5 Pterosaurs Caught On Camera & Reported In Real Life

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awesome arm it means . you can still be learning on the move by . taking the course with you wherever you . go for the first 500 people to use the . special top fives link in the . description they will get two months . free worth of training after that and if . you want to continue your knowledge . quest it's around ten dollars per month . with an annual plan don't forget to . click on the link in the description to . check out skill share and let's get into . this video contrary to popular belief . pterosaurs were not dinosaurs but they . were their cousins who lived amongst the. dinosaurs and became extinct around the . same time they were in fact wings . reptiles who evolved from being land . dwellers to the largest creatures ever . to fly nowadays their closest living . relatives are crocodiles and birds now . although it's thought they died out over . 66 million years ago there are some who . believe they have survived in various . true forms and are convinced they have. witnessed them the sightings and reports . over the years are actually pretty . interesting and fun to research so let's . take a look at five of my favorite . pterosaur sightings . enjoy the new guinea sightings during . world war two two american soldiers . walked into a clearing near finchhaven . in new guinea when a startled wild pig . hurtled past them this was followed by a . massive winged creature that ran . flapping its wings profusely before . taking off and flying away over the . trees. the two soldiers started a discussion . about what they had just witnessed . trying to figure out what it was when . suddenly it reappeared and both men got . a good learn are the huge flying. creature what are the soldiers the late . hodgkinson later gave interviews about . what he saw and he estimated the wings . span of the creature was about 29 feet . he likened it to the size of a piper try . space aeroplane he also described a long . horn like appendage coming out of the . back of its head take a look at this . clip of an interview he did in 2005 . now there is not much doubt about what . hodgkinson saw he is a credible witness . and there's nothing in his demeanor to . suggest that he made up the sighting . also at the time of the sighting the . soldiers were not under any stress or . enemy attack as japanese soldiers had. already left the area in the interview . he describes the creature as a pterosaur . however locals call the beast a robin or . demon flier a monstrous creature has . terrified the natives of papua new . guinea for thousands of years they . describe it as a large nocturnal but . light creature that glows as it flies . and swoops down to catch fish it's been . known to attack humans . and although it's mainly the subject of . folklore there are many natives who . believe it to be real over the years . there will be more so-called sightings . of pterosaurs by professional monster . hunters in papua new guinea although . there have been suggestions that these . are frigate birds however what . hodgkinson witnessed could not have been . a frigate bird as they only have a . wingspan of around seven third meaning . hodgkinson would have been over 20 feet . out on his estimation considering the . clearing he was in was only around a . hundred foot it seems unlikely he would . have made such an error of judgment what . do you think. the ptp terrace will photograph now this . next one is possibly the most famous . photograph in history relating to the . existence of a pterosaur . the image was allegedly taken in . during the american civil war according . to the story behind the mystery image a . giant flying creature was shot down by . soldiers near the city of vicksburg in . western mississippi the story claims . that a soldier said the creature was . like some kind of unknown bird or . monster the photograph was largely . forgotten about until in 2000 a second . photograph appeared re-enacting the . original image it was created for a . television program called freaky links . which aired on the fox network now this . one is obviously fake but it renewed . interest in the original photograph with . many experts believing it's a genuine if. as it claimed the photograph was taken . in 1864 then there is no way it's . photoshopped but could it have been . staged while there were suggestions that . the wings of the creature looked like . parts of a canoe however an expert in . canoes was quoted as saying the . following i'm 67 years old and remember . this photo from when i was young i've . canoed all my life i've owned several of . them. those aren't halves of a canoe too . narrow too shallow and not a dugout . canoe the photograph which has become . known as the ptp was supposedly declared . genuine by two scientists in january of . 2017 . although the debate about its . authenticity still rolls on africa's . kongamato in 1932 explorer frank weiland . wrote a book called in which bound . africa in it he described a flying . creature called the kongamato that was . found deep in the bush of central east . africa the kongamato was a large . featherless beaked animal reddish in . color with leathery wings and a wingspan . of four to seven feet at the time the . local tribe who would witness the . creature was shown pictures of a . pterosaur from whelan's book and they . unanimously agreed that it was the same . creature in the years that followed . numerous sightings of the kongamato have . been reported one of the more credible . was in 1956 when engineer jpf brown was . driving near a lake in zambia he stopped. his car to get his water canteen from . the trunk and this was when he spotted . two creatures. flying slowly and quietly directly above . him he stated that they looked . prehistoric. with a long tail and narrow head and an . estimated wingspan of around three to . three and a half feet one of them opened . its man and he supposedly saw a large . number of pointed teeth in the same area . a year later a local native went to a . hospital in fort rosemary with a severe . wound to his chest when the doctor asked . him what happened . the man claimed that a great bird had . attacked him in the swamps when asked to . sketch the bird he drew a picture of the . creature but very closely resembled a . pterosaur modern reports of the . kongamato continued to surface to this . day with suggestions of the kongamato . is still known to the bush dwelling . people in central east africa the . creatures are said to feed on . decomposing human flesh and will dig up . bodies if they are not buried deep . enough a skin kunz sighting in 1971 . eskin kuhn was a member of the us marine . corpse and was stationed at guantanamo . bay in cuba where he claimed he . witnessed two pterosaurs flying above . him in broad daylight within minutes of . the sighting kuhn went back to his . barracks to alert his sergeant but by . the time they returned the creatures had . gone coon was a talented artist and was . able to sketch in detail what he . witnessed this is his account of what he . saw we were engaged during the day in . physical training. close order drill gun drill cleaning and . maintenance and other sundry routines. common to service life including a break. for lunch with his attending rest . periods of . time it was during such free time period . in the middle of the day that i was . outside and witnessed the pterosaurs . most of the platoon was in the new . barracks hanging out i was looking in . the direction of the ocean when i saw an . incredible sight i saw two pterosaurs . flying together at low altitude . perhaps hundred feet very close in range . from where i was standing so that i had . it perfectly clear view often the rhythm . of their large wings was very graceful . slow and yet they were flying and not . merely gliding the pterosaurs i saw had. long hind legs attached the rearward . most part of the wing and they had a . long tail trailing behind with a tuft of. hair at the end some have questioned the. authenticity of the sighting however in . 2011 another witness came forward her . name was patty carson and she claimed to . have witnessed the same creature six . years earlier when as a child her father . was the base commander at fontana mobay . at the time of the sighting her mother . did not believe her when she said she . had seen a dinosaur . patty also made a sketch with the help . of cryptozoologist jonathan whitcomb . just look at the similarities both of. these witnesses have nothing to gain by . telling what they witnessed and although . jonathan whitcomb is the driving force . behind proving the existence of living . pterosaurs he has conducted interviews . with both of these witnesses and is . convinced but they are completely . genuine modern-day sightings most of the . sightings i just mentioned happened . years ago however there are more . up-to-date sightings in different parts . of the world and here are just a handful . of them. in 2015 a video surfaced that appeared . to capture a pterosaur flying above . boise in idaho the creature seemed to . have a wingspan and distinctive large . backwards pointing crest at the back of . its head zoomed in footage of the flight . shows the strange creature up close with . claws attached to its wings this is in . fact the only video footage i could find . of the supposed wind lizard and is most . likely fake but worth a look anyway this . next sighting is very recent and was . recorded on live pterosaur a sight that . jonathan would come runs that is . dedicated to anything pterosaur it was . in september 2017 and was spotted by a . 32 year old mother in shropshire england . she claims that while in her garden . playing with a cat she heard a very loud . screech as she looked up to see what it . was she witnessed two pterosaurs . side-by-side she describes them as . featherless with a giant bink this is . what she said they were huge and flew . directly past some crows due to their . size i could see them clearly although . they went past fast. they were both gray in color as far as i . could tell now this lady lives near a . wildlife reserve so is used to seeing an . assortment of different birds but these . were like nothing she'd seen or heard . before and after researching bird . species of england and elsewhere she . could find nothing similar shortly after . the sighting the lady's 13 year old son . came running in saying he tomb saw a . giant big brown bird with giant wings . she showed him a picture of a pterosaur . and he said yes that's what it looked . like. this was not an isolated sighting in . england back in 1982 paul bennett stated . that he witnessed a bird with leathery . wings flying haphazardly the cross the . pan ions and he likened it to a . pterosaur that he had seen in the movies . three days after the sighting mrs. scofield reported that she had also seen . a huge bird flying at eden which was. being mobbed by rooks she described it . as having a wingspan of around 10 feet . and was flying in the direction of the . leeds in bradford airport so that's the . reports and sightings are the supposed. pterosaurs that still roams the earth i . hope you've enjoyed this video and don't . forget to follow the link in the . description to check out skillshare andy . one of the first 500 to click on the . link in the description and get access . to two months of full free training . leave a comment below on what courses . you'll be trying out thanks for watching . and as always i'll see you in the next . video. [music]. you. .
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