow. [music]. .
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